Image change as a brand using the example of Dallas: in the shadow of JR Ewing?

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The city of Dallas would like to put off the old cowboy and oil image. But the TV series, which made the city famous worldwide, is also an important economic factor for the city. Can the new edition of the series, which is supported by the city with a lot of money, change that?

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No one lays down with JR!


Dallas - the series communicates like no other the image of the American dream, of money and power. Just like JR Ewing allias Larry Hagman. The actor came from nearby Fort Worth and was well known to the old oil families of Dallas, the Joiners, Crows and Hunts, who still have much influence in the city today. At the same time, Hagmann also acted as brand ambassador for the city.

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Robin Hardy, driver at limousine service Premier Transportation, once drove him around with serial wife Linda Gray for a day: "They were really like an old couple," he says with a laugh. He did not need a bodyguard: "No one ever strikes with JR!" The joke shows how much series and truth lie together.

The Southfork Ranch - between film and reality


The Southfork Ranch is a little disappointing: The Ewing house is in fact much smaller than on TV, the driveway is looped for the screen to work longer, and the pool is really more like a bathtub. "You can see how much fake it is," says Joan Manganello, who has been leading tourists here since 1995.

Originally, the house belonged to the farmer JR Duncan, who had to sell it already in the 80ern because of the popularity of the series. Since then, the ranch has been a magnet for tourists from all over the world - with a merchandising shop, museum, tourist train and conference center.

Who shot JR?


Today, however, the film people are there. And the actors are wearing cowboy hats! It's been shooting here for two years - the new episodes of the series that have just started in Germany. In the US, they are already in season two and correspondingly great is the enthusiasm - especially of the female staff for the new, young male lead actor Josh Henderson, who also aptly comes from Dallas and plays the son of JR.

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In a couple of weeks, JR's burgering is on the schedule, but after the death of Larry Hagmann will disappear from the series, is a secret that not even the coworkers at the ranch know. The old marketing phrase "Who shot JR?" is back in the room.

Dallas is the location of the new series


Not only in the series, but also in reality, the old skaters have handed over the scepter to the young generation: the old series from the 80ers was largely made in California, only the outside recordings were shot in Dallas, explains Bre Peterson.

"The new series, on the other hand, is being shot entirely in Dallas and the surrounding area, and that's where the city plays a big role." She probably also likes the new series better from the point of view of the tourism managers because it presents Dallas a lot better.

TV series as an economic factor


Because the series is a true economic factor for the region: Only the Southfork Ranch has 300.000 visitors a year - and the number of visitors have increased significantly in the last year since the new series was broadcast, says Sales Manager Sally Peavy.

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For a long time, the main characters have had houses in Dallas, the small-scale actors are recruited from the region anyway. Each series episode brings 2,9 million dollars through merchandising, hotels and restaurants - and taxes.

A campaign for JR's return


But it's not for nothing: When it became known that Private TNT was planning a new edition of the series, there was a regular campaign to get Dallas to Dallas, as driver Robin Hardy tells me.

200.000 is paying the city of Dallas for each season, as journalist Robert Wilonsky reports on And he has calculated exactly how much the city is investing, how much it hopes to get for it - and how hard it is to fight for every dollar, because there is always the fear that the series might, as in the past, be turned elsewhere.

There is also a piece of truth in every cliché


No wonder, then, that you do not really know how to deal with the hate-like stereotype. Apparently, the city, together with the series, has managed to make the transition to a younger, more modern image without breaking with tradition.

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However, the clichés of oilmagnes and cowboy hats continue to live in the minds for a while so that the tourism leaders will have to live. There is also a piece of truth in every stereotype.

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