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Despite long-term study successful - 2 / 2: "It depends on the experience!"

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A friend had asked me to apply my experiences in the social media area times to the Facebook appearance of a friend. In fact, I was able to motivate myself and wrote some ideas for her. Nothing came for days. I thought the mail had landed in the spam folder.

Despite long-term study successful - 2 / 2: &quot;It depends on the experience!&quot;

Vocational choice after social studies

But when you read these lines, you know that she has still answered and what was her thanks. Once again a proof of what networks are good if you are always ready to give without thinking of your own benefit. Let's see what you can implement from the suggestions.

A small story at the beginning is nice, but actually I wanted to dedicate myself to a career choice after studying social science or even more abstract: experiences. Because according to my perception, that's why a lot is currently happening! In the university it is about writing knowledge experiences or to be able to in the secondary job market therefore the chance to acquire and apply which in the social web in general therefore also like to pass on - otherwise this article would probably never originated.

Who can combine well, has learned that it is not with me directly and the entrance job goes. Or is it? Difficult question. Just a few days ago I took the final exam. According to 16 semesters, the Magister Circle includes interesting but partly ineconomic knowledge about political relations, participation in the political system, risk awareness, further development of the rational choice model and analysis of society through changed working forms and (online-based) networking.

Oh God, a long-term student!

16 semester? Social Sciences? Are you a long-term student? It seems so damn it goes faster than you think! What do you do with your studies? Hoping or entering? Those who hoped were not all lucky. Those who are present, be it party or federation, club or university, have it better but both was nothing for me. Too naive on the one, too fixed, bureaucratic or theorielastig on the other.

Even though the status as a student provided enough security at the beginning, I began to look for part-time jobs after the lengthy basic studies, which at least provided insights into the normal professional world and answered questions about them. Some still believe that you do not become unemployed as an academic.

The note is not the most important

My professor recently commented on my worst oral exam (3,0) with the words: "All in all, you're still in second place. Stay focused. With a satisfactory degree, it will be difficult in the job market. Remember about your thesis. "

A year ago, I probably would have absorbed his words like a sponge and written a great thesis, which satisfies the needs of a scientifically thinking professor or better "good" satisfactory. Meanwhile, the grade is no longer the most important thing for me. I have my experiences. A nice feeling if you have the impression to have a better situation assessment than the professor.

Have fun as a professional goal

The probability of unemployment is less than five percent. One can systematically grasp experiences and quickly get involved in new topics, which seems important. But you also want to do something which is fun, this statistics says nothing. These very essential qualities will become even more important in times of lifelong learning. A necessary tribute in times of a generation (always) -on (line) and innovation cycles, which are faster than the site setup with an 14.400 modem!

Who still knows this, should now smile. Or brooding. Because such times are then actually predestined for a study that this "basics" such as structured thinking, fast training and provides deep insights in the basics area to convey as immediately applicable skills, the latest after three years in the profession again with the first Training are outdated. Generalists to the front! Actually.

Supposedly rapidly deployable workers vs. innovation

Unfortunately, some want Company rather immediately usable workforce that works. The fact that this comes at the expense of process optimization, better adaptability to new processes and innovative power, seems to be economically too little scalable to implement it.

Experiences with software, experience in the operational area or experience in project management are required and increase the job prospects exorbitantly. The only thing that is silly is the fact that the knowledge that is conveyed in the social sciences consists rather of social structures and human behavior rather than English terms which attempt to express supposed market principles or routine procedures for machine constructions.

Classic student jobs at prestigious companies

Therefore, I sniffed for classic semester jobs at Daimler and Behr, a trip to the door in the nightlife and a 400 € office job in a notary for the first time in a freelance placement pure. Small medium-sized enterprise in a former growth market. I was then a junior researcher.

If someone reads this blog via 50: I helped experienced people searchers in the search for good IT specialists for free project sites in companies. I asked CVs, looked for suitable candidates on Xing and Gulp and had the impression for the first time of a side job that gave an insight into a possible career.

Flexible employment on the advance

Flexible employment forms are on the rise. Companies want to keep their workforce more flexible, market-driven behavior, in more volatile markets. The impact on society is ambivalent. But in the case of the mediation of freelancers, some of which are hourly lessons that even university professors can dream of, the risk of self-employment or the constant uncertainty was paid well. A fair deal.

My limit was clear: construction workers for 6,80 € to send the hour to the construction site and to cancel in case of no tomorrow tomorrow, I will never make. Freelancers who can live in princely ways: no problem. Only one can choose the job in personnel management? I always had a look at the student job offers. After a year as a researcher, I discovered a position at a graduate placement in the applicant market.


Something more creative, why not? Although not better paid, I challenged the challenge and I switched. The job was more demanding. The good thing is that you learn a lot and the ego promotes the ego.

Not that I would have had problems with that but an improved basis for discussion against economically-oriented students, since one does what "right" and a growing arrogance over copying "Hiwis" which one could accuse, have never worked properly, resembled partly the hourly wage of less than ten euros aus.Zum part. Because with each monthly statement more, you noticed how cheap you did as a student work. Anyone who has ever seen the additional costs of a normal employee can confirm the difference.

Knackpunkt Dresscode

Obendrein came with the dresscode. No, I have nothing against suits. I do not have to wear one every day to make me feel good but I do not find it generally general. Only with this payment and only rare customer contact every time like a permanent banker rumflaufen, me slowly. Especially since I sometimes had to go to university after working and everyone can imagine the looks when you see a student with cloth pants and shirt. I hated her myself!

But for well-known companies to go to job searches and to develop and implement a social-media concept was interesting. Of course, database maintenance, customer service and administrative activities were part of the work package, but all in all, I made my experiences.

Then came the crisis. The social-media project had just been successfully completed, as the first workers in the probationary period caught up and when the boss gave me reinbat, it was already clear what came: super work but easier to cancel than others. Hands tied. I took it sportily. I was still a student and it was just a side job.

Experience, experience, experience!

Nevertheless, further experience gathered: Marketing is more creative than pure research. The combination was fun! Why not ride two-track? On the one hand, I was looking for personnel in the marketing area. In theory, both studies are based on the following: knowledge about social groups and their laws, structure and identity formation as well as the research on the environment and decision-making models as a further development of the classical cost-benefit model of the economy help enormously in marketing.

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