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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Katharina Daniels worked as a journalist and PR consultant for, among others, Focus, manager magazin, ADAC and the German statutory accident insurance. The law graduate was a daily newspaper editor in print and online for 14 years. As a specialist journalist and PR consultant with a focus on corporate communication, she worked for Focus, manager magazin, ADAC and the German statutory accident insurance company, among others. She conceptualized congresses for the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the German Society for Personnel Management and has published numerous books. Her work focuses on health management, medical and clinical communication, as well as personnel development, organizational and work psychology and in the field of reintegration and rehabilitation strategies for employee loyalty. She also looks after and designs websites and company blogs such as leadership-in-change.de.

Corporate blogging as a marketing tool: 3 cardinal error in business

When it comes to corporate blogging, you can do a lot wrong. Because how does a blog reach its readers, which one does it wish for? What kind of attention does the blog want to generate? Here is the first look at the operator of the blog. And that's where the sticking point of a corporate blog is.

corporate blog01

Just a private diary?

Originally, blogs were mainly operated by private individuals. Many of them are looking for attention and opinion in the big virtual world of their own life feeling and style.

Not a few of them are on the net, they run their blog like a big public diary. Not so long ago I discovered in a blog of a young, self-proclaimed lesbian and apparently very unconventional woman in the midst of her everyday experiences the longing cry “Hello, is someone reading and reading me here ?!”

Themesblog and Acquiseinstrument

Is it a themblog like Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®on which this post appears? In the foreground tendencies and developments of our professional environment stand, at the same time however also a kind of the elegant acquisition over the contents form - as Simone Janson itself quite bluntly says.

Through none of her 20 books and other publications, she has garnered so much attention as a writer, consultant and lecturer. In the medium to long term, a variant of the theme blog can also lead to a separate business area: the visitor frequency attracts advertisers.

The 3 cardinal errors of corporate blogging

Or is it one? Company who wants to communicate his messages in this form of the world? Look, that's our product, that's our service. The so-called corporate blog has so far mainly been at the group level. As a rule, the corporation multiplies its message through its employees.

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And here are threatening three big pitfalls, if the blog operator magnanimously overlooked them:

  1. The employees are degraded to the jubilation group, which reads already after one or two posts verflixt unauthentic and unbelievable;
  2. The company plays Heile Welt, everything from its business area runs excellently and is unassailable,
  3. As a direct result of the first two cardinal mistakes, the company “prostitutes” its blog into a pure advertising tool.

Corporate Blogs with themed topics

Or is it the special form of a corporate blog, which, so to speak, integrally conveys its identity via the themed rail, its interpretation of the environment in which the operator moves professionally. With the focus on the interpretation of events - free for discussion.

Such blogs are still very hesitant to be found in the business consultants and coaches, including journalists and book authors. In analogy to the group blogs, the trap of (own) advertising lurks here too. Move the selfspiegelUnbrandedly in the foreground - we can do this, we were praised there - this quickly leads to anger among the visitors of the blog.

It is not the ego that is supposed to carry the message, but the message the ego

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group of companies, deals very cleverly with the insight “Not the I should convey the message, but the message the I” in his “leased” blog at LinkedIn: He regularly posts wisdom there and positions himself on events in Economy and society. With an extremely positive response, which I would like to reproduce here in full:
“You arguably have one of the best social media feeds on the web, and the fact that the majority of your posts focus on social entrepreneurship, environmental conservation, ending the war on drugs, and encouraging a beautiful version of socially responsible and sustainable capitalism… it hasn't gone unnoticed. Rarely have I seen you use your feeds to directly promote your own businesses, apart from the occasional kudos or highlight of something really cool. Not only this admirable, but it's brilliant executive leadership and has really enabled you to refined the “idea” of what the Virgin brand overall represents into something beautiful, positive and world-changing, making it more than just another brand. Anyhow, just wanted to deliver a little kudos where it's earned. Keep it up! ”

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    Sense and purpose of corporate blogging - Part 3: The 3 cardinal mistakes of corporate blogging

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