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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Sarah Hübinger was a producer for ARD and ARTE in New York and is a social media manager and copywriter for Shutterstock. As a social media manager, Hübinger blogs regularly about careers, social networks and design for Shutterstock, a global marketplace for visual content with 30 million photos, Illustrations, vector graphics and videos. In the past she was a long-time producer at ARD Studio New York and has worked on numerous TV productions for ARTE. She lives and works in New York City.

Overcoming creative blockages: 6 tips for better work

Many designers and authors spray with creativity on their own, but sometimes you just get stuck. Here we want you six tricks imaginehelping to overcome a creative block. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

1. The tried and tested Brainstorm

The first help with a creative blockade is usually a brainstorm. Such a flash of light can help you to lure all ideas, but can also be pure torture if there is no inspiration. Try to get some colleagues or friends to move along.

Begins to write down all the obvious ideas. Talk about it and ask the others for suggestions. Next, concentrate on the stupid ideas for your project. Find the most absurd concepts and write them all down.

Look at all the ideas. Normal or strange, obvious or strange. Then try to summarize some ideas. A landscape with helicopter dogs! A health campaign with marsemans as a mascot! A dress design inspired by a river trout! Your first results will probably be totally ridiculous, but one of them might be the inspiration that sets your creativity in motion.

2. Change the environment

The fastest way to wipe away the spiderwebs in your brain is to get up and go somewhere else. Many creative professionals remain stuck when they see the same workspace every day. So go out: to get coffee in the cafe around the corner or to visit a nature museum and to see the dinosaur exhibition.

No chance to leave the office behind you? Find a sunny corner and place your chair there. A look out the window at the world out there could already be enough to divert the thoughts.

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3. Freestyle letter

This is a great exercise you can do on your new favorite place. Authors probably know them, but it is also a good technique for artists and designers.

The first thing to do is grab paper and pencil. Then let all stress drop off actively from you. For the third part, you need a pure table both mentally and materially: now you should only write. Simply the words that come into your head, no matter which, and simply write further. Do not try to form sentences, simply write words. Do this for about a minute and then look at what is written on the paper.

You will probably find a confusion of comic words and expressions, but in this constellation there might be an idea hidden deep within your brain. Freestyle writing is perfect to lure buried ideas that are stuck in your head. Do the same a few times and look at which new thoughts are crystallizing out. You will be surprised.

4. Get inspired by the Internet

The Internet is a cornucopia of inspiration and also distraction. Restrict yourself to short browsing sessions, not to push your work before you. Attempt 15 minutes for all 45 minutes, or log in for a half hour only at the beginning of the project.

Also take the Muse to look at other websites than just visit your tribe pages. Try a new blog or watch a cooking video on YouTube. Move out of your comfort area and see which new ideas can inspire browsing.

5. Think around the corner

You know your workplace as well as your own bed? (Well, maybe you're working from the bed!) You know all the corners better than anyone else? What if he were a stranger to you?

For this exercise you must try to see your environment with the view of a complete stranger. Do as if your child lasts, or an alien, or a monk from the 15. Century. Sketches (or describes) your environment through this filter and explicitly emphasizes the changes in the view. A revolving chair could be a carousel for a child. A cell phone might look like an old communication device from the 50 years for an alien. You never know how a new perspective can look.

6. Put the thing aside

If everything does not help, there is one last possibility: to cancel the matter for later. First work on another project, the day free, a short vacation leave. Distant from the project for a short time and return with a fresh look.

This technique unfortunately does not help much if you have a fixed dose, but is a simple solution to leave the stress behind and recharge the batteries. Always keep in mind: Your project has to be finished sometime.

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