Corporate Health in the Emser Therme: Stress reduction through thermal bathing {Review}

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Spas are otherwise known only as a pastime on cold winter days, but in the Emser Therme worth a visit in the summer: It offers a comprehensive health program for working people and in this context for employers (keyword employer branding) interesting.

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Corporate Health in the Emser Therme

Corporate health is simply not going to end as a trend: More and more employers recognize the importance of corporate health management for employer branding. One possibility: thermal baths with extensive health and sauna offer and fitness studio.

Thermal baths offer many advantages: According to a study by the Medical University of Graz and the St. Pölten State Hospital, a thermal bath for 25 minutes already leads to a significant reduction in the cortisol content in saliva, which is considered a stress indicator. In addition, volunteers indicated that they felt much more relaxed bathing in well-tempered pools than those practicing other relaxation techniques. In addition, her pain on joints and spine decreased noticeably.

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The benefits of thermal bathing

Optimal are about 35 ° C, which are perceived as thermally particularly pleasant, because the body without movement neither cools nor overheated. From a medical point of view, staying in water also promotes well-being for other reasons: The hydrostatic pressure promotes tissue perfusion and blood return to the heart, which stimulates the circulation.

The buoyancy and the associated decrease in weight, with the head above the surface only ten percent of it on land, relieves the entire musculoskeletal system, which can thus recover and relax; Brine even makes for a limbo.

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The healing effect of the water

Moreover, water resistance enhances the training effect because movements are more strenuous and muscles are more demanding - a concomitant factor that plays an important role in improving physical performance in prevention and rehabilitation.

If the water also contains salubrious minerals, which can affect the body even better through the heat, they will nourish the skin. Moreover, during an osmotic process they penetrate through the pores into the body and provide a deep effect on joints, metabolism or organs as well as on the cardiovascular system.

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Facilities of the spa

On 6500 square meters with the same 5 thermal pools and a great sauna area, the Emser Therme offers comprehensive possibilities to actively do something for your own health:

In the outdoor area, for example, the thermal outdoor pool (34 degrees) with a flow channel and numerous massage jets and the sports pool for swimmers with 28 degree: Here you can train at any time of year and then relax, including the large lawn with direct views of the Lahn invites. I regretted that it was too cold during my visit for a longer stay.

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Optimum health promotion

Inside, the thermal indoor pool with 33 degree and the hot spring pool with 36 degree also attract with various alternately operated bubble nozzles. In the 32 degree warm exercise pool is regularly offered water aerobics and you can swim here.

A great way to promote health are the two opposite hot and cold pools: Ideally, you switch back and forth three times between 38 and 18 degrees. In addition, there is also a herbal steam bath, infrared seats and a salt inhalation room with Emser salt in the spa area, which I can highly recommend for a cold.

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Wellness and cuisine with good value for money

Highly recommended are the numerous treatments in the spa area, under which I was allowed to enjoy a very relaxing full body massage. The spa has a wide range of treatments such as massages, beauty treatments or body wraps.

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A highlight of the pricing for me is that the great sauna area only costs a few euros extra - so the pricing diverges considerably from all providers. The excellent culinary offer should not go unmentioned: French fries and bratwurst are not to be found here in the Halberts restaurant, but there is a large selection of health-oriented dishes.

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Sauna and fitness area

There are several indoor and outdoor saunas, including a salt sauna, a sound sauna, and a panoramic sauna, housed in a floating house in the River Lahn, which also moves when the water level is high, providing a very special sauna experience. With a 24 grade fresh exercise pool you can swim in the sauna area textile-free, then invite the lawn directly on the Lahn and rest rooms in the interior for a rest.

But what would corporate health be without a gym? This is also ensured, there is a large panorama fitness and training area. Under professional guidance, you can either get your body into shape on your own or takeCourses from healthy back to Zumba. This enables professionals in particular to effectively strengthen and tighten the whole body in a short time.

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You can get offers for Company

The Emser Therme offers companies, for example, large customer discounts for admission to the thermal baths or special promotions such as the Fit & Active day in the thermal bath, which includes a seminar, a fitness and relaxation course, water aerobics and 3 hours of free entry to the thermal baths at a reduced price includes.

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The history of the Kannewischer-Collection

The Emser Theme belongs to the Kannewischer Collection, which are six thermal baths at five locations throughout Germany. However, the origins lie in Baden-Baden, where the company 1994 with the Caracalla-Therme and the Friedrichsbad took over the first own baths.

At the same time, company founder Bernd Kannewischer actually became a baden specialist by chance. He founded 1972 in Zug, Switzerland, as an engineering company and planned 44 public indoor, outdoor, spa and thermal baths as well as hotel wellness and fitness facilities in Germany, the 250 Switzerland, France and Italy the technology.

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Corporate Health: How employees get fit for the job

He was also instrumental in the design of the Caracalla thermal bath in Baden Baden, opened in 1985, and took it on in 1993 as a tenant. The thermal bath built in a joint venture between city and country is considered a pioneer of modern wellness culture. Previously, thermal baths were strongly oriented towards rehabilitation and mostly had square pools. In Baden-Baden more healthy people should be addressed for the first time and the idea of ​​prevention should be pursued. The slogan was "healthy bathing that is fun".

The company is pursuing exactly this idea in its offers for employers, where the topic of corporate health is increasingly becoming the focus. Prevention and stress reduction to keep employees as fit as possible in all workloads. With such offers, employers ultimately also show that they actively seek their employees through such offers in the course of employer branding.

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