Change Management on the Limit: Stop the self-optimization mania

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The will to change is something good. We need it to reach our goals, to evolve and to leave our comfort zone. But how far may and should this change go? Where is the authenticity of all the changes then? Do we want the change at any price? Best of HR –®

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Dr. Cornelia Topf Best of HR –®Dr. Cornelia Topf is a certified business coach and international management trainer.


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Once instant change please!

How much ballast are you carrying around? How big is your desire for change? Many coachees come to me and say to me: “Ms. Topf, I have to be quick sovereign become, give better lectures, solve a conflict ”or:“ I need more assertiveness immediately ”.

What to do against stress and optimization pressure?

There is much to be seen in the fact that optimism and success have reached a new level. In Switzerland, managerial suicides are accumulating at the highest level. In London a trainee dies after 72 hours of continuous work.

This can be thought of as a single case, but it can also be a sign of social development. The load increases on many levels. Pressure and ballast multiply unbraked. Private life is increasingly being pushed into the background, recreation times are missing. But what about stress and optimization pressure?

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The answer: throw ballast

To see how we can get rid of ballast, we first need to know what that is all about. In life, especially in the professional world, more and more of us are required.

True to the motto "Faster, higher, further", we should work longer, more effectively and better at all and still remain flexible in every respect. We strive to surpass ourselves in the pursuit of success. We always put the needs for rest, breathing breaks and relaxation back.

Quantified Self - the measurement of our (private) life

Self-optimization has also reached home. In times when leisure time is becoming increasingly scarce, movements like "Quantified Self" develop a new force.

We measure life with apps and productivity logs and optimize every second of our existence. And then gurus tell us: "Everything is possible!" But don't be seduced!

What do I really need?

Because this optimization joke has nothing to do with you, your strengths or your need for change. Even if the desire for the best possible life is understandable and great, you should first ask:

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  • What do I really need?
  • What are my goals?
  • What do I really want to achieve and change in me?
  • And what price do I pay for it when I strive for every fashion, every offer, every challenge and challenge?

Not harder, but smarter

Focus yourself. Nobody always needs more. Reduce consciously and think to yourself: I preferred to achieve a part well, to start as a lot and still not progress. "Not harder, but smarter", we should recall this old motto more often.

Find out what is easy for you. Take small steps. What are your real strengths? And what weaknesses can and do you really want to work on? Because you want it and not because others want it from you or want to tell you. You do not really know that? This can be clarified in a coaching.

Minimalism: Diogenes is a role model

Self-optimization is currently a big topic. The opposite is the minimalism that seems to offer a way out for more and more people.

What do we really need? In times of increasing consumption and ever increasing demands in the profession, the ever higher, farther, faster, shorter, this question is forgotten by many in oblivion.

This trend has a famous example: the philosopher Diogenes in his barrel. He was completely satisfied with his dwelling and his life, although he had almost nothing. Modern minimalists are also orientated towards this.

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What do I really need?

“Minimalism”, “downshifting” or “simply living” is always about the question: What do I really need? The followers of this lifestyle question their behavior in terms of consumption, possession and relationships for real necessity. They increase their mindfulness to achieve their own goals instead of chasing trends.

I can see now a few questions come up:

  1. What does this questioning mean in terms of your personal development and personal change?
  2. Do you have “standing still is going backwards” in one ear and “lifelong learning” in the other?
  3. And maybe you get the feeling of being the proverbial hamster in the wheel?

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