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Maja Schneider is an expert in customer enthusiasm; trained in the hotel, she loves the moment when the customer realizes that it's about him. In the meantime, she also supports companies in other industries in examining the service and taking it to the next level. More information at smilingcustomer.de

Customer service for more satisfaction: good employees as an opportunity

How do you feel when facing an unfriendly employee? Do you buy anyway? Or do you leave the store - despite your firm intention to buy - and look elsewhere or rather order online?

Bad employees make the product bad

The best product and the best service, the finest shop and the chicest restaurant - with bad employees, all of this quickly becomes a business disaster. Because all of this can be exchanged and copied. It's not just service experiences. And these are only created by and through people!

Experience shows that the sensitivity in dealing with customers lies in the hands of the employees. Employees who take responsibility for the excitement in their work environment. In management, this sometimes also means explaining clearly to employees why they should act in one way and not another.

Relationship level and quality of encounter

We have all already experienced it: Even the best price only makes you happy for a short time if the service has left something to be desired. And that is often much worse than if the employee “only” lacks competence. After all, most customers now know almost more than the salespeople anyway.

At that moment, one thing is particularly important: Attention, clearly signaling to the customer that I am completely there for you as a person, with your wishes and ideas. The easiest way to do this is to ask. Or even better, when salespeople listen carefully to what the customer has to say. For the latter, it is sometimes a real surprise - especially a very positive one!

Without enthusiasm for employees, there is no enthusiasm for customers!

A great saying: "Service is not everything, but without service everything is nothing." But haven't we all experienced on the customer side that the best intention is of no use if we do not act? That the most beautiful slogan is not filled with life unless people contribute something? The focal point are the employees. Of course, the following applies: without inspiring service, there are no enthusiastic customers! But: Without enthusiastic employees, there is no inspiring service!

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So why do so many try Company still want to improve service by optimizing procedures and perfecting processes? Yes, giveaways have never hurt either. What companies often forget, however: structures are one thing and a well thought-out service strategy is certainly not wrong. However, do not pay attention to another aspect: Enthusiasm is - above all and primarily - a matter of personality!

True cordiality is contagious

Employees are at the forefront and in direct contact with the customer. The behavior of employees therefore has a direct impact on the shopping experience. Important for them to know: All-round service always begins and ends with the feeling - ideally a consistently positive one - of the customer.

Satisfied customers who feel good not only come back, enthusiastic customers also tend to generate more sales. Customers feel immediately when their counterpart is doing their job with full warmth and deep conviction. They appreciate this and are extremely happy to be advised by someone who

  • has a good command of his subject and carries out his work with enthusiasm,
  • communicated authentically and on an equal footing, without tending to be arrogant,
  • acts beyond the normal and enjoys exceeding the customer's expectations,
  • pursues only one goal, namely to sell customers what suits them best and what they want.

Emotions as an opportunity

The real value does not necessarily result from a service or a product as such, but rather from the emotion that customers associate with it. Customers sense moods very quickly. If the sales team seems stressed and irritable or behaves unfriendly to one another, this is transferred very quickly to the environment in the business or company - and ultimately also to the customers.

Every contact with a customer or guest offers not only risks but also an incredible number of opportunities to ensure a generally relaxed and inviting atmosphere - for example:

  • the first “eye look” - by the way, behind a mouth and nose cover, the facing and friendly posture can be seen, especially in the eyes.
  • open posture and attractive clothing
  • warm welcome
  • Asking the right questions, uncovering wishes
  • Listening / genuine interest in the customer
  • Satisfy needs / offer individual answers
  • binding adoption

The employee as the most important factor

Only positive and personal relationships turn customers into happy customers. Only happy customers become regular customers. And only regular customers become active referrers - and that should be the goal of every company. A certain empathy and attitude on the part of the employees is a prerequisite for this. This also includes the willingness to regularly reflect on one's own behavior and to want to get better and better.

The pleasure of taking responsibility for the well-being of the customer also plays a crucial role. Another aspect is a customer-oriented culture that is consistently lived in the company and for which the entire team pulls together - managers and supervisors included.

Growing willingness to pay and recommendations

The fact is: If the customer feels welcome, taken seriously and valued, their willingness to pay increases. And this naturally has a positive effect on sales. At the same time, the customer's stay in the business or company begins to be fun.

In this way, every shoddy purchase or visit becomes a true (shopping) experience that prompts him to tell his environment about it and to make serious recommendations. The positive feeling of a perfect service as well as the personal satisfaction outweigh the worries about the price - or the buying reluctance that often occurs later, whether in B2B or B2C business.

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