Crisis as an opportunity for career management: Mentally fit in difficult times

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Because we are trapped too deep in the hamster wheel, we often no longer perceive our situation properly. But we can only create the «chance» to get out and think if we are mentally fit and know our most important project.

Crisis as an opportunity for career management: Mentally fit in difficult times

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Is the crisis an opportunity? Not always!

We do not see every crisis as an opportunity! We like to be comfortable and usually feel very comfortable in our comfort zone. In addition, there are of course people who like to take on the role of victim. First see who is to blame for the matter. In America, like to take the second step: Once you have found a guilty party, analyze whether you can sue him.

In the past few months, too, many people have liked to list everything that was no longer possible. They knew the complete list of grievances in the country. Does that help? Of course not. There is actually only one way to deal with difficult situations: Leave the hamster wheel and take a thorough look at it (and with it your job, job, relationship or your own life) from the outside and analyze it.

Why the location finally gives answers

The "localization" that is carried out here is difficult, but crucial. It is the basis of «self-responsibilitylocation». The word locating is in there. In this process you ask yourself questions and give the appropriate answers («Veraanswerung »). If you have done this conscientiously, you can start implementing (doing, also included in “ResponsibilitydoG").

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I know what you are thinking: that is terribly simplified and banal. Yes, it may actually work that way. But it is and will be the beginning of the transformation from victim to doer. Reflection or analysis is always the beginning. Strictly speaking, the beginning is the realization that something is no longer right. That one is dissatisfied and unmotivated.

The best possible result - for us

In business there is always talk of projects. What many people do not realize is that they are the most important project themselves. Unfortunately, a project that we rarely focus on. There is no more valuable project with greater opportunities and better results. A project that gives us a full life Sense made possible - if we look closely and work on it.

Most people don't look closely - at least not at themselves. They look at other projects. You look at other people. They look at other people's projects. We finally learned that. In the best case, to be there for others, to help others. At worst, to compare ourselves with others, to feel smaller, weaker, inadequate towards someone. Or even to look enviously at what others are achieving instead of striving for OUR best possible result.

And that's not surprising! Success is usually understood one-dimensional. Success, especially our success in life, is very individual. We must first understand what we really want in life, in which we really find fulfillment. It's about meaning and willingness to change. It's about making an impact - in your own life, in the life of our family and in the professional environment. But how?

Proceed systematically

In a project, the first and at the same time most difficult stage is to recognize that there is a need for change. This is also the case in the personal area. Why? Because there is a lack of self-awareness. Being aware of yourself is extremely important nowadays. So invest in your most important project and take two hours: With a glass of wine, a cup of tea or coffee and a notebook, start your project with the analysis:

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  • What is happening in my life right now?
  • What's great
  • What could be better?
  • How should it go exactly?

Reflect on each pillar of life and be honest with yourself. Then write down how you imagine your life to be:

  • What should your perfect daily routine look like?
  • What job do you have?
  • How much time do you want to spend with your family?

You have now sketched your actual and target states. What needs to be done now is the following: You have to think about how to get from the actual to the target.

Regular reflection

If we reflect on what is happening, we are sure to quickly recognize patterns that repeat themselves. Things, people and situations that repeatedly cost us unnecessary energy. That keep us awake at night. If this happens over a longer period of time, it is worth thinking about how long we would like to pay the price for it.

Taking on responsibility again is not always pleasant. Because it means that we make decisions. For something and therefore against other things. We are usually reluctant to make such decisions. Blaming someone else is easier, but it definitely won't help in the long run.

Standing up for yourself requires one thing above all: courage!

When planning your project, one thing counts above all else: stay tuned and have the courage to speak up, get your ideas out there, no matter what all the people out there are saying. There are always people who know better, who find this or that stupid. And there are people who consider everyone else who has fun in life to be scary, dangerous or simple-minded. However, whoever is simple-minded will still find out!

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Because in the future it will be even more important how we all deal with rapid changes and difficult situations. Do we let the fear of change paralyze us or do we cope with both flexibly and creatively. I know that sounds easy. But it is not. Do you accept the challenge? Actually there is no alternative.

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