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53Bertold Raschkowski is a Senior Consultant at TargetPeople GmbH. Bertold Raschkowski, born in 1966, has been dealing with work, life and balance for 20 years. After studying marketing, he held various management positions before starting his freelance work in 2010. He has been a senior consultant at TargetPeople GmbH since 2012. Bertold Raschkowski runs a blog under Five By Nine for ideas, suggestions about work, life and balance and personal development and is co-author of the specialist blog www.future-commerce.de, which deals with trends, news and curiosities in eCommerce and retail employed. When Bertold Raschkowski is not writing or speaking, he is a consulting sparring partner for online retailers and eCommerce service providers and loves the Alps - on foot and by bike.

Change management in companies: beware of success recipes

By the way: be careful with recipes for success - even with those you can find here! We'll tell you why! change-management_5

The best recipe does not yet make a star cook

The bookshelves are full of works that present successful methods, concepts and their developers, users, etc. Of course, these sell better than books on failed change processes.

This also means the change processes that failed after applying the tips for success. Success sells better than failure. If you cook yourself, you know that even the best recipe and the finest ingredients do not automatically lead to a perfect result.

In retrospect everything is getting better

Conversely, the chef can look back at what ingredients he has taken and how he has prepared them so that such a delicious dish will come out.

This is exactly the case with success formulas for personal or professional development: in retrospect, you can always say pretty precisely why you have succeeded. Conversely, it must never be the case that applying the same rules and tips will lead to the same success for the user in the future.

Trial and Error

Therefore at this point a pragmatic recommendation: Look for recipes, tips that you like and try them out. If you do not work, try others. And in parallel you will develop the best: your own.

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This also applies to all tips, recommendations and experiences that can be found in this article.

What can you take with you?

  • A good idea is just the beginning - 99% of success are (hard) work.
  • Obstacles that can not be cleared can be changed frequently when you change the angle of view.
  • Knowledge does not automatically mean change or motivation. It is an art to know when a reorientation, or giving up is right.
  • Communication is essential.
  • Change does not necessarily lead to success; there are rarely landmarks.
  • Change always leads to more experience and human growth.
  • We are sorry for the things we have not done; not the ones we've done.
  • The experience of assuming responsibility for one's own actions and thus having success is unique.
  • For all success tips: Everyone determines his change and the success associated with it.

Hollow others into the boat

All this does not mean that you are guaranteed to succeed with the change, but it will increase your chances enormously.

In order to bring about changes, it is often necessary to convince others. You can not deal with many changes on your own. On the contrary, for the realization, you need someone who is different from you and who optimally complements you.

Find supporters

So look for fellow combatants who complement your skills, not those who are just like you. If you are creative yourself and have a lot of good ideas, look for someone who is a “Doer” and complements you as a “Dreamer”.

Build up a small but loyal army. Find people who can inspire you and who support you. Friends, colleagues, employees, external parties. This can be an ideal (encouragement, encouragement) or a "material" support (ideas, contacts, etc.).

Redirect “negative” energies

In the case of a private / personal change process: Use the social pressure for your extrinsic motivation. Set up a blog; tell as many people as possible about your plans. Look for supporters and followers.

So that your family can support you, even if it is only indirectly affected by the change at a first glance - especially if it is directly affected - you should pay special attention to two things.

Supplement for the family environment

Agree in advance and with understandable criteria, when the “trial period” is over and what will happen afterwards. Fallback solution or continuation. And stick to your side of the agreement.

Second: Communicate. Even more open than it is necessary in the business environment, so that your family can see that you trust them completely.

Resistances in the environment

This energy would be better off in the category of implementation. After all, it is the actual or perceived bottlenecks in the areas of finance and know-how that can prevent a change.

Those who are on their own have every chance and, in principle, only have to deal with their own resistance. As soon as friends, family, employees, customers etc are concerned, the field of tension intensifies. More resistance is potentially possible. For example, one must expect social ostracism, (open) conflicts, boycotts and other unpleasant phenomena.

Do you really believe…?

It may be that people who have accompanied us so far can not or will not accompany us. It is possible that these people (family, friends, co-workers, business partners, customers) want to convince us more or less strongly that the previous direction was right and we disappoint them when we do what we have announced.

At home, questions like: Do you really think that works? I really do not understand what you want to do. Did you think that well? What, you want to give up everything that you have (usually this means a visible permanent position with the appropriate status or the prospect of a secure income)? What are the others doing?

Like crayfish in bucket

In the profession, the well-known, popular and unfortunately very effective statements like: We have always done this way. You can do it so, a support from me you do not expect. And customers may say nothing, but do not come back in doubt.

That reminds me, with good cause, always a little bit of crayfish in a bucket - a comparison that shows how absurd that is: In order to keep their structure stable, crayfish caught in a bucket pull their fleeing crabs back into the bucket.

Similarly, it is conscious or unconscious in our people, in our reference groups. Professional and private. And precisely by making the absurdity of such assertions clear, one can also free oneself from it.

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