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Daily routine of a social media manager: It is important to be free to manage your time

On the topic of customer service, someone recently said in a discussion at CeBit: "Customers are not active between 9 a.m. and 17 p.m., but in their free time - and then they need service." I can't add anything to that. But: you have to divide the time accordingly!

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16: 00 Clock: In the afternoon there is a daily window for me

I had to get used to taking a break deliberately in the afternoon, having often sat in front of my laptop from morning to night at the beginning of my work. Therefore, there is now a gentleman's agreement between the work and me:

Between 16 and 18 clock I am reachable, however, my everyday business such as authorities, shopping and smaller customer meetings. Without these two hours, I would really slowly but surely lose contact with reality, since everything is now online:

Acquisition, customer traffic, etc. has long been transformed into a paperless mobile office. An absolute advantage for mobility, but a disadvantage in the real life, where also the private contact with friends takes place.

18: 00 Clock: In the evening it goes into the second round

For many customers, life begins in the evening in the social networks. In order to provide the best possible service and to be reachable even outside the opening hours, the channels between 18 and 22: 30 clock continue to be maintained.

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This is where most customers get real added value because they, in turn, reach their customers when they are active. This does not mean, however, that I miss something in the afternoon.

Apps for the thanks I see also when I am in the afternoon, what happens on the individual portals. My real work (B2B) takes place in the morning or (B2C) in the evening. Just learning and doing this has cost a very nice portion of courage.

19 watch: Two days a week, there is a handball

Since as a social media manager always a part of the private life draufgeht it, it prefers, in order to approach in the long term motivated, to become active in areas, where a own interest exists. I could not imagine to work without handball:

But it also means that I have to be present two days a week from 19 clock, in order to meet the expectations of the followers for a real value. At the weekend I am usually tied from 15 to 20.

20 Clock: Juggle between tweet volume and games

Then I juggle between the tweet volume / hour and the different games. Ticker, livestream and TV are running at the same time to have as much information as possible.

Since handball is a big personal interest for me and I would watch it at least in stream and TV also privately, it is rarely difficult to motivate me.

22: 30 Watch: Social media changes everyday life and working life

Each of us uses social media in one way or another. Just as the way of using has changed, there is, of course, also an impact on everyday life.

Every social media manager should be aware, prior to commencing training, that he must give up parts of his private life in order to succeed in his job.

Anyone who is not ready for these and other concessions or can not imagine making a hotel decision by W-Lan, should wonder if he can be happy in this area long term.

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  1. cheydolph says:

    "Customers are not active between 9 and 17, but in their spare time - and then they need service."

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