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anne m schueller_portrait-hat with-Anne M. Schüller is a management thinker, keynote speaker, business coach and multi-award-winning bestselling author. She has been repeatedly named Top Voice by the business network LinkedIn. The business administration graduate is considered a leading expert in touchpoint management and customer-focused corporate management. She is one of the most sought-after speakers in German-speaking countries. For more than 20 years she held management positions in sales and marketing at various international service companies and received several awards. In 2015 she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the German Speakers Association (GSA) for her life's work. Touchpoint management, customer loyalty and referral marketing. She also conducts power workshops on these topics. Your Touchpoint Institute trains certified Touchpoint Managers. Her clientele includes the elite of the German, Austrian and Swiss economy and Managementbuch.de is one of the most important management thinkers. Her bestseller “Touch.Point.Victory.” is Trainer Book of the Year 2016. Her bestseller “The Touchpoint Company” was named Management Book of the Year 2014. Her bestseller “Touchpoints” is SME Book of the Year 2012. When it comes to the subject of customers, she is one of the most cited experts. More information at www.anneschueller.de and www.touchpoint-management.de

What is content marketing? 8 Top Responses to Viral Communication

Content marketing is reader-oriented, content-rich user-value communication in the form of good content. She is in a digitalized and at the same time advertising-tired world the big hit. The only question is how to do it properly.

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1. What are the most important goals in content marketing?

The company is present in content marketing, but is only a subtle creator. The aim is rather to arouse interest through high-quality knowledge and appropriate know-how, to impart expertise, to build trust and to introduce the targeted people to the provider and his products.

In addition, content marketing aims to be loyal to existing customers, to occupy a theme world, to create a conversation, to increase brand appeal and to secure competitive advantages. Thus, content targets both the direct approach of existing and potential customers as well as the general public.

2. Why is the importance of content marketing increasing?

As the number of touchpoints, which are the points of contact between the provider and the market, is constantly growing, customers are becoming more and more spoiled and the methods of lead generation become more and more sophisticated, it is necessary to constantly feed new, fresh content to suit the (potential) clientele.

In addition, consumers are increasingly immune to the usual advertising chatter of providers. After all, due to the increasing number of portals and channels on the Web, more and more unused content will be needed in the future. Class counts, not mass. Better a single really good piece of content than ten miserable ones.

3. Is content marketing expensive?

The answer is yes and no. While you can save a lot of media budget, money that used to flow into classic advertising. However, you need more resources for content production to create and place substantial content. In addition, content is considered to be more legitimate, trustworthy and therefore more engaging than advertising. That pays off.

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For a long time, the buzzword of content shock has been around. Not only is there far too much content material, it is massively useless, inaccessible, annoying. What is useless for a recipient, will land carelessly on the content graveyard. 08 / 15 content goes down mercilessly. Bad content is incredibly expensive.

4. How fast does content marketing work?

Even if your content is really good, it takes patience. Breakthrough results are usually only after months. In practice, a mix of inbound and outbound activities, ie content coupled with traditional advertising measures, makes sense, especially if fast results are required.

Unfortunately, many content companies are still very down-to-earth. About a flyer, which ends up unread in the trash, have watched tens of eyes in a lengthy decision-making process. On the other hand, content that is eternal on the internet should be created huschhusch a helper? In such a case, the content is completely ineffective.

5. Can content score with sustainability?

Content is ahead of sustainability. An ad, if any, viewed on average for a maximum of two seconds, and is then forgotten immediately. A banner is clicked away without looking if you do not have an adblocker anyway. Mailbox advertising ends up in clipboard P, if it's allowed to land in the mailbox at all. And what people do when commercials are on TV is well known.

However, if you place content on your own website and / or on external platforms on the Web, it will do its job permanently. Online content affects 24 hours, 365 days a year. So a prospect finds you even if you are on vacation or have closed the weekend. In any case, young audiences will almost only ever be able to access content digitally. Since this is mainly controlled via smartphone, it must be mobile-optimized and user-friendly.

6. What does content need to make it work?

If content is to work, more is needed than this sober, even technocratic sounding term implies. Miriam Löffler points out in her practice book “Think Content!” points out that the term in English as well as in French, Italian and Spanish means as much as satisfied in the sense of joyful and happy.

This brings us much closer to the subject. Everything that falls into the content category, on the one hand, is about substance, that is, well-founded knowledge that has been prepared with qualitative depth. On the other hand, it is also about emotionalizing elements. Because, ideally, something useful is always entertaining too. Amusing explanatory videos, touching pictures and original infographics are popular examples.

7. Is storytelling helpful in content marketing?

Our brain thinks primarily in pictures and stories. These generate - in contrast to abstract as well as letter and number salad - a higher neural activity and thus also a higher action and decision readiness. For this reason, moving field reports and gripping success stories help providers to attract more interested parties and significantly increase the chances of completion.

In addition, not only company-specific stories are told. The customers and employees produce a lot of content material themselves by reporting on their experiences and experiences, especially on the web. Such User Generated Content (UGC) or Employee Generated Content (EGC) plays an increasingly important role in the market.

8. What role does content play in search engine marketing?

The more complex a company's services are, the more likely content communication is Sense, Digitization and the Internet are pushing the trend towards content immensely. When looking for something specific via the search engine, you want information that will help you to quickly and easily solve any problems.

For example, if you get your first worry lines about a few lost hair, you first want an overview. That's why he googles “Hair loss - what to do?” and not “Alpecin Liquid”. Anyone who has good answers to pressing questions and shows himself to be a friend and helper is at the top of the search engine hits. The content naturally leads to the right offers.

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