As companies with customer service instead of mass processing exist: quality before quantity

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In many industries is complained about declining purchasing power or willingness to buy and the stinginess-is-cool and vain mentality. As a result, not a few try CompanyEven more cost-effective to produce and afford a fierce price war, which can win any, because the price spiral continues to screw down.

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Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Everyone knows it, no tuts!

Marketing experts have been advising them for years: Optimal quality and service, for which customers are willing to pay. Alone, it fails with most Company at the implementation. Unless they are forced, just like o2, by public pressure to deliver better service.

It's a shame that it always has to get this far. Because the thing with “better quality, more service equals higher attractiveness, for which the customer is then willing to pay” is somehow like the thing with healthy food: everyone knows that it is theoretically better to do in practice but then none.

“We always did that”

There are many reasons: Firstly, the convenience "we always did it this way, why should we change it now". But also pure fear paired with a lack of foresight: why spend money now that you may not have if the future benefits are somewhere abstract in the future?

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In order to set quality as a company, one needs above all: a strong personality and the courage to push his own wishes against a majority opinion in case of doubt, in order to persuade others later. And, because the success is more long-term, but also much more sustainable, also sufficient endurance.

Health and quality stat fast food

In Canada, I have come across two examples that are extremely successful with this philosophy. People who have successfully positioned themselves against the classic fast food culture.

Because while, for example, the supposedly best fish dishes in North America are at Ozzys, a snack bar with wooden benches on the main road, and emigrant Daniel Schmitz from Koblenz also states: “German food is better than in Canada.” Others believe in health, quality and high quality Level.

Breakfast - but high quality!

Frenchman Cora Mussely Tsouflid from Quebec was forced to leave 1967 by her husband and had to come up with something to make ends meet. And she did what she did best: she cooked and prepared her own breakfast creations that she sold first at home, later she opened her own breakfast restaurant, now she has a chain of eight restaurants across Canada.

It was from the beginning, quite untypical for North America and long before the trend towards a healthy diet convinced that a good breakfast should be of high quality and only from healthy ingredients. And with this conviction, she succeeded in spite of all the unknowns.

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Making yourself as an insider tip

Alexander Haun, with his 2009-based Restaurant Savour, is also very similar to quality. Haun, whose father immigrated to Canada from 30 years ago, has won several cooking awards, including the gold medallion at the Kocholympiade.

Its small restaurant, almost family-like restaurant, is in the region as an insider tip. Because it offers only few places, who wants to eat here must reserve. The size has the advantage that the twenty-five-year-old can complete the kitchen himself, while his wife works in the service. The motto: better fewer guests and really good quality and service instead of mass handling.

How important are quality and enjoyment?

But quality and enjoyment are obviously not important for everyone: The German Nutrition Society (DGE) eV advises professionals to eat a balanced diet and, above all, not to eat on the side. But a recent survey shows that a good third doesn't even take the time to have lunch.

A survey of 3.400 JobScout24 users shows that 33 percent of those surveyed do not take the time for a “real” lunch break, but rather eat a little something at their desk. Another 28 percent go to the canteen to save time and money. Although the time factor seems to be decisive for many professionals when it comes to organizing their lunch break, only 10 percent use the break to do their shopping, for example.

Saving is very popular with a group of around 14 percent of those surveyed: this is where Henkelmann is making a comeback and making its way back into the kitchens of German companies. Because if you bring your own food from home, you not only know what you have, but also save money. Another 16 percent of the survey participants do exactly the opposite and take a little break during their lunch break. You go to one of the surrounding restaurants and also use the food intake to get to know colleagues better.

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