Checklist Application: 5 Tips for the perfect preparation

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Your next job interview is coming up? You want to be perfectly prepared to have the best chances for your dream job? We will show you helpful tips and tricks that you will definitely score with your future employer. Checklist Job interview: 5 tips for perfect preparation Checklist Job interview: 5 Tips for perfect preparation

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What should you pay attention to in the interview?


Ein erfolgreiches Einstellungsgespräch ist die wichtigste Voraussetzung, um Recruitern im – oftmals – umfangreichen Bewerber-Pool im Gedächtnis zu bleiben und positiv herauszustechen. Doch ein solches Gespräch ist für viele Bewerber häufig eine große Herausforderung. Nervosität, ein ungewohntes Umfeld und der eigene Leistungsduck sorgen nicht selten dafür, dass Sie als Bewerber bei der Präsentation der eigenen Fähigkeiten und Persönlichkeit scheitern.

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In order to ensure an ideal interview, it is important to prepare carefully for the situation. This provides security and helps you to be armed by a few simple precautions.

Follow these 5 tips - then the application is also running:


  1. Content Check: A content preparation is obligatory in order to be able to score during the job interview. Investigate extensively about that Companythey are applying for - you certainly want to know all about the prospective new employer. Product range, company philosophy, locations and employees are just a few examples of the most important facts that you should compile through a comprehensive search on the net. In social networks and on career platforms, you can also search for information about your conversation partner and memorize a picture of your counterpart. So you can openly and confidently approach the conversation partner at the beginning of the conversation and have - albeit subconsciously - already established a wire. Do not forget to reread your own CV and cover letter, and work out what might make you "special" for the employer. Go through the documents with the eyes of the staff.
  2. organizational: What do I wear? Is my clothes ironed? Questions such as these sound banal, but belong to the optimal preparation for the interview. The journey to the company, departure times for public transport and the time required for this should be planned in advance. In your pocket should be the invitation letter, a notepad and ballpoint pen. Also do not forget a mobile phone for any emergencies or a short term change! Last, but not least: Write down the name of your contact, because nothing is more embarrassing than forgetting it in the excitement.
  3. Pitch Perfect: Practice your self-presentation to be able to perform in the best possible way despite nervousness. Personnel often ask applicants to "introduce themselves". Now it is your turn: formulate short and precise, tell about your (professional) past, present and future. Frequently asked questions, such as "Why did you apply to us?", Can be prepared very well. Speak possible questions and answers with friends and family and ask for constructive feedback. Many job portals provide lists of typical questions and answers. You do not have to reinvent everything.
  4. Gestures and facial expressions: Not only the content and formulation of your statements, but also your body language are crucial in the job interview. Play the scenario in front of a mirror or video camera and analyze yourself. Since the standard interview process is familiar to most applicants, it can be designed precisely. For example, pay attention to a friendly and polite appearance when greeting and saying goodbye - generally, please follow the courtesy rules. Take advantage of the phenomenon of "mirroring": sounds unconventional, but is an effective trick for a successful conversation. Mirroring means imitating your counterpart in certain situations. Be open about situations and try to mirror the conversation partner in key moments. Drink this, you also grab the glass. If this makes many art breaks, you pick up this conversation method. Laugh when your counterpart laughs. This has a positive - albeit subconscious - on your interlocutor, because he feels confirmed in his actions. As in many other things, though, the dose counts - please do not overdo it!
  5. Authenticity: Less a tip for optimal preparation and yet essential. A great presentation of your own personality and abilities as well as a good course of the conversation definitely fall into the heaviness. However, because recruiters are only human, you will quickly notice if the applicant is wrong. Therefore, in spite of all the pre-exercises, be the person whom the company could actually expect as an employee and colleague: yourself! They are great - show it.

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