How to compensate for gaps in the CV: 5 Tips for an application without lies

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One thing is certain: in CVs, Write to and job interviews it is lied that the beams are bending. Recruiters routinely experience more or less successful attempts by applicants to make the professional career more glamorous than it actually has.

Lies in the application process

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Beware of false facts!

The answer to the (rhetorical) title is clearly clear at first glance: No. If you are serious about applying for a high level, you should never fake false facts in your application documents or in your application. Personnel show themselves usually excellently trained and recognize in the process quickly inconsistencies in the presentation of the candidates.

Personnel departments routinely check the most important details of the applicants. In addition to delicate questions in the discussion, For example through the contact of former employers, unannounced language, or through audits by educators to (university) school degrees, etc.

If the fraud occurs later, after the recruitment, the employee is often the immediate termination in the house. In short, do not waste any thoughts on untruths in the application process. Concentrate on questioning: How do I manage to adequately communicate the critical features of my professional career - without lying?

1. Personal Information

Personal aspects, such as, Such as a disability, a private solitude, health problems (if not relevant to the desired position), or simply your age, your family status, or belonging to an ethnic minority. No employer may discriminate against you in the application procedure for these reasons.

However, many of the features appear in the course of the application process anyway and then fall - if previously concealed - rather negative in weight. The open dealing with some topics often turns out to be the right way.

It is important not to put this information too much in the foreground, but not to conceal it in the best possible way: it is in yours Application First of all, your professional skills and abilities. If you report back pain on page 1, a potential employer will certainly be skeptical.

2. Long periods of unemployment

It does not make sense, of course, to fill gaps in the CV with fictitious professional experience. But how did you use the forced labor-free time? Have you worked on yourself (and even through travel) and professional skills? Were you volunteering? Do not talk about unemployment, but make sense of this phase. At best, link them with a quality that could be of interest to the desired employer.

"Packing" or not - HR professionals, of course, recognize with a glance that you were or are unemployed, but differentiate between those candidates who have used this time as best they can and those who have not. Belong to the former group and describe this phase appropriately short and useful.

3. Lack of training

Many candidates supplement their lack of education and qualifications with a hint or simply false information. The exaggerations in the information on the quality of the foreign language skills of the candidates almost apply as a cavalierdelikt.

It is becoming more and more common for entire university degrees or even courses of study including fake testimonials to be invented. For many highly qualified positions, For example in the fields of medicine, law, engineering, is an essential aspect and a "must-have" in the application process. At this point, it would be quite easy to avoid applying for an application if there is no qualification.

4. To compensate for gaps in the CV

However, this is not the case in many professional fields. Missing diplomas can be more than compensated by demonstrable expertise, extensive experience, precise performance and convincing professional development and success. Once again,

Set the professional content that is important for the position and the target company - What exactly did your activities look like? What successes have you achieved? - skilfully in scene. Do not write or talk about dropping out of your studies, but about study topics and topics that you have followed with passion.

5. A question of perspective

Invest time in the cunning design of your application documents and the careful preparation for personal interviews in the application process. Create a perspective for the recruiter that shows what makes you a candidate and differentiates positively from others.

Restrain less valuable aspects into the background, but stand by. Do not waste your time lying in the application process. It will not go well.

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