Strong communication with energy behind the words: 30 seconds elevator pitch

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Text comes from: DIE STIMME MACHT‘S: Überzeugend, wirkungsvoll, authentisch sprechen (2014) from Gottfried Hoffmann, published by BusinessVillage Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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"I'm not responsible for this." Do you remember the last time you were terribly upset about this sentence? It is a typical example of weakening communication. Communication that builds fronts and separates people from one another.


Here writes for you:


Gottfried Hoffmann Hoffmann voiceGottfried Hoffmann is a communication and talking expert and teaches at numerous universities.


From the author:




“You can still do that quickly”

Another classic is: "You can do that quickly with!" How do you feel when people talk to you like this? Can sentences like this convey enthusiasm, can you convey a vision in this way? If your goal is to convey your visions and inspire people, then you should choose another form of communication.

Because behind these two examples, the list could be easily expanded, there is a distance to the people, a latent condemnation, the tendency to become uncertain, unfair comparisons are drawn, or the reward / punishment is played on the keyboard. If you want to inspire people, this is the wrong instrument.

The choice of words

You can make a difference by simply choosing your words. Replace “I'm not responsible for that” with, for example, “I think I'm not the right person to answer this question. But let's see how I can help you. ”

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This creates a different atmosphere and you have created a future in communication with this formulation. The second example would be: “I have a lot to do at the moment and I have to deal with the XY project very urgently. Would it be possible for you to jump in and work on this order? That would really help me."

The spirit behind the words

Behind these formulations there is obviously a certain mental attitude. If you change your inner attitude, this will lead to a certain choice of words and to a more open and finer communication.

Compact: The choice of words often happens unconsciously, but decides on the quality of the communication. Therefore, it is important to be very clear about what you want to achieve. For the inner attitude decisively determines the choice of words.

3 Tips for observing

Work on this topic by watching the daily communication around you.

  • What are the formulations?
  • What do you interpret when you hear certain phrases?
  • Is this interpretation really true or do people behave awkwardly?

Refine the communication process

With these questions you will further refine your communication process. And now watch your fellow human beings, smile at the connections that are now becoming apparent to you!

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For example, in this situation: A meets B. The conversation goes like this: "And what are you doing?" - "I, um, I work as um, ..." Yes, and that's it. You couldn't convince this interesting person of your special idea and your good work. Too bad, because with a little preparation you could have shone here.

Elevator pitch: voice training for quick conviction

Because the exercise of the elevator pitch can help. On an elevator ride to the eleventh floor, you inform your counterparty about yourself and your activities and make him curious.

You have probably already arranged for a talk at the Dingdong of the elevator door for today.

The ultimate lift ride

The Elevator Pitch, this compact information in thirty seconds, is all about the essentials. You will not be able to accommodate details here, they are reserved for a later discussion. This is just a matter of attracting interest, creating a good mood and establishing a first contact.

If your counterpart is interested in your subject at all, you can now feel it and then take further steps. It can therefore depend very much on a thirty-second sequence. That is why I would like to work with you to create a short presentation of your person and your goals.

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Answer in writing

  • Who am I?
  • What can I?
  • How do I earn my money?
  • For which company did I work and / or work?
  • What does it stand for?
  • What makes me or my service special?
  • What problems do I solve?

Clear, concise, understandable

Now file your text until every word sits and every superfluous word is eliminated. And this goes like this:

  • They formulate clearly and concisely and, above all, easily understandable.
  • They use as little jargon as possible and no titles.
  • They speak authentic, use images wherever possible, and create emotions for their counterparts.
  • In the end, you offer a benefit to your conversation partner, something that helps him to get better in the future.
  • And you end up with a way to call for action or a question.

Practice creates masters

When you have done that, train your text. Set a timer to thirty seconds and speak your text. Is that still too long? Then cut short. And talk again. Imagine your partner, look at him, look him in the eyes of the important words.

If you have done it several times in the given time, you are also looking for real practice objects such as friends, relatives, acquaintances. Or make a small parlor game at the next party.

Your facts with easy hand

Achieved by being able to deal with all the facts that concern your person as playfully and virtuoso as with the facts of your professional environment or your hobby. So you speak as fluently about yourself as about other topics.

And it will be heard in your voice. The security in the matter, the choice of words, the routine, all these factors ensure that you are confident about yourself and your voice will reflect exactly thisspiegeln. So that you finally - with all modesty - make it clear to your counterpart who you are and what you can do.

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In the Elevator Pitch, you will present yourself, your activity and your ideas in thirty seconds. The facts are possibly linked with emotional and presented in simple language. A benefit should be visible to the call partner.

Decisive are preparation and practice. Because only when you are absolutely sure and can deal with your speech with agility, your voice will sound powerful and sonorous. And only then do you have a chance to win over your counterpart.

And now let's imagine the situation at the beginning of this text: "And what are you doing?" Now you are prepared, ready to go, relaxed and your voice carries what you want to express.

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    "Notice for yourself what?" - How many formulations make up the effect of communication.

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    With the power of the voice to success - 3/4: fine (more) communicate - the energy behind the words ... #profession #education

  4. Competencepartner

    With the power of the voice to success - 3/4: fine (more) communicate - the energy behind the words ... #profession #education

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