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Ulrike Stahl_Portrait quer_prufebilderUlrike Stahl is a business coach, trainer and speaker on the subject of cooperation as a success factor. She holds a degree in administration and provides evidence that structure and inspiration are successful partners when it comes to working together successfully. Ulrike Stahl (Professional Speaker GSA, member of the GSF Global Speaker Federation) has already supported over 2000 entrepreneurs with networking and business development. The Swiss-by-choice has been training and coaching teams and executives from DAX companies and medium-sized companies as well as self-employed worldwide for 12 years.

Team cooperation instead of competition: sharing and gaining trust

"Faster Higher Further!" "Survival of the fittest!" "Competition stimulates business!" Wisdom that is well known. And outdated. If you don't want to be left behind in the future, you have to rethink: Cooperation is the new way to success.

Cooperation_the future belongs to us

Cooperation is more creative

From a small point of view, we are assured that it is the competition that makes us successful. Whoever is better, stronger, faster, wins. Whether in private, professional or commercial competition. Ultimately, however, competition is nothing more than a zero-sum game.

Where there are winners, there are also losers. Cooperation today replaces “faster, higher further”. Because it changes the perspective and makes you more creative. It inspires us to bake the “success” cake to be distributed so that everyone involved wins. Incidentally, cooperative action promotes well-being and ensures a better working atmosphere. In short: cooperation makes individuals and Company successful.

Is cooperation unnatural?

Cooperation - everyone pulls together. Too good to be true ... Chants like: “Wait a minute, we're not here in kindergarten, but in the company. And companies have to fight to avoid being lost in the competition. ” Admittedly, cooperating sometimes has an unnatural effect on us. Why? Because we are conditioned differently.

Stubborn on performance

Our standard mental program is “competition and competition”. We have been influenced by it since childhood: the fastest runner gets the medal. At school, the teacher who picks up the fastest gets attention. And only with the best grades do we get the study place of choice and our dream job. Success even gives us the right to continue to follow our well-known pattern. But will what brought us this far make us successful in the future?

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Heart over head

Our head says that competition and winning are promising. Cooperating and sharing have no place in this thinking. However, our heart remembers that we are also deeply social beings.

More recently, 2000 has interviewed professionals from various sectors, whether and to what extent they are satisfied with their working life. 80% of the interviewees were dissatisfied: too much individual responsibility, performance pressure and increasing egoism feed on the basic festivals of our soul.

The WE wins

It would be wrong to stamp co-operation just as Nice-to-have, as a nice Soft Skill. It is the professional survival craft of the future. The basic prerequisite for cooperative action is an equally cooperative attitude. Only those who live and feel co-operation can also be successful through them.

Our current mental program is likely to bring our current cooperative thinking framework to a halt when we are under stress. To make our co-operative thinking and acting stressresilient, a few updates may be necessary. Only those who change their mindset can be cooperatively successful - now and in the future.

The curse of prosperity?

Perhaps it is a "curse" of our affluent society: we often talk about what separates us. Regardless of whether the area of ​​responsibility, the department, goals, budget, income, language or work style - we use all of this and much more to differentiate ourselves and assert ourselves.

But that's not all: our concentrated (tunnel) view, which occurs at the latest when we are under stress. And this is regularly the case with 2/3 of people in professional life today. We then only concentrate on our “survival”. "Survive" by asserting ourselves and putting the interests of others behind. Or “survival” by submitting and at the same time putting our own interests behind.

Success from cooperation does not work with old, crusted patterns and structures. Mental updates make us fit, cooperative action consistently and successfully. Connectivity and co-centering form the basis.

Update 1: Connectedness

In order to use our ability to cooperate, we can and must ask completely different questions: about the feeling of solidarity in working life, about common goals. It often works quite well for colleagues, employees or even superiors.

Competition or team?

But what about colleagues from another department, another location, country or even the competitors?

For the mental update “connectedness” we are looking for what connects us with others and not for what separates or differentiates us. The finding of the search: ALWAYS there is one thing in common. Because ultimately we are all in the same boat.

Common ground

The search for similarities makes successive negotiations cooperatively more successful. This finding is also confirmed by a study among MBA students. Some groups were asked to go to medias res without delay and to enter directly into the negotiations.

Only round 55% came to an agreement. Other groups were initially asked to exchange personal information. The search for similarities before the start of negotiation led to a consensus rate of about 90%.

Update 2: Co-concentration

Concentrated acting and thinking spiegelt is reflected in EITHER OR. Win OR Lose. Even a compromise falls into this category. Because everyone wins a little and everyone loses a little. The co-centered attitude lives from BOTH BOTH. Achieve goals together.

Keep an eye on yourself and the group

Keeping an eye on yourself and the group at the same time: this is a co-centered view. In order for both us and our new coexistence to win, we have to deal with the other person as well as with ourselves.

It is important to recognize our own motives and those of the other. Co-centered thinking is the basis of the WIN-WIN strategy. It helps to resolve conflicts successfully and permanently.

How do concentration go?

The mental update “Concentration” expires when we stop fighting or submit. By asking ourselves "What do I want?" and "What does the other want?", to then look for a solution that makes both possible.

With solidarity and concentration, we prepare the way for cooperative action. The two updates “Share” and “Trust” use this basis of cooperation and let it take concrete, growing forms.

Update 3: Share

Information is the most important work item today. So the central question is: how ready are we to share our knowledge? And do we consider this more as a collect or bring debt?

Debt or debt?

Everyone has probably used the following sentences or heard: “Nobody asks me” or “You should only have asked me”. The exchange of information is seen by most as a debt rather than a debt. Knowledge is hoarded as if it disappears when shared. But: sharing is the only way to increase it.

We activate the “Share” update by simply starting with it - starting to share our knowledge. We ask ourselves who our information could still be useful for and actively share it. This is where knowledge forums live - and cooperation.

Sharing is advancing

We often think we all know the truth. All the more we are surprised, if afterwards still further information emerge, of which we did not know at all. In doing so, the complexity and bandwidth of many topics almost automatically. Even for experts is much too complex.

Therefore, the sooner we share our information and give it away, the more we get more knowledge input. Do not forget: one hand washes the other. As soon as we do others a favor, the probability grows that they do us a favor. Caution: No obligations and dependencies can be derived from the principle of reciprocity.

Update 4: Trust

Certainly, we do not behave cooperatively because we think that our counterpart does not cooperate to the same extent as we would. This is all the more true if it is not a one-time, but a repetitive situation. Each time we let ourselves be guided by our bad experiences and fears. Numerous researchers in the game theory confirm that the best strategy for the benefit of all stakeholders is to trust. That is, acting as if one knew that the other party was cooperative.

Trust is not a victim strategy

In order to use the "trust" update, we initially assume the best possible behavior of our counterpart. And let us reinforce the awareness that we can lose more in the long run through struggle than through cooperation.

Trust is not a victim strategy. If our trust is misused, this must be punished. Afterwards: Immediately back to the beginning and trust. It is sometimes difficult for us to do this because we are emotional beings. However, a simple conversation can often resolve misunderstandings and remedy the situation.

Cooperation - a formula for success with exemplary character

Everything sounds fine and good, BUT “In my position that is not possible.” Really? We don't always have to be cooperative, we have to make a conscious choice.

By deliberately activating the updates of connectedness, concentration, sharing and trust, we will often choose the path of cooperation, achieve better results and perhaps become role models that our working world and society so desperately need.

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