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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Katharina Heder is a digital media manager and consultant. After studying German, Heder trained as a new media manager with a focus on sports and completed a degree in business administration with a specialization in online communication. She advises companies on strategic communication in social networks as an expression of part to understand one's own business model. At the same time, she uses social media strategies to develop new business models. Katharina is interested in the subject of training and further education for social media managers when she is not following various sports. You can also find more articles from her on the SocialMedia blog. Her portfolio can also be found on Torial. More information at frauheder.de/

Daily routine of a social media manager: The day begins with the BlackBerry

Social media connect many people with a digital permanence. The majority of my contacts are convinced (and would confirm this at any time) that I am online all day. But what really makes my working day and what makes my job stand out?

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

6 Clock: The day begins with the handle to Blackberry

When I get up at six o'clock in the morning, I barely have my eyes open, but I already have the Blackberry in my hand: I then sleep-drunk and then look through my monitoring tool and see what's happening right now or what's happened during the night.

Even before I leave the house, I reach for the MacBook (inevitable tool: high battery life, pleasant handling and the eyes are not so strained by the sharp image).

6.30 clock: the first eMails

I check my mails and react to the interactions or activities of the past night. This can then synonymous times 30 minutes, when much is happening. This time I have to plan every morning.

However, everything is also a question of handling: I have deliberately decided to use a tool with automatic advance planning, so I usually know a week before the show already knows what is coming.

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7.00 Clock: The first social media messages

Current events, such as the election of the pope in the evening before, must of course also influence, but the basic structure stands.

To the disillusionment of my contacts: Not always, if something happens or is communicated, I am at this moment also really active. I just have a good tool that helps me to implement my job ideally.

7: 15 Clock: The way to the office or how car driving and social media works

First of all: I understand why many colleagues now prefer public transport again. You can use the time very meaningfully - if the reception is right. As a motorist, however, you have two options:

  1. Periodically schedule intervals of approximately 30 minutes to stop. Especially in tense phases or with high interaction of users (conversations should not be grind) this can be very complicated.
  2. I have a special voice control for Blackberry. There is no other way to handle it, and all the messages are read to me: I can therefore intervene immediately, if necessary.

08: 15 Clock: Social media is constantly and immediately - even in the real world

As soon as you arrive at the office, the next or unanswered answer is sent to you Emails ran. At the same time, the social networks are used to acquire customers and maintain contacts. Since I am self-employed, this is one of my tasks.

For example, the combination of working time and salary spoke in favor of an employee relationship: 1800 € / month is not much, if you have to work 60 - 80 hours / week regularly, because the users are mainly active in their free time.

Social media is therefore also the conscious decision on the form of one's own working conditions: Especially when it comes to customers from the leisure sector, the weekends have died in parts. That's why free time management is already important - and that works better as a freelancer.

11: 00 Watch Phone, social media and sun fit together well

I have become accustomed to making calls in the open, as far as the sun is shining. This is another advantage of a home office: I can work whenever and wherever I want - without any problems. With that, I've raised the quality of my desk job a lot and can compensate for some disadvantages, such as continued work with laptops.

Although I work, but I also have a lot of fresh air, can spend time with the family without neglecting my work - barbecues and social media, if you have found the right tact for yourself.

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