Crash Course Controlling: Key Figures in Digitization {Review}

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Controlling is a very important discipline, especially in digitization. Because: Especially through the global network, the competition is growing and who wants to keep up in the price war, must know how far he can go. This is exactly where key figures and controlling help.

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Controlling in the Digital Transformation


For specialists and executives, the requirements for reporting, planning and controlling are constantly increasing, especially in the digital age. Their operational experience and perspectives meet the systematic and numerical focus of controlling.

Reinhard Bleiber holds a degree in business administration and is the chief financial officer of an internationally operating production company. With his book, he provides a quick overview of the most important methods in controlling, as it were a crash course.

Understanding of one's own Company


It shows you how to capture the required information from your workspace, optimally process it and evaluate it correctly.

A feat that places emphasis on Bleibers work in accounting and information processing, he also works as a consultant and coach to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Controlling in a nutshell


And this is exactly where his book comes in: While large market players employ a whole department for the preparation of numbers, the topic is often neglected in smaller companies.

"Crash Course Controlling" wants to promote understanding here and at the same time help the reader to acquire important basic concepts. Without them, modern corporate management is simply no longer possible today.

Overview of the most important tasks


Bleiber offers an overview with useful controlling knowledge of successful controllers - specifically on these topics:

  • Tasks of the controller
  • This is how you plan the controlling
  • The most important controlling instruments at a glance
  • Plan, split budget, analyze deviations
  • From cash flow to profitability - understanding important key figures
  • Measure success on financial ratios and set meaningful business goals

Controlling for active corporate management


Controlling is not exactly in the best reputation - this also applies to larger companies. Not infrequently, in connection with the controller, the term "bean counting", which may ultimately have to do with the misleading similarity of the word "controlling" and the German word "control".

Although controlling does not depend on control in terms of monitoring, but on the controller. In the first chapter of his crash course, Reinhard Bleiber does the necessary educational work in which he briefly and succinctly describes the term and task field of the controller. In this section, he succeeds in emphasizing the importance of controlling for corporate management and corporate planning.

At the same time, he also advertises to his readers to acquire knowledge in this field in order to better control their own area of ​​responsibility.

Task areas and tools


After the short introduction, model-typical planning processes (establishment of conditions, retrospective analysis, forecasts such as experience or dependencies, result review of the plan), the preparation of a budget and the identification and management of deviations are discussed.

Anyone who has had anything to do with controlling, be it in the context of annual budget discussions in larger organizations, will come across one or the other familiar (technical) vocabulary

Not limited to finance only


What would be corporate management and controlling without key figures? Skillfully, the author reduces his small number of key figures to the most frequently used sizes and presents them briefly and in the form of examples.

He does not limit himself exclusively to finance, but also picks up figures from production, sales and human resources. From employee satisfaction through payment habits to classics such as cash flow or equity ratio. In this regard, the crash course also replaces other scarce number guides.

Successful crash course


The last pages of this book are more likely to give an outlook on issues that are less common in smaller companies, such as balanced scorecards or IT controlling.

Conclusion: Reinhard Bleiber has a very successful crash course on controlling. He focuses on the important topics without giving up the necessary depth. Anyone looking for a solid overview and a concise reference book on key figures, can safely access to this book.

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