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Oliver SchumacherOliver Schumacher is a sales trainer and speaker. The speech scientist (MA) and business economist (FH) worked for 10 years in B2B field service for the branded goods industry. Today the five-time book author gives tried and tested tips and strategies on the topics of new customer acquisition, offer management and price negotiations. His main clientele are small and medium-sized companies that have their own sales force. More information at www.oliver-schumacher.de/

Win and keep customers: 10 tips against customer churn

A lot of strength and time is invested in the acquisition of new customers. However, as soon as sellers have the customer, many of the routine expire. Others are thrown into the main customer trap: they think the customer will report on their own. But customer migration is impossible.

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1. Wrong strategy

Sleeve Company promote customer churn with their strategy. They focus very much on attracting new customers, even award them - and are surprised (or not) that sales have too little time for regular customer loyalty. Neglected customers are quickly open to solicitation by another provider. Once the customer is gone, then the shouting is usually great.

2. Loyal customers

The best customers of a supplier are the desired customers of its competitors. Therefore, it can be assumed that they are intensively tackled by competitors. Good customers must be given a lot of attention. Once a major customer breaks away from one day to the next, this can put a whole company in a difficult position.

3. Not pure sales, but rausverkaufen

Products are quickly exchangeable. At some point, there is always an unimaginative competitor, who can not do it better, but cheaper. Sellers ensure customer loyalty by helping their customers become even more successful. So you should not only think about how to sell something to the customer, but also have ideas on how to help them sell or sell the products they sell.

4. Detect churning signals

Only rarely does a customer unexpectedly go to the competitor overnight. Often there are clear signals beforehand, which are not taken seriously by the seller: The order rhythm is longer, the bills are paid more slowly, the personal contact has no more time as before. All indications that the customer moves away emotionally.

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5. Get relationship alive

The trusty question “Are you still satisfied with us?” is rarely answered honestly. Because to avoid possible unpleasant discussions, the dissatisfied customer will usually say yes. Therefore, the seller has to go on the offensive and stimulate the business relationship with ideas and impulses and also address critical points.

6. To respect the emigration

"Why didn't you say something earlier?", "I'm disappointed - why are you doing this to me?" or similar verbal attacks by sellers are not uncommon when the customer communicates the bad news “From today there are no more orders for you”. But if the seller puts down such a departure, why should a customer like to come back to him, shouldn't his successor meet expectations?

7. Leave the doors open

It is better to express its regret, but to discuss a common approach on how to deal with each other in the future, in order to be able to visit the customer in the ideal case - and keep the contact upright.

8. Humility instead of defiance

Many sellers avoid contact with lost customers. Some people defiantly think: "If he doesn't want me, I won't go there anymore." This may be a protective reaction to avoid asking yourself the painful question "Why couldn't I have avoided this migration?" to have to deal with.

9. Cooperation must be desirable

Many customers say: The seller wants my money, then he should also try to me. If the following supplier does not meet the expectations, the laughing third comes into play. Why? Because for some customers, due to the emotional disruption, the new cooperation with the predecessor is not desirable.

10. Reflection do not forget

  • What are the reasons why customers migrate?
  • How can trends of brainstorming be identified and addressed in a timely manner?
  • What would be possible means to retain customers?
  • How should best deal with former customers?
  • What are possible approaches to leave the door to the former customer at least a crack open?
  • What offers can former customers be “seduced” into buying again? Those who seriously deal with these questions will have an easier time retaining and winning back customers.

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