Resolve conflicts thanks to inner attitude: With a positive attitude to success

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What exactly is the inner attitude? It is the sum of your values, beliefs, your knowledge and above all your personality. It's the way you respond to life's challenges. And it is the unique combination of certain properties.

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Ilja Grzeskowitz 104Ilja Grzeskowitz is an author, trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.


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Focus on solutions, not on problems

People with a strong inner attitude focus on solutions, not problems. You take full responsibility for your life and your results at all times. They have a powerful vision and set themselves magnetic goals.

They are decisive and possess a high sense of attention. You are always in a position to control your behavior flexibly and go every task with great passion. Above all, they have humor and do not take themselves quite so seriously.

Checklist: What makes a negative attitude?

As you read these lines, you already have a certain attitude, an attitude that will take you through your life and help you achieve your results. But are you even aware of this inner attitude?

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And what makes the difference between positive and negative attitude? A negative attitude is one with which you will by no means succeed. Let's take a look at the attitude that you will never succeed in:

  • They are of the opinion that they already know everything.
  • They make the external circumstances responsible for your own situation.
  • They look for the blame for their own results in other people.
  • They like to use sentences like “I already know that”, “I know everything” or “That never works”
  • When you see an opportunity, you automatically think: “I can't do it”, “I can't do it” or “Where would we get there”.
  • They are afraid of change.
  • They have the feeling of being trapped in constraints and necessities.
  • They are full and satisfied.
  • You put your focus on finding excuses.
  • They evaluate and judge quickly.
  • They worry a lot and are prone to pondering and doubting.
  • Your great fulfillment is when you can lament with colleagues together.
  • They are opposed to new ideas, concepts and suggestions.
  • They give up quickly if you are faced with difficulties.

Consider conflicts as an opportunity

The above was about negative attitudes that there is no way you will be successful with. And now, in contrast, let's look at the characteristics of a positive attitude. Because with the right attitude you will be successful even in difficult conversations.

The biggest mistake you can make is to do nothing at all and try undertaketo sit out the conflict. Instead, use the following seven tips to turn the fear of difficult situations into the complete opposite.

Checklist: Turn your strengths into weaknesses with the right, positive attitude

Having a positive attitude makes it much easier for you to consider every conflict as an opportunity to get better and come to a common solution. It does not matter if it's a difficult negotiation, an employee appraisal or a customer complaint.

In this way, you can turn your supposed weakness into a strength. And by the way, you will sharpen your profile as a leader, entrepreneur or doer.

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  • They are open to new ideas, concepts and proposals
  • They think positively and firmly believe that there is enough for everyone.
  • They assume the responsibility for their own situation and the results achieved to 101 percent.
  • They are ready to learn and grow for life.
  • They are constantly creating new choices.
  • They embrace change and consider this as a gift of life.
  • Even in difficult situations, you are always looking for solutions.
  • They regularly use the following sentences: "That sounds exciting", "How could I achieve this goal?" and "What can I learn from it?"
  • They believe in themselves and in the fact that they have earned every success in the world.
  • You build your own strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.
  • You see mistakes as an opportunity for personal growth.
  • They are willing to work hard and disciplined.
  • You focus your attention on opportunities and opportunities.
  • They are curious and open ("What would happen if I ...").
  • They are risky and live passionately.
  • You personally feel responsible for your life, your success, your employees and your mission.
  • You are always ready to go the “extra mile” (after all, there is never a traffic jam).
  • You have integrated the seven success keys into your life and understand them as the foundation of your inner attitude.
  • They have no attitude, but they live an attitude and radiate this attitude.

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