Professional & Personal Crisis - 1 / 5: When the psyche staggers

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Professional or Personal Crises: Nobody likes them, everyone knows them. In doing so, they are often not only inevitable, but in fact vital to life.

Professional & Personal Crisis - 1 / 5: When the psyche staggers

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Why crises are vital

The fact is: personal and professional crises can hit us anytime and often unexpectedly. They are usually seen negatively, but you can win something positive from such crises.

A career crisis, like other crises, is also a high and a turning point in a dangerous development. According to psychological understanding crises are not only threatening, but vital!

What is a crisis?

From the point of view of the Integrative Therapy according to Hilarion Petzold, they occur whenever personality structures prove to be too rigid as regards changes. A crisis can be defined as a labile situation in which a person is.

Crisis initially means threat. The everyday situation in which a person is - for example, related to his job and his job - is becoming increasingly unstable. The crisis includes the loss of something old and proven and the fear of something new and unknown. This marks the beginning of a change, but its evolution and outcome are uncertain.

The development of a crisis

A crisis does not evolve from one day to another, but always has a history. Most of the time, however, you will only recognize that in retrospect. Perseverance slogans like "It'll all be alright" or "That's going to break down" or "close your eyes" may be justified in some situations.

However, they can have fatal consequences for unresolved conflicts. If you do not deal with a smoldering conflict, it will disappear by itself in the most extreme cases, but will continue to ferment within you. Often one is not aware of the seriousness and drama of the situation.

Dramatic turning points

But at some point, the point is that you are in the middle of a crisis. While professional conflicts can still be narrowly limited and relate only to individual areas, the professional crisis places the whole basis on the job in question. In a crisis, unlike a conflict, we have the feeling of completely losing the ground under our feet. Crises thus have a much more existential dimension than conflicts.

Conflicts which are not "processed" in the psychological sense, with which one is not occupied and which one tries unconsciously to suppress, have the potential to become a crisis sooner or later. Crises are often the consequences of unresolved conflicts.

Psychosomatic disorders indicate crises

Often the psychosomatic disturbances are the reference of the body to the fact that it is no longer possible. They then force you to deal with the problem.

The most important areas of life on which the identity of a person is based, that sees Concept Integrative Therapy Five Pillars of Identity. If one or more of them falter, one speaks of crisis.

The 5 pillars of identity

In order to grasp the extent of a crisis, one has to look at it in terms of the number of dimensions involved: which and how many pillars of identity are "cracked", which ones are stable and provide security and compensate?

There are the following five pillars of identity:

  1. 1.Säule: Body, physical health, sexuality
  2. 2.Säule: Social network, friends, relationships, partners
  3. 3.Säule: Activities, work, leisure activities
  4. 4.Säule: Living, money, material
  5. 5.Säule: Values, religion, spirituality

misfortunes never come singly

A professional crisis often coincides with a private crisis such as a divorce. And it is only that one has neglected the partner and himself for quite some time because of the stress of work. Crises often encompass the entire person, in contrast to conflicts.

Of course there are also professional crises, which have no feedback with the private life. This is a great advantage, as private life / partners can provide support for coping with the professional crisis.

Processing wants to be learned!

However, how you experience and process crises depends not only on how profound and all-encompassing the shocks are, but also on the experiences you have made in your life with crises and their overcoming.

If you have experienced before you can cope with them, you will also believe in the next crisis to create it!

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