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Dr. Anke Nienkerke-Springer is the managing director and owner of Nienkerke-Springer Consulting. She is considered a leading expert in communication in transformation processes, top management coaching and consulting.


Change Management and Innovation Culture in Companies: Learning to Sustain!

In order to permanently adjust the company to the "future", a balanced balance between adaptability and potential development is essential. This succeeds with change management and the appropriate innovation culture.

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What secures sustainability?

Charles Darwin already knew that the species that could adapt best would be those that survive in the course of evolution. Applied to today's corporate world, this means: Keeping an eye on the environment and the needs of people and society. There's no point in the great technology of the Spiegelto hold a reflex camera when the majority of people cannot afford it or cannot use it, but can take sensible photos on the mobile phone or in front of it on the digital camera with the push of a button.

Here, a change, an adjustment must take place, which eventually leads away from the actual core business. Smartphones have never been designed to replace the flashlight - but if you look around, that's exactly what happened. The awareness that entrepreneurial activity always has a social relevance is becoming ever more important.

Company: Responsible for a better society

Businesses have a responsibility to shoulder responsibility and must help create a better society. Leadership and leadership play a significant role here. It is important to ask what specific focus needs to be set in order to fulfill these goals and what competences and resources can be achieved.

Market and competition observation, assumption of responsibility, constant interest research and the unconditional will to let go of the old and accept new things are key components on the way to the company's future.

Promote potential development

The second forward-looking factor is the development of potential within the company. Common practice, but unfortunately absolutely inefficient, is the verbal demand of employee potential. Thus exaggerated, the statement reads: "Well, I have hired you because of your potential in the area of ​​IT development. Now please show that, develop it further and do it as quickly as possible. "Instead, a breeding ground has to be sown in the company, from which potential can sprout. Important for this are the three principles of salutogenetics

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  • understandability,
  • configurability,
  • Meaningfulness.

In order to make a company sustainably sustainable, coherent employees are needed who are characterized by being able to deal with crises, resistances and changes efficiently and confidently. In order to find and retain these employees, the three principles mentioned above are crucial. Because that's exactly what people are looking for. Only in an environment in which all three basic principles are sufficiently considered can employees fully develop their potential.

3 principles: comprehensibility, design, meaningfulness

  1. The first component is understandability. If employees don't understand why they're doing something, they're isolated from the action. The answer to the question of why is essential because it describes the reason for the job Sense or the conviction. It is important that managers ask honest questions that have transformational power and provide valuable insights. Am I in the right place, do I have enough leverage to change something?
  2. The second principle is designability. When employees in an organization feel that they can not actively participate in the work process with their own actions, they either become ill or they run away. In both cases, they no longer put their potential at the company's disposal. In addition, designability also means the ability to actively shape relationships between employees and leaders. In many companies there is now an obsessive-heartedness that consists of embraces and emphasizes casualness. The Bussi superficiality but rather the employees with additional constraints, instead of taking away these. Creativity is always an encounter at eye level.
  3. Meaningfulness has become increasingly important, especially in recent years. People do not just want to do some work. Instead, especially young people are increasingly looking for the meaning behind and in their work and a proof that their own work also has an effect in the world.

Satisfaction and appreciation become essential

The corporate world is changing constantly and incessantly. However, especially in the last few years, a momentum has been added by Generation Y, digitization and globalization that has not existed before. To respond appropriately, companies need to rethink old strategies and develop new routes for a healthy, coherent and sustainable corporate culture.

Satisfaction and appreciation in the job is not a "nice to have", but essential in the sense of a corporate health, which is carried by dedicated executives in the teams. The core issue, which often still lacks, is leadership. Leaders need an authentic set of values ​​to respond appropriately and coherently in times of crisis. Only those who have a genuine interest in their employees, not only hear what they say, but also have a sense of what they need, who creates an encounter on a human level, can meet these needs and create a work environment that entices and holds and is supported by humanity.

Conclusion: Companies must remain decisive even in times of crisis

Organizational resilience, i.e. the ability to remain capable of making decisions in times of crisis and times of change, or to quickly recover from problems as a company, will also be a forward-looking factor. Companies need to ensure that they have excellent products, as well as process security and excellent employee behavior.

Last but not least, future viability can be ensured by closely observing the market and not simply organizing employees' potential but actively working on it. Staying in the state of complacency is poison for people and businesses. Instead, put all the energy into a company that will continue to be equally attractive to employees and customers tomorrow and the day after - and that only happens through constant change.

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