4 Times 10 Tips for appropriate clothing at work: The first impression decides

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We all know the sentence: For the first impression there is no second chance. In fractions of a second, we are very conscious of the signals that radiate in the subconscious. Particularly important: the clothes.

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Here writes for you:


Susanne Beckmann Susanne Beckmann photoSusanne Beckmann is a trained trainer for style and etiquette.


Stylish exterior is important

Even with the appearance of the counterpart, we perceive everything from the crest to the sole. Does the person have a neat impression? How is she dressed? This has an influence on the further conversation.

While in the past the business dress code was relatively standardized and offered little individual possibilities, today it is true that the clothes vary quite and very strongly according to the industry. Employees in a fashion company dress often more fanciful, funky and extraordinary than the employees in an insurance company or a bank. A teacher can dress differently than a salesperson.

Craft workers usually wear the company's work and / or safety clothing. But one thing is certain: with our clothing style, we either have a serious and competent impact on our environment, or rather casual and individual. Basically, however, the following applies: “Overdressing” does not interfere, but can only make you smile. “Underdressing”, on the other hand, can be an insult.

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Tips and advice for men

Classic business clothes are men's suits with a long-sleeved shirt and tie, leather belts and matching leather shoes. As a matter of principle, business clothes should be neat, comfortable and fashionable to match the occasion and the industry. Make sure that all knobs are on jackets, shirts and coats, and that the hem is tight on the pants and does not come loose.


  • The usual colors in the business life are gray, anthracite, blue, brown and in summer bright natural colors. Black is rather an occasion (wedding, confirmation, events, receptions etc.)
  • The shirt is either uni or has a discreet pattern. Checked shirts look rather casual
  • In the business life only a long-sleeved shirt is stylish. Short-sleeved shirts are now accepted in some companies.
  • The tie is also discreet, matching the shirt, no patterns with pictures or comics
  • A clever and well-groomed lace-up leather shoe, matching the belt and suit
  • A black shoe is an all-rounder, brown shoes are worn today fashionably also to blue suits
  • Always wear a belt in your pants
  • Look for long socks that match the shoe or the pants.
  • Necklaces or bracelets should be worn so that they are not visible. The same goes for piercings and tattoos - unless it is tolerated by your employer or you are working in a tattoo studio.
  • Watch for a non-sporting watch. A wrist watch should fit under the shirt cuff
  • Men wear maximally a wedding ring and a watch as jewelry


  • Short pants and / or sandals
  • Holes, missing buttons or open seams
  • Expired heels on the shoes
  • Cell phone, keys and purse are not included in the bag and not on the belt
  • promotional product

Tips and hints for ladies

Classical business clothing is understood by the lady to be a trouser suit, a costume or a dress of knee length. The colors are for the ladies as in the men blue, gray, anthracite, black, brown and bright colors in summer. The colors are slightly more variable for the ladies. For the blouses or shirts you wear under a blazer or under a thin cardigan, you can certainly bring color into play. Accents also bring colorful shawls or scarves.

Also for the ladies is that not all professions provide business clothes. Look for neat and fitting clothes. Well-dressed long pants, knee-skirts and dresses, blouses, shirts and cardigans as well as blazers are often an adequate outfit.


  • A well-groomed appearance: a decent make-up, a well-groomed hairstyle, subtle scent
  • Nail polish in subtle colors
  • No more than five subtle jewels (The pair of earrings counts as a jewel)
  • Even in summer fine tights
  • Closed pumps, Sling pumps only with well-heeled heels
  • You should refrain from piercings and tattoos or place them so that they are covered with clothing.


  • Low neckline
  • Exciting blouses
  • T-Shirt T-Shirts
  • Belly and / or shoulder-free tops
  • Too short skirts
  • Trousers too tight
  • high heels
  • Too long fingernails
  • Remove shoes under the table

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  1. Kerstin

    I find it very interesting how important clothing can be in making a first impression. It is clear to everyone that a well-groomed appearance can make a lot of statements. Anyway, it's very interesting that the colors in business are not black. Thank you!

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for the hint, we see it similarly!

  2. Lars

    I also think that individual workwear is very important if you want to appear professional. Of course, as a cook or nurse you have to adapt to certain rules. But even if you work in a normal company or in the office, you should pay attention to your work clothes to make a good impression!

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Lars, thanks for your comment, we see it that way!

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    4 times 10 Tips for the appropriate clothing in the profession: The first impression decides from ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended CVLodRiSN9

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