Crowdsourcing & Viral Marketing: But please with duck!

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Exciting crowdsourcing campaigns are story-telling and do not have to be expensive. But not every one Company recognize her potential. 3 exciting examples of more or less successful actions. Crowdsourcing & Viral Marketing: But please with duck! ente1

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Viral Marketing: Wanted Ideas


Everyone talks about viral marketing, all nazelang I get links to supposedly great recruitment and marketing videos sent, which are usually also very expensive produced.

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A viral effect can often be achieved much easier and cheaper: Namely simply with a good, funny idea. Creativity instead of coal! Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the potential.

The action of Atout France


For example, with this action by Atout France: Marie, Claude, Gérard and Paul are the names of the French squealing ducks from which the French National Tourist Board, ATOUT FRANCE, has distributed 500 pieces. Each of them with typical French outfits and matching names: "Marie, the glamorous Parisian", "Claude, the artist", "Gérard, le français" (pictured here) and "Paul, the gourmet".

Whoever went empty during the distribution campaign can also photograph his own duck in France. As a win, two France tours for two people each. How to participate and win, is available on the ATOUT FRANCE website:

Funny action


The idea seems funny. ATOUT FRANCE writes:

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Take one of our or your own Squeak Duck on your next holiday in France. Photograph your travel companion at your favorite place and post your picture in the gallery of our "Duck Photo Contest". The Facebook community then manages the most beautiful squeaky snapshots. Of course, you may send your photos until the end of the competition. Among the 10 most popular pictures, we are giving away two "duck" spray tours for each 2 person: with Air France we travel to Paris and from there on to Burgundy or Normandy ... of course true to style in France's most likeable vehicle, a "duck" (Citroën 2 CV)!

The disadvantages of Facebook


A successful action and the photos on Facebook make you want more. It's only a pity that ATOUT FRANCE is so clear on Facebook and does not build a community on its own website, for example.

Because the goal of the crowdsourcing campaign is, in addition to tourism marketing for France, clearly the advertising of the Facebook page. But this is exactly where the limits of Facebook are in the design options:

Only too stupid to search?


Although the event was announced via Facebook, the corresponding contribution has long since gone, on the homepage you can not hold him. And there is an app with image for the competition, but the conditions of participation or the corresponding website are missing.

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Conclusion: I have had to search longer for clues to participate and had to press Google, but where not the search for photo competition, but after "duck france facebook" brought the hoped-for results. But maybe I'm just too stupid to find the clues?

Crowdsourcing & Viral Marketing: But please with duck! ente2

Many heads think more than one


Incidentally, crowdsourcing has to do with open journalism, participatory journalism & citizen journalism or grassroots journalism. This is a form of journalism in which citizens can participate in the social discourse through their own media - via Twitter, Facebooks and blogs.

The idea behind it, true to the motto "thousands of minds think more than one": the more people participate in the truth, the greater the likelihood of actually finding them. Finding the truth through crowdsourcing, so to speak.

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By contrast, journalists like to sneer at this form of journalism, dismiss it as irrelevant, or consider it a cheap competitor. But what is more obvious than to use crowdsourcing specifically for the research and marketing of media?

An old story creatively retells


The Guardian, known for the purpose of using Open Journalism specifically for reporting, has now launched a TV spot that amusingly explains the advantages of Open Journalism.

The sheet took the well-known story of the Three Little Pigs and the Wolf, who blows the house away - and turned her around creatively. In the video, little pigs have to answer to a court for murdering the wolf.

Everything is different than you think


And while a heated debate about whether the pigs are now innocent or not, The Guardian, with the help of its multi-layered channels of communication with readers and users, brings the truth to light:

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The three pigs are insurance companies, the wolf had asthma and could never have blown the house of the three. Victory for swarm intelligence from the Internet! And victory for The Guardian, who is so creative about the possibilities of participatory journalism.

More actions planned


Incidentally, The Guardian is planning further creative action in connection with the campaign. The spot by director Ringan Ledwidge is broadcast by British TV channels such as Channel 4, E4 and Film4.

A poster campaign is going on in UK cities and they even want to spend hours watching YouTube's YouTube website on 24.

Crowdsourcing & Viral Marketing: But please with duck! potatos

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McDoof does not like viral marketing


By contrast, McDonalds missed the chance for viral marketing. And that, without having initiated a corresponding action at all.

