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Lothar Lay portraitLothar Lay is a sales trainer, sales and management consultant. The business economist (VWA) systemic coach is considered a leading expert on the subject of price talks and negotiation. Before that, he worked for over twenty years in sales at national and international corporations in the areas of consumer, capital goods and services. He has advised and trained AEG, John Deer and the VDI, among others. In 2013 he received the 5 star speaker award “Best Performer Trainer”. More information at www.lay-training.de

Convince customers with communication: quote prices professionally

Again and again in negotiation situations this “fatal” question about the price comes within a few seconds before the seller even has a chance to present his offer.


The total package counts

Now a seller who is “run over” in this way must get the curve for professional pricing. This is not that difficult if you follow a few rules. Because here it is extremely important that salespersons present their ENTIRE offer confidently and convincingly. The goal must be not only to present the product and the price, but the “total package” of all services and advantages.

It is particularly important: not “we have the better product” but “we are the better partner!” Your main task as a seller in this stage of price negotiation is to communicate this message in a credible manner.

A psychologically correct price entry

Build up your argumentation in a conversation-oriented manner and work out convincingly and excitingly both the rational and the emotional benefits. Your customer must finally be convinced that only YOU are the ideal partner for him. If you do that, then the price slips slowly to a next door.

Very important: do not call your price hesitant or apologetic. But confidently, directly, with a firm voice, from which the pride to offer such high-quality products or services can be heard.

5 steps: How to get a positive conclusion

Develop a positive inner attitude to the price conversation. Show self-awareness! Take action of course! Take action by yourself! These practices and basic rules help to achieve a positive conclusion:

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  1. Formulate customer-oriented: Present the advantages and benefits of your offer for your customers and the conversation partners in a crystal-clear manner. Do not say “It costs” but “You get for that…”
  2. Sell ​​from top to bottom: Always offer the “full equipment” instead of a “savings version”. Round up instead of down.
  3. Create valuable negotiating masses for yourself: Take all the costs into the offer. In practice, this is often given away, as certain expenses are simply overlooked!
  4. How to deal with pressure from aggressive alternatives: Suppose you submit an offer for € 150.000. The buyer's reaction: "You have to drop 10%." This is the moment to pull an offensive alternative up your sleeve. They answer "That would be possible if ...".
  5. Then list what most Sense makes for you, e.g. For example, "if you add another product from our company to your range" or "if you buy a larger quantity, I can grant you special net prices." Make realistic counterclaims instead of dismissing them in horror. Reacting correctly here has already saved some price negotiations from the final end.

Individually must be

If you have now confidently and convincingly stated your price, the next step is professional offer management. In practice, there are an infinite number of missed opportunities here.

Companies are putting huge sums of money into the sand because they do not encourage their salespeople to create offers efficiently and individually and to follow them professionally. Especially in this important phase something goes wrong.

Buyers hate trivial standard offers

Buyers hate nothing more than receiving irrelevant standard offers, which you can tell for a mile against the wind that they were not individually created and tailored to their needs.

Nevertheless, many sellers keep sending out exactly such pamphlets. This is fatal and wrong! Because this type of offer leaves the buyer no choice but to rush at the price immediately and want to lower it.

The offer as a written sales discussion

Most sellers hand over quotations to clerks. They know neither the companies involved nor the contact persons, often do not receive any background information and can therefore only proceed according to scheme F.

The wishes of the customers almost never reach the person who creates the offer. This is exactly where immense potential is lost to create an offer that has a high chance of being accepted.

The standard does not interest

Because: nobody is interested in standard options. Companies that allow it throw money away! Information such as "what is important to the customer, which solution he is looking for" falls through the communicative rust and is lost forever. This is how companies unwittingly lose high sales. What a waste!

An offer is a written sales talk. Therefore, a target-oriented offer can only be created directly by the seller, since he has conducted the discussions with the customer and knows the wishes and needs. The seller should also always be the first point of contact for the purchasing departments and without exception take care of the follow-up of the offers.

Follow up, follow up, follow up

The best individualized offer is of no use if sellers send it and then remain inactive. Very many orders do not come about, because a professional and strategic follow-up of the offers is not.

In this phase in particular, many salespeople are extremely unsure of which steps to take and when. "Do I follow up at all?" "If so, when?" Many then say: "Yes, but the customer never came back." Logically, the customer or future customer has piles of offers on his desk. Anyone who does not subtly and succinctly remember himself and his offer has already lost.

The art of correct comprehension

Customers want to feel coveted, have the feeling that you are staying with them. Witty sellers already announce in the offer on which day they will report again and do so on exactly that date. Killer statements like "Has my offer arrived and something has already been decided?" should be avoided.

Anyone who asks this way receives the succinct answer that nothing has been decided and the conversation is already over. The right question is: “Does my offer meet your expectations?”.

Expressing it clearly is an advantage!

Then the other person has to express himself clearly and say, yes, it fits or communicate what the company still wants. In the former case, the seller can immediately hook up and ask if he can confirm the order. In the second case, this gives him the opportunity to improve and supplement.

Here, the circle closes for the careful provision of services. Most buyers are so glad to receive a well-founded, personalized offer that meets their needs, that you can then accept without a long time torch and award the contract.

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