Use content communication for messages: 3 tips for a viral marketing strategy

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Der digitale Medienwandel hat die Rahmenbedingungen für die Unternehmenskommunikation komplett verändert. Der Konsument, selbstbewusst, kompromisslos und sovereign, now has the say. He demands interaction, an individual dialogue - and content.

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Anne M. Schüller's Profile anne-m-schueller_portrait-mit-hutAnne M. Schüller is a management thinker, keynote speaker, business coach and multiple award-winning bestselling author. She has repeatedly been named Top Voice by the business network LinkedIn.


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Not advertising chatter but content is needed

Previously, press releases and advertising were the only major communication tools to target a broad public. Advertising is a monologic form of communication. Often they are educated by them, often lied to and often sold for stupid. At least you will be forcibly sounded, whether you want it or not.

As a one-way message, often simple-minded and shrill, it breaks our media consumption. Advertisement is particularly brazen as a pop-up banner on the Web. But what attacks us unasked, lurking and persecuting us, not only loses our trust, but also acceptance. We are immune to many forms of advertising: We do not look anymore, we do not listen anymore, we block them.

Pull instead of push factor

Enlightened consumers know very well themselves how they can provide themselves with the media when they need something. And they are not looking for advertising chatter, but high-quality, rich, useful and ideally entertaining content, so content.

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Content can be fed into the Internet in the most diverse channels, from where the content then more or less virally spread. This self-disclosure on websites, blogs, community platforms, subject, news and news portals, expert networks, social media sites, etc. can not only create but also control increased discoverability.

3 tips for viral content and backlinks

Good content is also shared to alert third parties to interesting offers. It comes to a variety of visual contacts, without having to pay for this additional range. Thus, forwarded content becomes an added value, which can decisively influence purchasing decisions.

Finally, the produced content can be provided with backlinks to your own website, to the company blog, to a landing page or directly to the online shop. This can generate qualified leads, trigger immediate sales, and attract new customers very efficiently.

1. Use value for the readers - no ego content

How to send to old business hours many Company Even today, especially Ego content in the market. This means: one writes, speaks and posts from one's own perspective. Without reference to the recipients, companies in a variety of communication media report self-focused about themselves and their products, benefits, offers. Ego arguments are thrown out into the world and unsorted about everything and everyone.

However, the customer does not want to know everything the company can and can deliver. He is only interested in one thing at the end: the elimination of his acute problem.

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  • The old push or outbound communication is primarily about self-expression and self-praise. The key question is: “What do we want to communicate?”
  • The new pull or inbound communication revolves around helpful information and problem-solving aspects: The key question is: “What do our customers want to know?”

Today's consumers expect a company to have higher goals than market leadership and maximum returns. They increasingly want to know what utility a provider of the world and the people overall offers. This is best communicated through content.

2. Content: From the point of view of the recipient

Of course, pure information about a company and its offers are interesting for the market. However, it is not decisive how great a solution from the supplier's point of view is, but what a potential customer has of it. He is interested in:

  • What can they do for me?
  • How do you make my situation more bearable than before?
  • How do you make things easier and make my everyday life easier?
  • How can they help me live a better life?
  • How can they make me more successful?

Who provides the best answers to such questions - and not who wraps himself in self-loathed phrases - who moves in the favor of the people at the top. And he ends up in the search engines at the top scores.

So do not get annoyed with ego content! Nobody will be deeply grateful if you flood him every few days with information he does not need. And nobody likes those who constantly pat themselves on the back.

3. The Waterhole Strategy: How to Create Attraction

No longer chase the market with advertisements. Better build a content watering hole to be found by potential customers. Such a water hole magically attracts “thirsty” prospects. Instead of cheating, communication measures always have a particularly good effect on the reader if a topic fits him exactly, if it is of high quality and written in an understandable language. Reader-oriented texts like this are in demand:

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  • Practical instructions instead of product features,
  • Case studies instead of references,
  • Problem solving instead of advertising promise,
  • Expert tips instead of self-presentation,
  • exciting interviews instead of personal details,
  • Storytelling instead of fact clash.

Why this is increasingly important, for example, show the following figures from the business customer area:

  • 95% of B2B customers research the Web as they search for business intelligence and business partners.
  • 80% of business customers prefer specialist information in article form instead of advertisements.
  • 65% of B2B customers confirm that corporate content has a significant impact on the buying decision.
  • 57% of the purchasing process has already been completed when the decision makers first contact a sales representative.

Conclusion: Good content is fundamental

A good content strategy plus some search engine optimization (SEO) are therefore fundamental, with the content taking precedence over SEO, so the reader has priority over the search engines. At the same time, Google and Co. prefer high quality content to inferior content (thin content).

Superficial, loveless lyrics, which were just cut down quickly for SEO purposes, have not worked for a long time. Both for substance as well as for search engine friendliness, the search engines thank with leading positions on the hit list.

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