Coworking spaces tested: SiliconWelly, Wellington, New Zealand

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Disclosure & Image Rights: Picture material created with a free provided camera of our sponsor Olympus. Picture material created with a free provided camera of our sponsor Olympus. , Image Location: 100 Willis St, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand.

This time we took a look at a location at the other end of the world, in New Zealand, for our test series. However, it is not a classic coworking space, where everyone can hire as much as they want, but rather an entrepreneur's flat, where many heads realize creative projects together. Event character included. The name SilliconWelly does not ironically remind you of his famous role model.

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Here writes for you: Jan Thomas Otte is a consultant for Accentur, journalist, coach and research fellow at Princeton University. Profile

30 Company on 120 square meters


Here 120 XMEUMX companies have joined together: programmers, web designers or video makers, but also rather unusual coworkers like computer scrap artist, tattoo artist or sand castle farmer realize here their ideas together and share the rent.

SiliconWelly finances exclusively through longer-term business collaborations. They forego risk capital because they want to be free in their entrepreneurial thinking. "Some have the money, we have the ideas, what you can do with it," says co-founder Tim Norton. Increasingly, customers also came from abroad.

Party and job in one


In fact, the office looks a bit chaotic: Under Tim's desk is still the mattress of the last night shift, in the bathroom is a toothbrush. It is difficult for him to separate his career from private life. The boys wear flip flops and T-shirt instead of patent leather shoes and collar shirt. Tim himself runs around barefoot.

In the working flat opposite the cinema are self-made works of computer scrap around, in front of the door is a shoveling sand giant fern at the Oriental Bay, which even made it into the main news of the country.

Have fun as a participation criterion


Not everyone who works here has completed an apprenticeship or a degree. Some came directly from school or got stuck after completing an internship. If you want to participate, you only have to bring one thing: enjoyment of life and of your work!

Similar to a party buffet, everyone brings something. These include, for example, playing drums in the hallway or hanging out on the rented party boat in Wellington Bay after hours. All of this creates a sense of creativity and the courage to do something new, telling Tim excitedly about his mess in the office.

Customers benefit from the lifestyle


Your customers benefit from this fresh wind, the "life style" that they sell as a feeling. In fact, Tim spends most of his time away from the office with his partners to get new inspiration for marketing projects.

He is a "funny cat", as the beginning thirty-year-old calls himself, a cheerful nature lover. At Tongario Crossing, admire the two volcanoes, beating their way through the bushes to the sea in Abel Tasman Park. Not infrequently, an ingenious business idea has already come here, which he then implements with his friends.

Around the corner think about new ideas


The joint sweating, for example, gave birth to the idea of ​​producing a DVD entitled "The Naked Trainer". Background was a thinking around the corner.

Why is not there a fitness trainer, who sometimes picks up the frustration, if it does not work so well with the ascetic weight loss? In the end it became a caricature of "fitness madness". In New Zealand, the production is a joke, which can be sold well.

And they can earn money with it. You share your enjoyment with online videos over the world, wave to the camera after your work is done. But the message of their marketing remains the same: "Made from New Zealand". They enjoy what they do and want to infect even some buttoned-up Europeans.

Online election campaign for Obama


It could even become a real export hit, dreams Tim. In the US, a friend of him is already active as an entrepreneur for SiliconWelly. They even managed 2008's online campaign for Obama. The server was over 10.000 nautical miles away in Wellington Bay.

Spread over the two islands, the young entrepreneurs have even more ideas in mind. More than they can realize, they rock each other's thirst for creativity. The cash flow seems to be against expectations. Despite the crisis abroad, some competition in the country and the last electric bill for the whole computer. "Our ethics and profitability of the value chain works," says Tim.

The secret of success?


What is the success story of the entrepreneur's WG from the other end of the world? Tim believes in social enterprises and wants to make the world a bit better with his colleagues. He had deleted unemployment from his vocabulary.

He replaced this umbrella term with new companies: PlanHQ, ProjectX Technology, Resonant Concepts,, Snipesoft, Rocketboys, Prestigious Memorabilia or Silverstripes.

Entrepreneurship = Live your dreams


For the guys from SiliconWelly, the biggest decision of their lives was not to give up on the first waves. Entrepreneurship has little to do with diligent study of counselors, applying for public funding, begging for bank loans, or attending costly coaching seminars.

"It's about understanding your job as a vocation," says Norton. "Follow your dreams and make it happen". What sounds like the naive life philosophy of a drop-out seems to be the guiding principle of his business plan.

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