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An always happy and hotly debated topic - especially on Best of HR –®: How creative are and should be CVs? How much graphics makes sense and when does it get confusing? An overview.curriculum vitae

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Creative CVs

At Best of HR –® I have often told different places about creative CVs and applications. For example, Hagan Blount describes himself as an unemployed social media strategist and claims to tweet for food. Is this a successful, creative idea or an attempt that unfortunately overshoots the target?

One must leave Hagan Blount: He has humor. To present oneself as a beggar is in any case proof of a proper priest. Or is the begging plate a pinch too submissive? Are not the wrong associations aroused, because he sells rather as a beggar than as a self-confident, competent maker?

Turn out the most important thing

At first glance, I thought his resume was great. Something else. Something completely different. With icons and numbers in bold. Looks great: The most important thing is succinctly emphasized, it also looks ultra-modern.

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But only at first sight. In the second view, there are a few weaknesses. The icons for example I find simply superfluous. One does not understand immediately what they are supposed to stand for. The fact that they are listed below in a statistics, which is supposed to represent the course of competencies, is not understood at first sight. Nice idea, but a little too much.

Score with numbers

Really great I find the idea with the numbers: Important skills with bold print figures must represent the heart of every person to jump joyfully: There he once times equal all values ​​in an overview.

Unfortunately, that also seems a bit confusing. Overall, the whole page seems a little too crowded. Although the original idea was really good: everything important at a glance and important things highlighted in bold. However, for the sake of clarity, less - and therefore less gimmickry - would have been more.

Creative CV with Pinterest

Jeanne Hwang is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard Business School and has worked for Yahoo, Accenture and Kaixin, among others. She is active in sports: she participated in the New York City Triathlon. And all these activities can be found pictorially on their Pinterest board again.

What I like is a CV in pictures. This immediately gives a very different impression of the person and their activities than just pure words or numbers. The disadvantage, however, is that the thing is quite confusing - it is difficult to cope.

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For example, it takes me longer to find out if I need to read it from left to right or from top to bottom. When I think of so many stressed-out recruiters .. What is your opinion on the Pinterest CV? Best of HR –®

Curriculum vitae as a political statement?

I also found this example exciting, not from America or Europe, but from Morocco. In this context, the curriculum vitae is almost a political statement, an ironic protest against discrimination.

The question is, how does that affect potential employers and recruiters? I look forward to your opinion in the comments.

occupations pictures


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Conclusion: creative CVs with limits

Creative CVs are quite beautiful to look at and stand out clearly from the amount of CVs, which in times as well as at Casting around conspicuousness is quite a plus can be.

However, creative candidates urgently need to be careful that the oh-so-creative curricula do not get too cluttered - the most important thing about a resume is that busy employers and recruitors can see at a glance what an applicant brings and what does not. In the colorful pictures that is sometimes rather difficult. Maybe that's why you should at least attach a written curriculum vitae.

Best of HR –®

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