I realize, of course, that artist Peter Pink had no marketing campaign in mind when he set up his potatoes in front of McDonald's on Hermannplatz in Berlin Neukölln. Rather probably an anti-McDonald's action.

2000 Likes on Facebook


However, the funny action on Facebook so far has good 2000 likes, was 644 times shared and about 30 commented times, and it is also found in various blogs. McDonalds, however, has earned his nickname McDoof, as the photographer tells on Facebook:

"The action ended with a woman from McDonalds coming out and sweeping the protesting potatoes away. She said, 'This is not working, with the potatoes.' "

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Potential of the action not recognized


Well, McDonalds obviously did not recognize the viral potential of such an action. From an artist's point of view you can probably be happy about it. From a marketing perspective, this is just stupid.

Apparently, they preferred to continue to produce elaborately produced, boring videos. While the rest of the world is amused by potatoes.

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  1. Caroline Oberfeld - Atout France

    Dear Mrs Janson,
    Thank you very much for this article, we are glad that you have presented our profit play!

    As the development of our Facebook app, which forms the heart of the competition, seems to be a bit problematic, we would like to briefly point out a few points:

    The action is directed at the 8.000 fans of our site - we had on request free of charge a total of 500 "French" squeaks, which should be photographed for the participation in the competition at the respective holiday resort in France. Other ducks were distributed in 3 German cities in street marketing campaigns. The whole action takes place on the app "Photo Contest" of our Facebook page - here since the 2. May and still up to the 30. September duck snapshots from France. Our Facebook community kicks off the 14. July by voting the 10 most beautiful pictures, among which we raffle 2 France trips for the year 2013.

    We consider Facebook this very interactive form of sweepstakes campaign for a very suitable platform, which has been confirmed by the very positive response of our fans so far. The whole action and our 4 ducks Marie, Claude, Gérard and Paul are constantly in conversation here and our fans keep posting pictures and short holiday reports about their ducks - so we hope that over the summer we will have our gallery with lots of funny pictures will fill.

    The conditions of participation for the contest will be found on each page of the app in the footer area in the form of a link to the detailed text. In addition, the participant is informed once again by clicking on the conditions of participation and the notes on data protection, so that every user is informed of the progress and the conditions of the game.

    We hope to have helped you with this and wish you good luck, if you are still participating in the competition!

    Greetings from Frankfurt,
    Caroline Oberfeld
    Marketing - French Tourist Board

    • Simone Janson

      Dear Mrs. Oberfeld, thank you for your comment.
      After several checks of your app, I have noticed in the meantime that actually does something there: After a few clicks on the thumbnail navigation bar has actually shown in the app, before I clicked on the image tens of times and nothing happened At the time when I Post wrote, the app just seemed like a picture for me, that was very irritating. As I already wrote - maybe I was just too stupid to find the right place to click on it ;-)

      My criticism is therefore not against the action itself, but against Facebook and the limited representation options or just such bugs there. Facebook is now technically flawed, has its quirks in the design. Not to mention privacy. I am only thinking of stories in which the pages were simply blocked or deleted. And you do not know what will be in the future with FB, especially now after the IPO. I have also covered this topic in more detail in my book "Nude on the Net" and wrote an article here.

      I do not want to be scared at all, just bear in mind that there might be more sustainable solutions. I also understand well that you do not want to give up a well-running channel for no reason - and Facebook is also very comfortable in some ways, you get a quick feedback - but it can be a problem.

      In addition, a blog has the long-term advantage that you can keep the rights to his entries and images and archive them clearly - and then you get interview requests on topics that have been written about for years or hundreds of likes to an old article receives because the topic suddenly boils up. Facebook, on the other hand, is like a runner-up: Runs through, cooks up and is then no longer findable.

      Presumably, everyone has such a preference ;-)

      Simone Janson

  2. Sophie

    That's a sweet idea. Participating could actually be worthwhile there :)

    • Simone Janson

      Then good luck!

  3. Holger Froese

    ATOUT FRANCE Photo Reward Action: Crowdsourcing with Duck #Business

  4. Liane Wolffgang

    Photo Raffle Action by ATOUT FRANCE: Crowdsourcing with duck: Our crowdsourcing report has just been published ...

  5. Natasha Tummeley

    Photo Raffle Action by ATOUT FRANCE: Crowdsourcing with Duck #g

  6. Simone Janson

    Photo Raffle Action by ATOUT FRANCE: Crowdsourcing with Duck #g

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