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Find the right business idea: Thanks to customer feedback for the right positioning

How do I find the perfect one Business idea? The best way to do this is to position it correctly in a niche. This is where that helps most Feedback of customers. Some success stories.

Column-world ideas-with-opportunities

Positioning for entrepreneurs and employees

The topic of positioning does not only concern self-employed people in the long term, but also employees in Company and of course their bosses. The following questions are explained:

  1. How do I manage to isolate myself from the competition on the labor market?
  2. How do I create a unique seling position?
  3. What makes it unique and distinctive to colleagues and competitors?
  4. And how do I find the correct positioning at all?

How to develop the right business model?

Because while in the past, for example, goods were produced in large quantities at reasonable prices and brought to the public, this is not working so well today. In the age of digitization, customers will eventually have more choice and move faster to the competition - of which there is more today.

If you want to stand out from the competition with your business idea, you have to focus on individual customer requirements, which increases production costs. Helpful is the customer and employee feedback. It shows what is required on the market and in which direction it is worth investing more time and money. We show four business models that have directly integrated the wishes of their customers into their business strategy.

Trend Mass Customization

For example, there is the so-called Mass Customization, with which companies conquer market niches. Although products are customized according to individual customer wishes, they are manufactured at the same time as the low cost of mass production. The Munich fashion label RoQua shows how that looks like:

Customers can put together their own personal business wardrobe from a carefully coordinated range. You can choose from numerous colors, patterns and materials. Individual size information is also being considered for the future. For RoQua founder Myriam Chebance, the key to the success of her concept is direct contact: "It is important to receive direct feedback from customers and to understand their needs."

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Individual services for groups

Individual, customized services for a larger group of customers - a Concept ABC School Joke Oudthat also works perfectly offline: In Saint Raphaël in the south of France, Romain Lépine and Géraud Le Roux broker yachts for group and team building activities for companies. Among other things, they organize company regattas, sailing trips lasting several days or events on ships.

For that takes effect Team Yachting on a Network of 40 skippers who can be deployed in different locations. “We see ourselves as the interface between the skippers and the company”, explains the commercial director Romain Lépine and clarifies: “We therefore make sure that the companies get the right skipper and that everything works smoothly on board.”

Customer wishes in the development process

Ute Kranz from the travel blog went a step further: she designed flexibly adjustable backpacks and allowed her production to be funded entirely by the potential customers.

Your current crowdfunding action with kickstarter reached the required target sum in only half a day. This shows how successful it is for a company to integrate customer wishes into the development process of a product.

Individual mass production for special customer requests

Nevertheless, much more is to be expected here. Even small businesses such as the goldsmiths Lee Harding and Seamus O Donaghue in Dublin are already using the possibilities of 3-D printing for a more cost-effective production - a concept that offers even more possibilities for individualizing customer requirements.

Responding individually to customer requests - that was also Martin Klug's when he said his gave up a well-paid consultant job in order to found a company in an unknown industry and deliberately avoided recipes for success that were common in the market.

Blue-eyed with business plan

At first glance, his unusual idea for a travel company in Australia and New Zealand may seem rather crazy, but Martin tells very frankly how he founded blue eyes on the one hand, but how the idea nonetheless with a structured business plan and do-it -Yourself market research has been a success.

In Germany, where founders like to be laughed at, it sounds daring. But Martin Klug wanted to do something useful instead of just working on projects. While studying for an MBA, he met New Zealander Andrew Morten in the pub - TravelEssence was born.

Investors said: Good luck, guys

The Objective: To market small, personal accommodations in Down Under, which are not worthwhile for large tour operators, but consciously forego motorhome trips, even though customers expected exactly that. A risk that investors only waved off with “good luck, guys”. So the two scaled down their claims to the bare minimum and started with 15.000 euros from the savings stocking.

Even if the customers were slow to convince, the two only wanted to sellWhat they were also convinced of: "Of course we also believed a little naively in the quick success," Martin said to me with a grin. At the same time, however, he learns that as a founder you don't have to put too many obstacles in your way: “You can only influence a lot, such as financing, to a limited extent. So instead of getting angry about the banks, we concentrated on the business idea and its implementation. "

Success depends on ingenuity and perseverance

This shows that the success of a company depends above all on the ingenuity and perseverance of its founders - and on the courage to try something new. But a healthy sense of reality is also important. The two originally wanted to write a booking software for the systematic recording of small hotels.

But when they researched their business plan, they found: "They already exist" - and they quickly became tour operators! They also took their market research into their own hands by asking visitors at tourism trade fairs about their wishes. "The results have confirmed us," Martin told me. Such a healthy self-confidence is crucial for success: founders should structure their ideas in writing and always seek feedback.

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