Crafts for sellers: This is how new customers get!

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If you want to earn higher profits or expand your market share, you just have to conquer appropriate customers. But in practice, sellers avoid this unpleasant work. Often because they lack the right tools. Craft for sellers: How to win new customers! customer acquisition

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No excuses

Often new customer acquisition can be heard in one breath with prodigy or insistence. The unpleasant resonates with many sellers. Usually unconscious automatisms sneak in, which postpone this urgently necessary activity:

Cleaning up the office, time-consuming research on the Internet and other trivialities. "Do not acquire the main thing" seems to be the motto here. Nothing comes from nothing - so, too, in the acquisition of new customers. If you rely on your luck to land a hit, you're left alone.

What is needed is individual communication

Some sellers expect that potential customers immediately and enthusiastically order the first contact. If they are rejected here and there one after the other, they are sure that the acquisition of new customers simply does not suit them. You forget that a customer's no can have many reasons:

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  1. Contact was made at an unfavorable time.
  2. or the seller has not clearly communicated the benefit offered to the customer.
  3. A common foul of sellers is the fact that they open the conversation so interchangeably that the buyer's prejudice siren read: "If it starts me like that, then I know the scam - I do not need that!"

Short, crisp, honest

"Does this really help me?" Each customer asks himself at the first contact by the provider, whether this helps him to achieve his goals safer. Sellers in this context all too like to interpret the silence of a desired customer as interested listening.

Many customers are just polite, do not want to interrupt. When a salesperson starts at Adam and Eve, most customers turn off and lose interest. The maxim of successful sellers is: "Just because I respect you, I get straight to the point" as well as "Let's be at eye level and openly clarify whether we fit together".

Credible all along

Spam messages promise great profits and great amenities for lukewarm or ridicule. Everyone suspects: There is something wrong and we ignore these mails confidently.

Therefore, written offers must be both credible and convincing - of course, the same applies to all employees of the offering company, the homepage and company brochures and other cheap zusammengebastelte websites that provide more confusing than information for the customer, often do not fit the high value of a bid , Customers only buy from credible providers - rightly so!

Make it easy for the customer

Why should customers study extensive, confusing offers and brochures and open up unnecessarily complicated information? This is why salespeople have the right to make their customers' offerings easy for their customers.

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The communication should be effortless and trusting for the potential customer across all levels. Then faster bridges are automatically hit, so that interested parties are also easier to become new and faster to regular customers.

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