Corporate Training, Digitization & Employer Branding: 5 Steps to the perfect employee

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The change on the labor market is in full swing. New trades are emerging on a daily basis, and employers are constantly demanding new skills from their employees. An international study was recently presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Corporate Continuing Education, Digitalization & Employer Branding: 5 steps to the perfect employee

Here writes for you: Stephan Rathgeber is Director Marketing, Communications and Digital at ManpowerGroup Germany.

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Study shows that lifelong learning is needed

Employees must therefore adapt themselves to dealing with continuous change and new learning, in order to keep pace with change. New jobs are created and existing workflows are partly automated. It is expected that 65 percent of the jobs that will be born by 1995 and 2010 born generation Z will not exist today.

This is the result of a new study by the ManpowerGroup, recently presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, which sends positive signals for the labor market of the future: More respondents worldwide expect job growth due to the digital revolution to be a decline (19 percent to 12 percent ).

The study "Resource Education - The Skills Revolution" is based on an online survey among 18.000 employers in 43 countries. It was carried out on behalf of ManpowerGroup Inc. by the market research institute InfoCorp. The international study results (English) are available at:

Which qualifications are fit for the future?

It is not yet clear how these activities will look. However, the employers already have an idea of ​​which qualifications, departments and professional sectors will be more in demand in the future.

26 percent assume a strong rise in IT jobs, 20 percent believe in the increasing importance of the HR department, and 15 percent jobs with customer contact in the digital age are of high relevance. This means fewer activities in administration and accounting, but rather tasks that require emotional intelligence, creativity and flexible thinking.

5 steps to perfectly trained employees

  1. Company realize that they themselves are responsible for their employees being trained for activities in the digital future. Only two percent of German companies want to remain inactive here.
  2. The idea of ​​perfectly trained employees is, however, a utopia. The willingness and ability to lifelong learning is what makes employees good. Changes should address companies and employees with flexibility and active action.
  3. Instead of new courses and trainings, employers in Germany are focusing on the topic of continuing education. 87 percent of the respondents surveyed want to prepare their employees with internal training on the jobs of the future (internationally, they are 79 percent). Similarly, in the case of external trainings, the figure is 85 percent (internationally only 70 percent).
  4. However, the employees who are already working in the company are to be replaced by better qualified new workers, only plan 31 percent. Experts are also to be set up more frequently (47 percent).
  5. This is a good sign that provides stability and sends the right signals to employees.

Digitization replaces activities, not jobs!

Anxiety around the workplace, which is repeatedly fueled by reporting on digitization, is thus unnecessary panic. According to our current study, digitization will not alter the situation in Germany. According to the employers, as many new jobs are created as dismantled.

Decision-makers in companies do not believe that automation can completely replace existing sites. Almost half of respondents expect computers and robots to be able to replace certain activities within a workplace, but do not make people dispensable.

So I am convinced that anyone who is open to change, new technologies and work processes, and who is not resting on the learned knowledge, will be needed more in the 4.0 industry than he would have to worry about his workplace.

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