Coaching as a professional alternative: self-discovery, marketing, and customer acquisition

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In America, it has been the first choice for many years to develop one's own personality: individual one-to-one counseling has a real boom. Coaching is the trend. According to this, training as a coach is a real career alternative in an increasingly unsafe labor market.

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Martin Geiger 62Martin Geiger is a productivity expert, keynote speaker, lecture speaker and coach.


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80% of coaches without significant fees

There are several motivations that apply, in whole or in part, to almost any type or form of coaching existence and are just a few of the arguments that lead many people to decide for a coaching education. But: A coach is only really successful through the right marketing.

When and what makes a coach a good coach? Just by the number of clients with whom he works successfully! In order to reach the top, it is therefore crucial - not just as a coach - to determine how well the individual manages to market himself.

Often, however, this essential prerequisite is missing, which is also not taken into account in almost all training courses: client acquisition. According to studies, around 80% of coaches hardly achieve any noteworthy fee income. Often the technical and methodological qualifications are given such high priority that another existential question remains completely unanswered: How do I win clients?

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How do I win customers?

Often, however, it lacks an essential prerequisite of successful coaches, which is disregarded in almost all training courses: client acquisition. According to studies, about 80% of the coaches receive hardly any significant fee income.

Often the professional and methodical qualification is given such a high status that another, existential question remains completely unanswered: How do I gain clients?

How to recognize a reputable provider?

A reputable provider recognize potential buyers, Eg the following characteristics of a well-founded coaching education:

  • Appropriate client references are available
  • Training costs are well below € 5.000
  • Active support in client acquisition
  • Support also beyond the course
  • Practice experience of the trainer
  • Can also be used in your own workplace or second job
  • Seminar provider comes from Germany

5 Marketing ideas from practice

On the way to a successful coach, some of the following best marketing ideas from the Life Coaching practice help.

  • 1. Create a unique marketing statement: Your unique marketing message should be brief and within 30 seconds. It should tell people what you do and what makes them unique. Your unique marketing message should always offer a benefit.
  • 2. Use your photo ... anywhere: People remember faces, not names. Using your photo on your business card, letterhead and advertising will give you a greater chance of being recognized and people will automatically feel they know you better. Because the names and heads of successful people often appear in public!
  • 3. You write Article: When your work is published in a magazine, newspaper or newsletter, clients connect with it and you get recognition. Always try to post contact information at the bottom of your article. You can send copies of your articles later eMail to send to interested parties.
  • 4. Ask your clients for recommendations: The question “Who do you know who could also benefit from my service?” is a simple but very successful way to win new clients. You've probably heard this before, but do you? Let your clients know that you want to extend your working hours and ask if they know someone to whom you can offer a trial call.
  • 5. Contact former clients: Many coaches forget that former clients could be interested in working again, for example through a change in their lives. In any case, they are an almost inexhaustible source of recommendations. Show your clients that they are important to you and listen to their suggestions. Make it your business to contact your legacy clients every 2 - 3 months - that's efficient customer care.


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Why do you want to be a coach?

At the same time, the number of providers who claim the unprotected occupational title is growing. Under these circumstances it can not always be easy for both future coaches and their clients to assess the quality of the offer.

To determine whether an activity as a coach could be an interesting alternative give the following important criteria for an activity as a coach:

  • Interest in personality development and further education
  • Active listening
  • Need to help others
  • Independent work
  • Enjoy working with other people

How can coaches work more efficiently?

Especially under the aspect of the current economic conditions, the existence as a coach seems more and more to mature into a real alternative. This training is suitable for telephone coach just because of the low investment costs and the second job opportunities.

But even existing coaches and trainers are increasingly thinking about an efficient extension of their range of services in the interests of their clients. Reason enough to address today the reasons that speak from the perspective of the participants for training as a coach.

Why do you really want to become a coach?

From a variety of telephone interviews, the most common answers to the question “Why do you want to become a life coach?”

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  • Be your own boss: I want to be my own boss. That has always been my dream. I will then no longer need to take orders from someone else.
  • No fixed schedule: I want to free myself from the daily routine. Life in the company bores me. I have worked all my life. I have been a good employee. Maybe it's just this midlife story, but I feel financially secure and I want more than just monthly payments. I want something beyond all routine.
  • Do my own “thing”: I have skills that I believe others would pay me for. I'm good at listening, have some life experience, and I'd like to make my own schedule instead of looking for someone else.
  • Working from home: Modern technical advances make it easy to quickly set up a fully functional home office - with no significant cost to an office or practice.
  • Easy entry: I think it's a business where I can get started. I already have a computer and can work from my home office. The relatively inexpensive entry allows me to be self-employed. In most other areas that I've been interested in, you almost always need thousands of dollars to start a business.
  • Freedom: I want to be able to work in pajamas, if I want that. This reason is just as good as any other. It also has prestige today when working from home.
  • Way out of unemployment: I have no choice, my job has been dismantled. Actually, I start to see myself as lucky. I do not think I would have made the change by myself. I think I can make a living just as well, if not better, as a coach.
  • Make a contribution to the common good: I want to change something. I do not even worry that I could not earn the salary I'm getting right now. Something bigger is calling for me. I would like to work with people who want to grow, have a real interest in personal development and appreciate what I can do for them as a professional coach.
  • Safety: The state does not guarantee me anything anymore. I want financial security, and I can not think of a better way to do that than to take matters into my own hands.
  • Personal challenge: I need a real challenge, but it will not come where I am now. There is simply no room for promotions, and it could be that I will always do the same for the next five years and make very little progress both professionally and personally.

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