Create & use business cards correctly for business success: 10 tips

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Whether in small talk, at networking at trade fairs or at a business event: the business card is the most compact form, or itself Company showcase. And the first impression counts. But what really matters when creating business cards? 10 tips!

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Georg Treugut is a marketing expert at Vistaprint.


Business cards - what is important when it comes to design and use?

The business card is required for a business appointment, but it also helps to introduce yourself in the private sphere. It simply applies: one look and all essential information is present.

On the classic "credit card size" everything fits, which gives a first impression of Company and employees mediates. But not every business card really matters. An overview of what to look for when designing and using business cards:

Tip 1: Business cards are a must

A recent, representative survey commissioned by Vistaprint among 500 small business owners in Germany shows: When asked about the most important marketing tools, the business card ranks 2 behind the company's website.

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The business card is the symbol of the real "handshake"; And personal contacts are an important foundation for business success, even in the digital age.

Tip 2: Design - the more individual, the better!

The business card is a standard but by no means standardized. There are a variety of ways to personalize your own business card.

The careful selection of form and format, paper thickness and design can make the business card as unique as the company or the bearer of the card.

Tip 3: business cards as Spiegel the company

The business card spiegelt reflected the company. If the work ethic is more formal, the business card should be simple and clear.

On the other hand, if the company offers creative and imaginative products or services, the business card features intense colors and a slogan.

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Tip 4: Corporate Design lays the foundation for optimal business cards

The business card should best be designed based on a corporate design. But if this does not exist, then the card should always be planned in conjunction with other marketing materials, such as the website.

In addition, there are providers who offer a variety of design templates for business cards that you can simply "fill" with his data.

Tip 5: There are no wrong and correct formats in the design

The classic format for a business card is the format of the check card (about 55 x 85 mm) - but nothing is firmly defined in the business card. This allows the format to be used vertically or horizontally. A narrower version attracts the attention.

A square business card looks very compact. Rounded corners give the business card an individual "touch". At the founder fair deGUT in Berlin, it was an important argument that the card in credit card format fits into every business card pile. In other words, if you want to attract attention, choose a format that falls out of the pile.

Tip 6: Business Card Design - Less is More

The times are over when the correct company name and all the contact details of an employee in German and English had to find their place on the business card.

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Less is more: Focusing on the essentials is the order of the day, for example

  • Thus,
  • Name of the employee,
  • Mobile number, mail and web address.

StartUp founders should consider whether to order their business card in small quantities first, because experience shows that the personal information can change quickly. If this is the case, a current business card is printed quickly.

Tip 7: Make a lasting impression with business cards

A business card should be able to be used for a long time without looking worn. In addition, she should not give the impression of mass-produced goods.

The feel has a significant part in how high-quality the business card appears. This is where paper strength comes into play: popular are paper thicknesses from 330 g / m2. Such business cards do not buckle so fast and the customer has something in his hand.

Tip 8: Business Card Trend Stability - Like a Board!

For a few years there has been a trend to use extra strong paper with 650g / m2 for the business card. The thicker the paper, the thicker the edges of the business cards and thus room for color!

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With the color core of the business card can be set another shade. Paper thickness and color kernel emphasize the high quality of the card.

Tip 9: Business cards are also convincing about the sense of touch

Special paper structures such as linen paper or natural cardboard can be felt.

Finishes with spot varnish and a relief print emphasize the haptic attention on the card and often cause an "aha effect".

Tip 10: In design, courage is rewarded

Modern business cards are statements and generate attention. The brave will be rewarded!

There are many ways to design your own business card. When choosing a business card, everything is allowed that suits the company. For example:

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  • Less information on the business card make room for graphic elements and XXXL fonts.
  • Pearlescent, high gloss and metallic effects set visual accents. Haptic finishing and the choice of
  • Paper thickness appeals to the sense of touch.
  • Even in the format you can dare something extraordinary, for example, a postcard instead of a business card.

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  1. Ulrike

    I also think that the business card is an absolute must for every businessman. The simpler it is held, the more people it potentially addresses. Therefore, one can say very well that less is more here. A too-weird or garish design may be appropriate for an artist. But the average worker should stay on the ground here!

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Ulrike, Thank you for your good, detailed explanation!

  2. Rainer Groening

    For me, your blog is one of the best HR and career blogs ever. If not the best ever!

  3. Bernd

    The week after next I have a job interview - I can use new business cards there!

  4. Holger Prieske

    That's probably a post from 20 years ago.
    Today one transfers that from mobile phone to mobile phone.
    There are uncertainties as to whether you can use Bluetooth, email or Whatsapp should do.

    The Filofax with 300 business cards standing in the office / standing; probably only found in the museum.

    Just at fairs, getting 20 pieces of it in one day means having a pile of 1,5cm paper. Where should one go? How should one put it down and find it again?

    The thicker the card is, the faster you throw it away, because the most space is saved by throwing away the thickest card.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Prieske, thanks for the comment, you will not believe it, but I'm also in the process of making business cards because it simply can not be done.
      The mobile-to-mobile transmission works well only in theory.

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