Change of job within the company: Internal job change in the group

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Many Company are afraid to lose their good employees to the competition. But that does not have to be the case if companies offer new opportunities internally.

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In-house job change: that's what matters

Many employees want to develop further in the course of their careers, expand their qualifications and dare to take on new tasks and challenges. However, it is not always necessary to change jobs to another company.

After all, even the current employer can create exciting jobs. But under what circumstances should an in-house job change be considered at all?

Analyze reasons for the change request - 3 steps

If the employee's dissatisfaction in the current position is great, it should be analyzed step by step why this is so and whether an internal job change might make sense.

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  1. Why does the current position no longer meet the requirements: Before a Casting Should be submitted to another position in the company, should be carefully considered why the previous job is no longer meets the demands of the dream job and why a change is considered.
  2. What advantages and disadvantages do the respective jobs offer? For this purpose, the advantages and disadvantages of the current position, as well as the desired new position must be weighed. It should also take into account how the respective activity affects professional and personal development.
  3. What are the goals? Depending on the aspired career goal, it must be reflected on which challenges the jobs entail and which tasks are more fun in the long term. Often, after a certain amount of time, in the same place, routines creep in that may make everyday life less exciting. However, it must be kept in mind that routine tasks must occur sooner or later in each job and that the work involved must be considered as a whole and in the longer term.

Under these circumstances, a change of job within the company offers itself - 3 reasons

  1. Reasons to move to another company: If job dissatisfaction or experience in a new environment is desired, it may be better to switch to another company that has a certain "reboot potential".
  2. Reasons for the internal change: On the other hand, if the atmosphere at work is valued and the values ​​and corporate culture are in line with personal interests and ideas, then an internal change is a good opportunity. Here, one's own career horizon can be broadened, and at the same time it is clear which direction the company and the company are heading Thus, the workplace situation will evolve.
  3. Reasons for the employer to prefer an internal change: In addition, both employers and employees benefit from the sometimes shorter training period, since the basic processes, structures and processes in the company are already known.

With the right approach to the new job - 3 steps

If the decision in favor of a job change and the advertised job in the company meets the expectations and expectations of the future professional future, the application should be strategically.

  1. Internal application not too easy to tackle: When it comes to internal applications, many people tend to be too relaxed about them and overestimate the reputation of their own performance in the company. What is important here, however, is that it is an official call for tenders, which should be answered with an equally formal and correct application. This means that a classic application including CV and letter of motivation must be submitted. In the process, particular emphasis should be placed on a concrete description of the change request and reference to the new position.
  2. Compile information about application documents: Ideally, the candidate also informs in advance about desired additional documents, which could be of interest, for example, in the form of evidence of specific further education. In addition, if necessary, a preliminary discussion with the responsible team leader can be held in order to get a more detailed idea about the position and to prepare for the application in the best possible way. Also in a job interview any existing collegial relationships should be hidden and formally-discretely spoken about the suitability for the desired position.
  3. Tasks and objectives of the desired position always in view: Throughout the application process, it is important to get a clear picture of the tasks and goals of the respective positions - through research and discussions with those responsible. Then it is also possible to communicate clearly why the desired position at the time of the change in the professional profile and the desired position fits with your own qualifications and career goals. At the same time, one's own motivation for the new position should be clearly stated. This makes it clear that they have already actively engaged with the new position and why this position is sought.

Skillfully highlight contacts and successes in the company

The fact that internal applicants already know the corporate culture and also many employees can be cleverly used to advantage. It makes sense to find out about the work of the potential new teammates and, if possible, make contacts in advance.

This makes it possible to find out what is particularly important in everyday working life, which helps to incorporate personal aptitude in the conversation. However, it is important that only factual facts are taken into account and that no rumors about the department are included in the judgment.

References and successful projects from your own company are the best recommendation

In addition, it is advantageous if you can prove references for successes and successful projects in the company - in any case, it must not be assumed that other employees know which processes were involved and which services have been provided so far. In general, collusion among colleagues should not be underestimated, since in particular the potentially new colleagues work for an employee who fits in with the team.

It is therefore even better if interdisciplinary work has already been carried out with employees from different departments and possibly even advocates are found who will incorporate their recommendation. This is all the more important as an extremely excessive self-presentation and exaggeratedly positive past performance within the company can be easily reconstructed and can doubt the authenticity of the applicant. Therefore, one should report demonstrably and comprehensibly from past experiences in the company, which in turn show a clear relation to the new position.

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Top of the page: How to best inaugurate the manager in the future planning

Probably the most difficult step is the time when one's own manager learns of the application for another job. In any case, it is important that the manager learns the news directly. Above all, it is important to name constructive and comprehensible reasons for the potential change. In an open conversation, it can even become clear how the previous work is valued and contributed to its own development, which also expresses loyalty to the company.

Ideally, the previous post will also be presented in conversation with the potential new manager and human resources department as a "stepping stone" that has enabled optimal preparation for the new tasks. This makes it clear that there is serious interest in the job. At the same time, there is an appreciative talk about the work so far, which in no way puts the relationship with colleagues in a bad light.

This is how the start in the new position succeeds

It is done, the candidate has prevailed against the competition and got the job. Now, above all, it is important to create a clean transition from the old to the new position. This includes first and foremost the incorporation of the successor in the former job or a summary of the most important processes and tasks of the job in the form of a detailed document.

Above all, it is important to remain committed until the end of the previous activity and to maintain good cooperation with colleagues. This is all the more important in the case of an internal change, as it may continue to involve cross-departmental and interdisciplinary cooperation.

First steps in the new job

In the first few days in the new job should be launched despite possible prior knowledge unbiased: This includes an idea of ​​the new colleagues, even if you have perhaps already greeted in the hallway. Even a small debut is always good, it does not directly a large food to be organized, it is enough, if together cake is eaten or you meet with colleagues after work for a drink. Finally, in the first few weeks, it should always be kept in mind that, although the company is still the same, the job is nevertheless a completely new experience and thus also questions and misunderstandings are possible and even include.

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And if the change despite all efforts does not succeed, so this is not the end of the world! Even if it is difficult, the cancellation should not be taken personally and no blame. There are many reasons for a cancellation, all are part of a standard application process and should therefore not create a bad mood towards the company. If one was honest and authentic in the self-presentation, a rejection is no problem for the further work in the previous job.

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