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Text comes from the book: “Successful Concepts: A Practical Guide in 6 Steps” (2013), published by GABAL Verlag, reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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katja-Ischebeck e1382003003438-150x150Katja Ischebeck is a psychologist and management consultant. Ischebeck is a consultant, trainer and coach with many years of international experience in human resource management in various industries. As a graduate psychologist with many other qualifications (train the trainer, master trainer, business coach, NLP trainer and wingwave coach, etc.), she has successfully accompanied teams and managers in their professional development for years. Since 2009 she has been working intensively on the topic of conceptual work, and her book “Successful Concepts - A Practical Guide in 6 Steps” has just been published. More information at www.katjaischebeck.de

Concept Creation and Strategy Development: Think Big and Creative!

Concepts always mean changes in Company , Unfortunately you have to expect the change management that this does not suit everyone. It helps to think big, to be creative - and to market your ideas accordingly.

Concept erstellen003

Help change!

As a concept and strategy developer, you always automatically take over part of the change management.

Their mission is therefore to question situations and to explore new possibilities. Otherwise one would need no concept, but could continue the work routines.

Think big!

Albert Einstein aptly put it: "You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them." So think outside the box! Think big!

Of course, you are risking the one who has been concerned about the things you want to change now.


So, go with courage as well as with fingertip feeling! Clarify in advance how far you should be able to lean out of the window! Check who has what interests in this game!

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Every person is creative

The joyous message at the outset: Everyone is creative. Everyone can develop new ideas, re-link things, develop new topics.

Many want to be creative, but creating concepts and developing strategies requires a special degree of structured creativity. But many are themselves in the way on this topic.

Exited paths left

Clearly more pronounced than creativity in most adults, however, is the logical-analytical thinking and acting in good tracks. In school, education and most occupations, this form of thinking is more often demanded and trained.

However, the conceptual work is about letting something new emerge and leaving proven paths.


Push your thoughts out of the practiced counsels and separate disciplined the phases of the creative ones from those of analytical thinking!

Each phase has its right, but each one at its time. Let yourself be inspired by creativity techniques.

To be self-confident

A great concept is all well and good, but it's just the beginning. Because after creating it, you have to sell it to boss and colleagues. You know it: you have come up with a great concept that solves a lot of problems. But nobody wants it. The solution: You have to sell your ideas right!

Of course it is important for you to convince yourself that you are convinced that you have done a good analysis and good idea work. Up to this point, most concept developers and presenters come.

Others convince

Unfortunately, many remain standing at this point. To convince others, you must go one step further and focus your arguments and thoughts on what is important to your counterpart (and not you!).

Here lies the decisive difference between persuasion and persuasion, and thus achieve pressure between pressure and agreement.


Use your conviction instead of the conviction, in which you look at the topic from the perspective of those who want to convince you. For this to succeed, a change of perspective is now required.

Put yourself into the chair of the recipient and look at the topic consistently from this perspective. You should know who the recipients are and what interests they have. Formulate and structure the concept so that it is optimally aligned to it. Then you will be followed with interest.

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