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Career in IT: Opportunities for newcomers

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Hardly any industry has developed as strongly and as effectively as the IT industry in recent years, which also offers good career opportunities. An overview.

IT Careers

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Opportunities for a career in IT

Due to the increasing digitization in Company And in everyday life, the constant development of the Internet and the reliance on computers, professionals for the maintenance, programming and operation of these elements are in great demand.

This makes it possible for competent staff to have a chance: a good career in a very up-and-coming environment with a wide range of possible applications.

Diversity is in demand

One of the best reasons why IT has become an attractive foundation for one's career is the diversity of this industry. Not only is a specific skill - such as good programming skills - sought, but a variety of individual competencies can enable entry into this industry. After all, computers and digitization can today easily be found at every point in the economy and in everyday life.

Many work is facilitated by computers, many processes are taken over by server, the Internet and digital developments. Not only does it take people to think about solutions, but also, of course, trained staff for the construction or maintenance. Even in the field of services, the IT industry has now become a leader with job offers of all kinds.

Examples of demanded professions

From the programmer to salesperson and administrator to the technician, the IT industry provides a variety of branches that allow you to get started with the individual skills. Just a few examples of jobs that today are very much in demand in IT:

  1. programmer The programmers are among the most sought-after IT professionals. Whether for the languages ​​of the web, for classical application programming or for other areas - a good CV in this area is associated with a good salary and diverse opportunities for advancement.
  2. IT service Service providers such as IT system buyers, who are mainly responsible for the sale of IT products or the internal administration of IT, offer opportunities for a successful IT career without studying.
  3. IT craftsmen Of course, the systems have to be maintained not only based on the software, but also on the hardware. People with a gift for technology and interest in computers and similar products are therefore in great demand.

Study or training in IT?

It is also a great advantage to find that a degree is not absolutely necessary for the career stage in the industry, as many apprenticeship courses also make it possible to start in IT.

study subjects

Both in the academic field and in the field of education, the offerings have expanded significantly in recent years. While in the past only the computer science itself was recognized as a real course of studies for IT, today, much more specific possibilities are possible for media orientation, business informatics and other disciplines. The training is similar.


With the IT system builder, the IT salesman and the IT system electronics engineer, three examples of classical training are available. They also make it possible to get the proverbial foot in the door without a high school diploma and with a degree in middle maturity. Because it is above all the advancement opportunities, which make the industry so interesting for young people as well as for experienced forces.

Opportunities for the rise within the IT industry

The introduction to the industry is simple, but more important is the continuous training of one's own abilities. After all, hardly an area changes as fast as the modern world of computers and digital products. Specialists are therefore also sought around the world.

A glance at job exchanges for IT experts, eg Randstad Professionals, offers a multitude of possibilities at first sight. Those who, for example, make an apprenticeship, can continue to develop themselves in later years through the numerous offered seminars, studies and courses in a specific subject area, thus improving their own abilities and increasing their market value in the working world.

Looking to the future

Self-employment is, of course, an interesting option for IT specialists, but consultants, consultants and project workers are also well-liked in various areas of the IT world.

Anyone who dares to enter the IT industry dares to step into the future. The industry will continue to grow in the next few years, thus enabling its employees, the self-employed and the skilled workforce to offer a lucrative and interesting basis for their careers.

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