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5 Tips on what we can learn from children: work like a five-year-old

To be childish is all too often an offense. Why? There is hardly anybody who has sprung up the more unbridled creativity and pervaded ideas than kindergarten children. What we can learn from them. Work like a child

Why we should learn from children

The fact is, just because children are so bubbly about unbridled creativity, let's take an example from them and learn from them - especially when we want or need to breathe new life into ourselves and our work.

So please the children unpack chocolate and maybe make a nap before. Then read the following five tips on how you should tackle your work as a freelancer more like a five-year-old.

1. Think big!

Children dreams are great. Kids think with limitless imagination that they can achieve anything - no matter what. You can become a president, a princess or even a dinosaur. Children always believe that they can do anything until someone tells you it's impossible.

So as a freelancer, when you think about your goals, you need to use that imagination. Is it possible to be both designer and copywriter? A creative artist and earn enough to earn a living? The only reason you are not imagine you can say that you can not say it yourself.

2. Stay flexible

Today, the preschooler wants to become a pilot. Tomorrow already doctor. And probably a superhero or sorcerer. Kids change their dream job all the time, depending on what you like. They are flexible, creative and have no fear of wanting anything other than yesterday.

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Try to maintain something of this flexibility. You do not need to change from design to neurology, but you should be able to adapt your career path with ease. Keep your portfolio up-to-date, the business cards ready, and look carefully for new approaches and projects, even if they are sometimes away from your comfort zone. A flexible freelancer is one of the money earned.

3. Enjoy the joy

The world is so rich in tasks and bonds, but a five-year-old looks quite different. She just sees a chance to stroll around, be creative and grab everything with fun. Everything, be it a car ride to the grandma or cook dinner help, can be from the right angle to the game.

Bring this fun into your work. Engage your customers in “when when” scenarios to see how you could really create something new and exciting. Or challenges a freelance friend to a design race; whoever ends his project last pays for the beer! Find ways to bring new fun to your work so that you can look forward to the next project.

4. Release the frustration

Nothing is more changeable than the whim of a child. One moment it is as happy as the mouse in the bacon and you hardly know it and it lies crying and screaming on the floor. These wine attacks can be very annoying for everyone involved, but it's probably just what a child needs to handle the scary or strange incident that just blew the day off.

As a designer, it is not very beneficial for the store to throw itself crying and crying to the ground. However, taking the time to take a breath of work is perhaps exactly what you need to relieve stress and continue. Sit down with a good friend and bitch about the ongoing project. Or do what the kids do and just get it out. Pour a few tears in a quiet corner and then get back to work. No matter what method you choose, when you let the frustration out, you feel better.

5. Always learning

A five-year-old always learns something new. Why is the sky blue, how do I make a Nutella bread or where babies come from. He is continually expanding his vocabulary, learning new skills and other ways to interact with a world that is very big for him.

Like a child, a freelancer should always be open to learning new things. Look for interesting workshops, classes and meetings with other designers. Read books and watch tutorials. Find a mentor or take the time to help a new outdoorsman. Share your knowledge and learn something new yourself. Stay up to date, follow the trends and chances are good that you will always find new projects.

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