Communication in Job and Career: 7 tips for success through diplomacy

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“You just have to network more!” This tip is heard by many who no longer in their careers progress or stagnate on business. At a time when more and more people are competing for the same thing, targeted relationship management is a crucial factor for success. Networks diplomacy dialog

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Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christian Gerlinde Manz-ChristDr. As a diplomat, Gerlinde Manz-Christ was a government spokesperson for Lichtenstein and advises companies.


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1. You always meet twice in your life

The career of a successful professional takes a long time - in many cases over 40 years. Although future researchers are predicting that there will be far more breaks in professional life in the future, most of the workers and employees are not always the same company, but true to the same industry.

Time enough to meet people from earlier stages and to be confronted with the consequences of their previous behavior. What could be worse than a longed for promotion or important Casting to meet a human resource manager, with whom it was previously frustrated?

2. The communication sins of the past

However, not only in career and advancement questions can communication sins of past days prove to be harmful. Even if we are dependent on cooperation, for example in internal projects with colleagues and employees or externally with other companies, we have to expect to see people who have crossed our path earlier. If at the time we had the wrong tone, the others badly treated or unfairly expelled in a promotion rally, the boomerang may come back painfully to us later.

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Almost as bad as smashed porcelain between people, the modern lack of relationship affects many companies. In crises this can have fatal consequences. Those who do not have a relationship with their employees or colleagues can not count on them in wild times. The fact that someone is at risk or leaning out of the window to help someone else is very unlikely without a healthy relationship.

3. Why the hot mash is just cold coffee

It is now clear at the latest that one can not dispense with a targeted relationship management in career and career - and it is best to start at an early stage. Some buy a guide with many practical tips and maybe even written exercises at the end of each chapter.

But look at the light: Who really fills these dry-float passages? And who learns how to actively approach and value people with them? Probably the least. And indeed, good and fruitful contacts with others are not a question of technology but the attitude and feelings towards other people.

4. The easiest way is to like people

The easiest way to treat people well and to establish healthy relationships with them is to like them and to look behind the scenes of their function. We leave such a basic attitude of benevolence, especially in the profession, where we meet people in the public sphere. It is so easy to regard the official who collects the warning money as an enemy or the competitor for the new position as an adversary, which we must fight out of the field with all fair and unfair means.

The impersonality of functionalism may seem to some to be an advantage - as a reduction of far too complex beings to what is important. In fact, this thinking and feeling only reduces our scruples to bully others, to bully them on the edge of the illegal, or to pull them across the table.

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5. People are more than their function

But isn't it spoken personally in business? You have small talk, for example about sports, travel or cultural events. Some talk about their families and tell about their children. All of this generally makes interpersonal relationships pleasant, but artificially cuts people into two independent halves. You talk openly about positive things that have nothing to do with your professional problem, but at the same time you speak in puzzles and hold back your honest opinion when it comes to the challenge to be overcome. You can also maintain a good relationship with opponents in a matter if you are honest and open with one another.

And this always applies: among colleagues who want to lead a great project or who compete for the Department Headquarters, between employees and executives when it comes to painful cuts or between employer and employee representatives, when a crushing strike comes into the house. In reality, however, one is tactful and does not want to look into the cards. Indeed, one is even deceiving itself and considers this lie to be legitimate, because one is of the opinion that only the function which the other represents. But the other is a man who does not forget and with whom one may have long to deal - if one is not even dependent on him.

6. Tacheles instead of tactics

You cheated on someone to level up? Perhaps, as a works council member, he will later throw clubs between your legs. Did you flowerly announce a change process to your department, but "forgot" to mention the necessary dismissals? No wonder you stand alone when the going gets tough. Your company won through unfair means in a tender, but now needs the loser from that time for a cooperation without which an insanely lucrative order goes down the drain? You can imagine the result.

The solution? Tacheles. Honesty and openness, without giving up natural vital secrets. Clear agreements on what is going on in the competition phase and what is not - at the same time further cooperation in all other things. But also, adulterate unfairness of the other, unpleasant clear and distinct appeal: respectful but elegant, without letting the other face lose.

7. A good example

Professional relationships and economic cooperation are not exclusively a matter of conscious initiation, of imagining and of being imagined. They are also a matter of your behavior that makes you stand out and remember you.

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Gaining friendly networks and people for yourself, to step into every possible pitcher, to "shine" with bad manners and to snub others with verbal misfires - too many do. In today's complex economy and in a society that is equally dependent on fair competition and fruitful cooperation, each of us can be a valuable component with the means of diplomacy.

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