3 times 5 tips for the “perfect” CV: Skillfully navigate difficulties

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There are many people who are concerned about justifications and explanations Curriculum vitae To worry about. Do not let the past determine your future. Now you are facing the big challenge. You have to come to terms with your CV and make the most of it.


Here writes for you:


Maja Skubella Maja_SkubellaMaja Skubella is in the Career and Development Office, Svenja Hofert is responsible for Career Counseling and Application Advice.


Please look ahead

Are there episodes or gaps in your résumé that make you despair? Paralyze sentences like "what would have happened if" or "if only I had" and prevent you from acting and moving forward?

My tip: Let that be. Try to make the best of your current situation. Look ahead rather than focus on negative aspects.

Career despite bad grades

You are, for example, more of a practical type, and plans for your grades already failed during school? Now you are not afraid to find a job due to your grades. These negative thoughts are also reflected in your application documents.

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Try to see the positive aspects - and then you will succeed in emphasizing them over others. This is followed by 5 tips.

5 tips for a more positive view

  1. Under no circumstances justify your grades in the application documents. Emphasize Achievements and Practical Achievements.
  2. Do not apply to the most popular and largest employers in your industry. HR staff in small and medium-sized companies also look at applicants who have not got a good grade, but have experience with the product and / or the industry.
  3. Adjust your salary expectations. Smaller companies can usually look at applicants more closely and also rate according to other criteria. They often shy away from graduates with excellent degrees because they simply can not keep up with the salaries of big companies.
  4. Crawl your network, who knows someone who knows you and gives you a good reference.
  5. Apply for an initiative. Talk directly to specialists and try to avoid recruiters or the personnel department.

They create the re-entry

Whether you mention a disease in your CV, for example, depends on the disease. Parental care or an accident can be integrated into your vita: “Time out due to a car accident, now 100 percent operational again and 200 percent motivated” or “All-round care for the mother suffering from Alzheimer's”.

You do not want to mention diseases such as cancer, depression or burnout. The fewest people are socially and think in terms of integration and reintegration. Most think of relapses or illnesses.

5 Tips for difficult situations in your CV

  1. If you have looked after your children during this time, you will be able to take on this activity as a family manager.
  2. If you have been abroad for a longer period of time, build this time out. Skills such as language competence and internationality are particularly important.
  3. If you have completed further training during this time, focus on it.
  4. If, unfortunately, you were fully exposed to your illness, I recommend to make the CV different. Apply with a qualification and competency profile. This is without a time line. The focus is on your professional foundation, practical experience, successes and additional qualifications. Since it is fortunately nowadays no such strict guidelines can be good for small and medium-sized businesses.
  5. Activate contacts. Who can help you find jobs? Use social channels for job search. With a well-developed Xing and LinkedIn profile, you can increase your network and awareness level, and thus get the chance to get a job.

How to find a job again

Basically, the following applies: Whether a career entry, reorientation, cross-entry, unemployment - patience, you will find a job again!

If you are a professional, it is completely normal if you do not immediately find a job. Gaps can arise as a result of redundancies, professional reorientation or a change in the sector or function. Do not despair. Just in the present time, it is not extraordinary when the job search job takes a year or more.

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5 Job Search Tips

  1. Do not be idle in time.
  2. Do you have a look at the vacancies you are interested in, do you have any qualifications that are missing in the profile and which you can easily make up for?
  3. Maybe do additional studies or further training Sense.
  4. I also recommend that you use your social channels to find a job. Position yourself clearly with your focus. Think of important keywords and key words. In any case, the words “challenge” and “search” should not be missing.
  5. Activate contacts. Who can help you find jobs?


My conclusion Conclusion: With all the interpretations and tightrope walks you remain authentic and prove your courage to the gap! Then you can also convince as a personality.

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