{Replica} Conference Public and Democracy: Anne Will Bashing

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The (public and democracy) congress took place in Berlin rather unnoticed by the (internet) public. The low advertising impact also caused correspondingly little crowds. There were some highlights. {Replica} Public and Democracy Conference: Anne Will Bashing Public Democracy

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Altbacken impression, good content

Admittedly, the program, with 130 speakers after all, looked a bit old-fashioned, the website rather spartan and boring - at least in comparison to hip Web 2.0 conferences such as the re: publica.

Also the announcement texts to the well 70 events made little desire for more: ME they were for today's reading habits rather bulky and too cumbersome. But maybe I just did not belong to the target group?

Directly jump to the visitor

Today readers expect that the immediate benefit of the event will jump straight to them - for example: “How do I make money with my blog?”. The clichés serve other conferences with great success, in order to often only reheat familiar things or throw them around with beautiful pictures and pseudo information.

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Obviously, an event that is about media analysis as a society and, ultimately, the formation of public-critical action alliances will not be used by the market-rending methods of commercial sales events.

Why must be uncommonly boring?

Especially since the event is supported by an alliance of the DJV, the Humanist Union, the Hans Böckler Foundation, the Lobby Control, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the idea of ​​a summer Academy of Attac.

It is a pity, however, that one went so far beyond the goal that in the end the majority were the ever-same trade unionists and 68-ers, who are interested in the program itself.

Is the left internet hostile?

Robin Meyer Lucht had previously analyzed on carta, why the left-wing organizers consider the Internet rather with reservations than as an opportunity:

Today, on the other hand, with regard to media developments, the left seems more likely to be between lewdness, Criticism and to remain on the move: As a progressive-thinking person, one could definitely come to the conclusion that partially multitude approaches begin to manifest themselves in the network. But at the same time, the reservations on the left side of the political spectrum are large compared to the bequeathed and commercialized public.

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Miscarriage is not communicative

A further drawback for me was the overall organization. Unfortunately the events took place partly in the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) and partly in the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB), which was about a quarter of an hour walk away. Not far, one should think, but nevertheless too far, in order to slap briefly from one event to another.

And there was also no gathering point because many participants preferred to stay in the WBZ, where a large part of the events took place. The fact that the catering only consisted of biscuits and strange spongy rolls did the rest, so that one or the other, like my colleague Ulrike Langer, preferred to eat elsewhere. The network effect, because of which one usually goes to such events, was therefore largely missing.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Only the variety of programs was a bright spot - but at the same time another problem. Because the three-day convention was divided into a kick-off event on Friday evening, Saturday for analysis and criticism - while on Sunday 13 clock ideas and projects should be worked out. It is possible that this schedule was due to the working people. Nice also the idea to give each day a motto.

The problem, however, was that all of the lectures on Saturday accumulated - in the morning and afternoon hours. Or how Jens Best put it so nicely: "It's so much parallel." And so it happened that I could only attend 130 out of 4 events - too bad, of the remaining 126, a few would have been interesting!

The publisher

In his lecture “Opinion formation processes from the publisher's point of view” Konstantin Neven Dumont, who is responsible for strategy and communication at M. DuMont Schauberg, presented himself as a defender of investigative journalism. His thesis: Not only do you have to investigate the facts investigatively, you also have to disseminate the results.

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To achieve this, media must be networked and interlinked. What sounded like a nice idea is, in reality, for the perfidious defense of the media concentration in the media group M. DuMont Schauberg.

Philosopher or wolf in sheep's clothing?

In addition, Dumont, who was flirtatious to see himself astonishingly rather as a philosopher than as an entrepreneur, was not tired of imposing the right of performance protection as a guarantee of journalistic quality work by publishers. The problem that readers are increasingly migrating from print to online publications, he also did not know a solution, but showed itself as a defender of paid content.

For his lack of entrepreneurial crackdown, for example in the case of technical errors, he was criticized rude for the public, fittingly by a motor vehicle entrepreneur who was not a specialist in the field. Unfortunately, the aspect was not taken up further in the discussion ("Media companies are something different"), although in my opinion it would be quite good to apply real entrepreneurial standards to media companies.

Harr's words for lunch

As for the confirmation, free-lance journalist Tom Schimmeck, always good for harsh words, criticized the alleged special position of media companies at lunch-time: opinion-making has long been a mass business in which public perception is increasingly narrowed down to the perspective of individual pop-producers.

Media diversity has long been a reflection of social reality - every social group has its own special medium, while a large proportion of the media-makers come from the middle class - not least, therefore, such topics as minimum wage would be so difficult in Germany.

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Politics as a soap opera

With the urge for more and more self-staging, politics is becoming more and more a soap opera, a hollow number - and that opens the door to populism. "What have we learned since Hugenberg, who was largely sworn in at Hitler's rise?" Schimeck asked provocatively. Democracy can only function to a certain extent if publishers also have a sense of mission in addition to entrepreneurial expertise.

To do this, however, society would have to make media owners more responsible. In conclusion, Schimeck advocated a new journalistic self-image - "too many aspiring journalists are broken by lifelong internships and the market."

Round trip with traditional media

After the lunch break, the journalist Walter van Rossum talked about conformism as a journalistic Weltanschauung with the example of Tagesschau. What at first began to be gossipy and boring, gradually developed into a round-trip with the traditional media.

Because although van Rossum obviously doesn't have much to do with the social web (at least he didn't tell you about it), his main criticism at the Tagesschau was surprisingly Web 2.0: “As a journalist, you can not only reproduce, but also have to take a stand. The Tagesschau on the other hand has the crazy imagination to be completely objective, because it only reflects the day's events! ”

Imagination of complete objectivity

According to van Rossum's criticism, the Tagesschau would not stand up to the simplest criteria of the journalism school. And it was anything but objective: “The supposed objectivity is only a protective shield so that it does not offer any points of attack. In reality, the daily news is maximally adjusted. ”

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Van Rossum also quickly identified the reasons for the adjustment: the forced rigidity in which the established ARD apparatus is located - and with it its actors: “The Tagesschau gets along with 12 state actors for the whole year, reschedule appointments and report on press conferences instead of just looking at the world ”.

Court actor in forced compulsory

However, the individual actors, with whom Rossum tried to talk about the topic for research according to their own information, were not at all aware of this stiffness: “I don't think I can really speak to Anne wille. Because when you talk to journalists about their work, they tell them things from the textbook and really think they’re doing just that! ”

Von Rossum blamed the structures for this lack of critical ability: “The apartment swallows everything. And once you are part of the media apparatus, it is difficult to criticize. ”

S21 - surprisingly up to date

The really best event of the day was for me a panel discussion about the incidents in Stuttgart (s21). Even if somehow no proper discussion arose, because all panelists agreed, I felt very well informed about the background of the Stuttgart21 discussion.

I also found it to be a good idea that two days before the events had been introduced, the importance of internet communication was emphasized. In terms of content, I would like to encourage everyone to watch the live stream of the event.

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