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86Birgitt E. Morrien is a senior coach and PR consultant for leading companies in the media and communications industry. Birgitt Elisabeth Morrien (* 1959) grew up in the Münsterland region before starting her studies. After her first semester in Germany, curiosity for more led her to the United States. She graduated from Boston University with a Master of Science degree in Mass Communications. She then acquired her know-how as a PR consultant at the advanced training academy of the Institute of German Business (FAW) in Cologne. In addition to her professional career, Morrien also qualified in the fields of management supervision and coaching. With DreamGuidance, Morrien finally presented her own holistic coaching concept, which she has been using in her own consulting practice COP - Coaching • Organization • Public Relations since 1995. Birgitt E. Morrien works primarily on behalf of leading companies in the media and communications industry and cooperates with selected consulting firms. Public institutions are also among their clients. In addition to consulting work, Senior Coach Morrien also works as an author, lecturer and specialist journalist. All texts by Birgitt E. Morrien.

Crises & upheavals as an opportunity: rituals of transition - learning from the crisis

For many, a crisis is difficult and insurmountable. Experience shows, however, that this is often a transitional ritual, at the end of which there is a new beginning, just like an initiation rite.

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Crisis as a powerful means of transformation

Brigitte Breternitz says: To stand before the point, no longer know which step should be the next or could be because of the economic situation, meant for me the beginning of the very great crisis. I thought my work was plain and meaningless. Self-doubt and perplexity soon became the bear-the-day feeling accompanying me throughout the work. Despite my endless energy, I was powerless.

In his book Das Innere Land, which is well worth reading, Joachim Faulstich speaks in detail of such experiences, which he describes as a “powerful means of transformation”.

The classic among the books dealing with such processes is undoubtedly Les rites de passage by Arnold van Gennep.

Initiation rituals on the way to growing up

The basic work of cultural anthropology, published in German as “rites of passage”, describes the basic scheme of initiations in a way that can also be applied to professional and personal crises.

Initiation rituals, for example that of admitting young people to the status of adults, have followed a three-part scheme since ancient times: separation from the old, change within the uncertainty “between worlds” and finally arriving at the new.

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Crisis pattern: farewell, uncertainty, new beginning

It is precisely this pattern that we can observe in crises: a period of farewell to the past follows a period of uncertainty, in which there are no fixed values ​​for orientation.

If this section is experienced with all anxiety and hope, a light may appear on the horizon: a new idea, new offers, new ways of further action.

Archaic Initiation

The crisis has ended, a new section is attracting and celebrating - and as has always been customary in the initiation rituals. How long the individual phases last is very different.

In old traditions, in which the young people are banished from the village on a set day, perhaps subjected to tests of their bravery and finally brought back to the village after a period of hardship as adults, such processes are temporal clear outlined.

There is no schedule in life

On the other hand, if it is life that imposes such times of change on us, there are no schedules. I've known cases of a crisis, even if it's from one Coaching accompanied by years of failure.

But at some point the success came, and then more than ever dreamed of. He seemed to have ripened in secret, and had probably had to put away a great deal of the old man, who had no more voice, until he could shine brightly. However, most people, especially when they are professionally supported, are able to go through the three phases a bit more quickly.

Pause on the way forward

Personally, I know crises very well. My life, too, is characterized by seemingly wrong turns, deconstructions and decisions that, in retrospect, can be called Error could denote. What did I learn from it? Well, many mistakes are “correct mistakes” that I did not commit against better knowledge, but with the current certainty that I would do the best.

Again and again the dissatisfaction, burglaries and painful phases brought me to pause, to rethink myself and my will and ability, to re-establish the route of the trip and to break up again after a break with fresh courage.

Excellent with breaks

Today, like many of my clients, I describe myself as “awarded with fractions”. I am grateful for these phases that have made me who I am today.

In addition, I learn that others can take courage to meet a woman who is positive about crises and who has mastered them.

Away from the crisis

Since I understand my coaching approach as a way out of the crisis, it is absolutely necessary that I myself know how it feels to be in crisis.

With the deeper knowledge of the crisis, which I have outlined here, it is certainly easier to pass through such a challenging phase.

Crisis as an opportunity - also in practical implementation

Even if you already have the knowledge of the nature of crises and you have at least theoretically learned to understand them as an opportunity - while you experience them, this knowledge seems abstract and it is good to read about it again and then, for example, to realize that it always the three phases described by van Gennep.

With the methods of the DreamGuidance they are not only accelerated, but above all also in a depth through life, which makes a more powerful and personally more coherent re-launch possible.

Do not wait for the crisis, get started!

And good news: if you are doing well at least, you do not have to wait for a crisis to start a great change.

Rather, you could take already nagging dissatisfaction, too frequent time pressure, stress or quietly in the heart glowing longing as a sufficient occasion for an active reorientation.

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