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Corporate leadership in the digital age: Management by Internet {Review}

Entrepreneurial decisions that are simply made “from above” have never been particularly well received by employees. The digital age promises a paradigm shift here. Willms Buhse shows what it can look like.

Digital paradigm shift

Who on Facebook, Twitter etc. is on the move and experiences and appreciates values ​​such as transparency, openness and traceability, no longer wants to be faced with a fait accompli at work.

Corporate leaders are faced with the challenge of integrating exactly these values ​​into their corporate culture - a kind of management by Internet, in other words.

How to lead your company successfully into the digital age

Not every company sees its growth opportunities on the Internet itself. But every company can learn from the digital and innovative success models that spill to Germany in the course of the Internet boom.

This even applies to companies that neither have a Facebook-Fanpage maintain an e-shop. Dr. In his book “Management by Internet” Willms Buhse shows how to “build bridges between classic leadership thinking and the organizational mechanisms of the Internet”.

The values ​​of future-oriented enterprises

“Networking, openness, participation and agility” are, according to Buhse, the structural cornerstones of future-oriented companies. On the one hand, they use the rapidly growing virtual networks to expand the customer base.

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At the same time “democratize” and simplify the internal communication channels. Existing hierarchical hurdles are also simply skipped, if it is Sense power.

From the BarCamp to the standby meeting

Buhse carries out numerous examples and case studies, which can be used to replace, improve or at least accelerate classic meetings or decision-making processes in the company:

OpenSpaces, BarCamps and FedExDays are not nerd events but contemporary ideas forums: productive and unbureaucratic. Standby meetings are also included.

First of all, start the journey, then the goal

Buhse wants to encourage entrepreneurs and managers with his book to be inspired by the unconventional ideas of the one-time start-ups and today's business leaders in Silicon Valley.

You can not copy their paths of success, but you can take over the toolset and craft the right mix of traditional and innovative corporate organization.

Ideas for medium-sized companies

Above all, just “start - at some clever place.” Those who take the first step are a little closer to their goal.

Conclusion: “Management by Internet” offers medium-sized companies a wealth of good ideas for very easily renewing encrusted structures and inefficient processes - while using the “swarm intelligence” of all employees.

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