Critical Ability: Include Feedback and Criticism [10 Tips]

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You know that: Tackling all day, extra overtime - and the Manager, Colleague or employee still finds mistakes. And now?

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Here writes for you:


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Criticism is a question of the point of view

Excursions are not a good solution, even if you would like to leave the skin immediately. It is better to remain calm, even if that is easier said than thought.

Because the effect of the criticism depends entirely on you. Honestly. Because it is only a question of personal attitude. And you have two options to react:

  1. They are badly offended, get upset, get annoyed, even spend sleepless nights and take the criticism hard.
  2. Or you try to see it from the perspective of the critic, realizing why he's reacting that way - and that the sharpness of the reaction may not have anything to do with you.

Criticism with potential

In any case, such a criticism has a lot of potential, provided you don't bury your head in the sand with offense. Because the negative feedback from colleagues and bosses shows you where there is still room for improvement - and that's always good.

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"Anyone who flatters me is my enemy, whoever criticizes me is my teacher," says a Chinese proverb rightly. From a factual point of view, criticism is nothing more than an indication of grievances, mistakes or wrong decisions.

Many heads think more than one

And that has its Sense: Nobody in a company can finally grasp the full scope of a problem or really estimate what impact it will have in all decisions. So we don't always notice when we do something wrong.

Therefore, it is important that someone tells us that something is wrong. Criticism is, above all, a valuable piece of information, with the help of which corrections and improvement measures can be initiated. Sad but true: If you only hear praise, nothing will improve, but in the long run will bring even less performance.

Respect uncritical criticism

However, criticism is not always a matter of fact, often enough it is also used as a means of power in professional life. For supervisors who criticize, often expect their criticism to be accepted without contradiction and at the same time show that they have the say. Conversely, many bosses are finding it difficult to accept their employees' suggestions for improvement.

And often enough, colleagues do not criticize each other with the intention of helping themselves, but pursue exactly the opposite goals: the factual criticism is used to indirectly offend the other person. If, for example, it is said: “Here is a mistake. Give yourself a little more effort ... ”means indirectly that the criticized has made too little effort. Or individual criticisms are generalized in order to devalue the whole person, for example: “They always make such mistakes…”

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Optimal handling of criticism

It is therefore important to deal with criticism correctly. Even with objective criticism, this is not always easy: everyone has already made certain hurtful experiences. If the boss or colleague who criticizes one, now or deliberately, meets these sore points, everyone reacts sensitively.

Often enough, criticism is simply accepted decently, instead of asking whether it is justified or not. And many people simply take offensive criticism, instead of encountering it with a portion of quickness. On the other hand, there is negative feedback, which we put away quite easily, because it does not touch us emotionally at all. Frequently, it also depends simply on the daily form, whether one leaves with criticism from the skin or remains cool.

10 Tips for dealing with criticism

Whether you are criticized or not, you can not control - but how to properly deal with and react to criticism. Here you will find ten tips on how to react correctly to criticism.

  1. Only no critique avoidance strategies! Do not try to avoid criticism at all costs - this makes you dissatisfied. And sometimes it works well if you behave inconspicuously, but you will hardly be able to avoid critical expressions. Better deal constructively with criticism.
  2. Just do not freak out! Important: Stay calm. Easier said than done: Of course everyone would like to relax when he is attacked. But whoever first deeply breathes and calmly contemplated, has the better cards.
  3. What was said? Sometimes we take something as criticism, which was not meant at all. So ask yourself first: Was the real one a critique? What exactly was said? What text was used? Or do I interpret this statement as a critique?
  4. Question the criticism: Is the criticism about which you are annoyed at all justified? If not, it is not worth it that you are upset about it. If the criticism is right, however, you should seriously consider what you can improve.
  5. Who criticizes you actually? Even if criticism is justified, who is your critic? Is the one competent in this field? Is his opinion important to you? If you come to the conclusion that this is not the case, you must not pay attention to his statement.
  6. Is criticism helpful? Some criticism may be well meant - but it is not helpful. If you get feedback like “You just can't do it”, you don't know what you can do better. So ask your counterpart objectively to go into a little more detail: What exactly can you not do, where does the other person see room for improvement?
  7. Ignore criticism: Even if you are angry and believe you need to react to an attack: Ignore it consciously. Do not let any discussion take place - quite consciously: do not understand the criticism intentionally. Their counterpart then comes into explanatory compulsion and the criticism runs into void.
  8. Make the critic ridiculous: Especially if you are exposed to criticism in front of others, you should react promptly to your face. A good method: ridicule the critic: exaggerate his criticism - so you have the laughs on your side: "You gave the customer bad advice" - "Yes, he is now using a washing machine as a whirlpool"
  9. Turn the tables: When someone attacks you, he always reveals a piece of himself - you can show them to him. Her colleague, for example, complains: "Man, your desk is uncluttered again." They promptly return: "They seem to value order more than good performance."
  10. Stand completely to yourself: Criticism can hardly hit you if you agree - but confidently and without justification: “You see that correctly”, “You have observed this well”, “You will have to get used to it” or “Thanks for the tip - someone has given me that in the past said. ”

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