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Postgraduate studies: Finance the Master

You will not be able to say exactly how much you will have to pay for a postgraduate study, because the costs can be very different:

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Great differences

SomeCourses are free of charge; others cost the second study fees of 500-565 EUR per semester, which are now standard in many federal states. There are also frequent study fees at state universities abroad. Much more expensive are the offerings of private universities and MBA programs, whose tuition fees in Germany average 17.000 EUR for the entire program.

In Europe the Tuition is between 5.000 EUR at the University of Saarland and 60.000 EUR at the London Business School. The cheapest offer in the US is Cornell University with 32.000 $, the most demanding is Columbia University for the MBA degree: 70.000 $. Some institutions also charge an application fee. In addition, everyone should pay close attention to the payment procedures in the contract: some universities offer installments so that the course of study can be terminated even without major financial losses.

Other costs

But also the time expenditure and the expenses for the research, telephone calls and their own Casting (such as the translation of documents) and the selection process must be included as well as the teaching materials and the computer. Consideration should also be given to possible interest payments for a loan taken and loss of earnings because it is not possible to work while studying.

The cost of health insurance must also be taken into account. It has not yet been legally clarified whether a master's degree should be classified as an undergraduate course or a second degree. This can pose some problems for students when it comes to tuition fees for a second degree or health insurance. After all, most health insurance companies are likely to follow a recommendation from the AOK to insure at least consecutive master’s courses as a first degree with student health insurance. In other cases, students of a postgraduate course can take out voluntary insurance on special terms (more on this in the course “Working during the postgraduate course”). In addition, of course, there are the expenses of everyday life: rent, meals, medication, travel and transport costs.

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Clarify financing in advance

The financing of the postgraduate training course should be clarified in advance so that it does not have to be terminated because of a lack of money. Especially those who are looking for an additional qualification abroad has to make it clear that this is more expensive than in Germany and usual financing methods (eg a Nebenjob) are not available.

In addition, many providers of more expensive programs require confirmation of a bank's financial background to ensure that the candidate can also assume the costs. In such cases, a financial plan is indispensable. With such sums, applicants are rarely in a position to return exclusively to their own assets.

Enrollment or application?

While you can easily enroll in some postgraduate studies and then start your studies, you have to go through a complex application procedure for others (usually for all MBA courses). In general, a completed application form or a matriculation application as well as a certified copy of the final certificate belong to it.

If the MBA is studied abroad or within the scope of an international program, a certified translation into the language of the country or the program language is compulsory. As a rule, two or more persons should be indicated as a reference, in which requests for the interested parties are possible. Also important are the opinions of one or several higher education institutions, including, if required, certified translations. If available, work certificates / certificates on professional experience, internships etc. should also be enclosed. Some institutions expect applicants to present written presentations on a particular topic, so-called essays. For foreign and international programs, language learning is also required. Which documents are strictly necessary, should be obtained from the university individually.

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