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Continuing training - 10 / 13: How to convince the work consultant

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You do not have any legal right to a grant. Whether or not you receive a grant is at the discretion of the employment consultant. Around any further education So you need to convince your employment consultant first to get training or training. How do you do this?

Finance further education - 10 / 13: How to convince the employment consultant

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Important NOTE

This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

Getting Started

The first step in convincing the employment consultant of the need for support is to empathize with his situation and make his point of view clear: for, unlike many people, the employment agency does not see itself as a social institution, but rather as insurance Unemployment, which "lives" on the contributions of its members and pays unemployment benefits in the event of "loss".

For that reason, the Employment Agency is hardly interested in supporting people who are not unemployed and who are not directly threatened with it (because in this case one is not a "case of damage").

End unemployment

Rather, continuing education must help to quit unemployment or prevent one from becoming unemployed. The goal of further training is always to be the fastest possible and most economically advantageous measure of occupational integration. As a rule, the employment agency encourages you when your unemployment can be averted or you have no other way of finding a job than to develop.

Tip: Prove your efforts You should prove that you have tried hard to find a new job without further training. To prove this, you can, for example, For example, create a kind of diary in which you can record your activities exactly, collect receipts and the correspondence in a folder, etc.

Preparation is everything!

In addition, you should prepare yourself for the interview with the employment consultant. Investigate from home already, which further education for you in question and what you cost. Also find out if there are cheaper alternatives - eg. B. simple training or individual training modules.

The work consultant then sees that you have been thinking and informed that you support him in his work and are willing to actively improve your situation. He will support you the sooner the effort he has with your case. So, the more prepared you go to the work consultant and the sooner you know what you want, the better your chances of a promotion.

Know what you want!

Even more convincing are you, if you not only know exactly which training you would like to do, but also know some details: Find out before the interview, which options you have, what it costs, how long it takes, why this measure is suitable for you - and very important: what it brings you in the job search, or Joberhaltung!

It makes sense to choose a location in the vicinity - because with promotion you are paid for travel and stay - the lower the cost for the employment agency, the more likely the promotion. Of course, this requires a considerable amount of initiative.

Good arguments are important!

It is particularly important that you argue well in the discussion, because it is not easy to receive a grant. But with good arguments, you may be able to convince the consultant.

An example: Do not say: "I do not want to work around anymore", that will not convince a job adviser. Better is, however: "If I continue to work as an unskilled power, I will soon be back on the road". Then you would receive unemployment benefits - and that's what the employment agency wants to avoid. Therefore, one will consider whether it is worthwhile to finance your vocational qualification.

Make list, remain objective!

Make a list of all the arguments - and all the counter-arguments to test how valid your reasoning is. Act tactically as a whole: Provide the employment consultant with really good arguments why you can not do it without further education / training progress.

If it does not work: Do not try to talk hotly on the consultant, but remain calm and factual - that will bring you plus points, also with a view to later consultations. Maybe this is not the last time you have to drop by your employment consultant and even if he does not now give you further education / training - maybe later?

Tip: Change of adviser

Sometimes the chemistry between you and the work consultant is not right. Then you can go to the direct supervisor of your consultant, whom this should call you upon request and kindly ask for the possibility to go to another consultant.

You should not ask for it; actually a change is not provided, but in individual cases one can consider your wish.

By the way:

The employment agency can also help you if you are in a permanent employment relationship and wish to continue your education: the employment agency offers you an additional argument to convince your boss of the need to make a further education:

If the training is carried out during an existing employment relationship, your employer may receive a grant from the Federal Agency for your salary. He / she also receives money if he / she is able to provide you with a professional qualification and / or, as a matter of course, hire an unemployed.

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  1. Due to the sentence: "You have no legal entitlement to a grant." The employment consultants in the Weissenburg in Bavaria remain stubborn and block as in my case to finance the passenger transport license, although I have a confirmation from the employer that he takes me and hires full time. This is contrary to the unemployed reduction counterproductive. Ask for an answer.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello RS, unfortunately we can not afford legal advice. Perhaps other interested parties with similar experiences can help.
      I will pick up on the topic but again journalistic and you recommend contact to Mr. Monday: https://berufebilder.de/gehirnwaesche-arbeitsamt-arbeitsagentur/

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  3. Simone Janson

    Hello Rou,
    thank you for the useful hints. More about the education voucher is also here:

    Incidentally, the contribution here is part of a whole series, which can be found as a complete list to the right of the article.


  4. Hello everyone,

    Of course, there are regulations that require a "redemption" of an education voucher. Such a coupon is firstly not arbitrary and secondly only earmarked redeemable.

    As such, the educational institution must also be recognized by the BA, as is the measure (AZWV).

    The worker who claims that I should be available in such an "educational" measure for the market, has told nonsense !!! or how should it work, if I take part in a eg 12 month measure (full time), that I should still be available ????

    Well, at least the agency has built a very good search engine under its side (http://kursnet-finden.arbeitsagentur.de/kurs/index.jsp) there are written courses, which can be occupied with educational vouchers.

    greets rou

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