Creative curriculum vitae in social media format: top or flop?

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Thank you Christoph Athanas I noticed on Twitter the creative social media CV of Hagan Blount. He calls himself an unemployed social media strategist and declares to tweet for food. Is this a successful, creative idea or an attempt, which unfortunately goes far beyond the target? curriculum vitae

Writing for you:


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One must leave Hagan Blount: He has humor. To present oneself as a beggar is in any case proof of a proper priest. Or is the begging plate a pinch too submissive? Are not the wrong associations aroused, because he sells rather as a beggar than as a self-confident, competent maker?

Something else

I also liked his CV at first glance. Something else. Something completely different. With icons and bold figures. Looks great: the most importantly highlighted, it seems hypermodern.

But only at first sight. In the second view, there are a few weaknesses. The icons for example I find simply superfluous. One does not understand immediately what they are supposed to stand for. The fact that they are listed below in a statistics, which is supposed to represent the course of competencies, is not understood at first sight. Nice idea, but a little too much.

Count with numbers

Really great I find the idea with the numbers: Important skills with bold print figures must represent the heart of every person to jump joyfully: There he once times equal all values ​​in an overview.

Unfortunately, that also seems a bit confusing. Overall, the whole page seems a little too crowded. Although the original idea was really good: everything important at a glance and important things highlighted in bold. However, for the sake of clarity less - and I mean less gimmick - would have been more.

A good idea is given away. But at least: Blount has managed to talk about him! Or what do you mean?

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  3. Tanja Handl

    @ Simone: True, the German-speaking culture is visibly more intolerant against missing. In so far just no example that 1: 1 can be imported to D / Ö / CH, but quite an exciting stimulus.

    @ Hagan: Seems your resume works well for you. :)

  4. Simone Janson

    Hi Hagan, thanks for your comment. Most of the people found their way of doing things in the same way as they did in Germany.
    "The ends justify the means ;-)" - that's a great point of view. We are all very curious to konw if your innovative way of job-searching will suceed. Just let us know about your experiences.

  5. Thanks so much for the post and the critiques. I like to think the ends justify the means ;-)

  6. Hagan Blount

    RT @SimoneJanson: Creative curriculum vitae in social media format: top or flop? #Kreativit? T #Food

  7. Andreas Prokop

    #SocialMedia #Marketing Creative #Food in Social Media Format:
    #Top or flop?

  8. Andreas Prokop

    #SocialMedia #Marketing Creative #Food in Social Media Format:
    #Top or flop?

  9. Sascha Arnold

    RT @SimoneJanson: Creative curriculum vitae in social media format: <br /> Top or flop?

  10. Simone Janson

    Dear reader, wow, there I have a quite stimulated discussion.

    Front: I thought the idea really very good - but I wanted to let even the typical German spitcher raushängen to stimulate a discussion. Seems to have worked.

    So once in a row:

    @ Lars Hahn: Since you are right, the graphic implementation can be quite envious. I am also always a bit hard with ...

    @Christoph Athanas: Thanks for the flowers - and thank you for the super template! Thanks for your super achievements to which I have nothing to add.

    @Kai Thrun: So generally I would not see it. You can see that Blount alone here in the blog gets a lot of applause ... Perhaps the right for the creative industry? But: As I said, it depends not only on the packaging but also on the content.

    @ Ralf Heinrich: Of course, I've already seen a social media infographic. That's why I baptized the part so synonymous social media resume ... against the idea, I have said nothing ... only in the implementation harp it my opinion a bit. And you're right: Presumably you would have to adjust the whole on German. Proverbs like "Hagan is a Lion" are unlikely to travel in this country ...

    @Tanja Handel: The with the failures is perhaps really a matter of the consideration: In the US, something like this should be regarded as experience, while in Germany any failure and any wrong way under the carpet returns. The question remains: What is a failure?

    Anyway, if the thing has stimulated one or the other to pimp his / her life something. I would be delighted to have experience reports.

  11. Alma Mater

    RT @SimoneJanson: Creative curriculum vitae in social media format: top or flop?

  12. Tanja Handl

    Basically I like the idea, practically revealing itself then a few of the already mentioned weaknesses.

    I find it interesting that Hagan also mentions failures, eg his "excursion" into teaching. In general, I think the written self-presentation is a bit too flippant and not very meaningful in terms of content, the plus here is clearly in the presentation.

  13. Ralf Heinrich

    Love Simone Jansen -
    Ever seen a social media infographics? At the moment they look like this now! In this respect, this is top and consistently implemented. I agree with Kai that most of the staff in Germany are unlikely to convince, and I also believe that the type of infographics is just American. But also I think the idea is great, and everyone, who knows a little bit with social media and who is looking for a specialist, should (!) Recognize at first glance that no amateur was at work here. But there is still much to preach until Germany is ready ...; o)

  14. Kai Thrun

    I doubt that it would work in Spießer Germany with a few exceptions. In the big companies you probably do not come, because they are much further back than you think;)

    just my 2cents.

    PS: The idea itself, however, I think terrific :-)

  15. Manfred Wenzel

    Creative curriculum vitae in social media format: top or flop? »By Simone Janson» Occupations, Karr

  16. Manfred Wenzel

    Creative curriculum vitae in social media format: top or flop? »By Simone Janson» Occupations, Karr

  17. Christoph Athanas

    Hello Mrs. Janson,
    a nice idea from you to take my tweet about the unusual CV as an opportunity for an article in your blog. This is sometimes fixed and meaningful information utilization ;-)

    In terms of content, I also see light and shadow when viewing Hagan Blount's unusual CV.
    I find it first and foremost remarkable how creative and how different he is to his competencies. Me personally it is also a little too text-heavy and overloaded.
    As Lars Hahn notes in his commentary, the potential recipient / reader of such a CV must, of course, be taken into account. My experiences tell me this: Meet the expectations of the viewer to 80% and surprise to 20%. As a result, you usually get enough attention without creating too much irritation. Mr.Blount has decided in this respect for a different relationship. My respect for this experiment he and the attention - at least from us here - have also.

    Best regards, Christoph Athanas

  18. Lars Hahn

    So I think that is good and am almost envious: such a beautiful design of my CV with charts and statistics also graphically implement - I would be hard. In creative environments, Mr. Blunt can score points.

    But as always, it depends on where you want to land. It may be said:
    TOP for advertising agency, social media consulting, PR agency
    FLOP for legal trafficking, tax office, engineering office

  19. Competencepartner

    Creative life in social media format: top or flop ?: Thanks Christoph Athanas, I was a ...

  20. Simone Janson

    @CAthanas my opinion on the creative social media CV of Hagan Blount

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