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OPINION! Monika Wulf-Mathies on careers, women & humanities scholars: "You can achieve a lot if you just want to & don't let yourself be discouraged"

Dr. Monika Wulf-Mathies worked in the Chancellery, was ÖTV chairman, in the European Commission and adviser to Gerhard Schröder. She has been with DHL since 2001. In the interview she reported on her recipe for success.

After studying history, German studies and economics and obtaining her doctorate in Hamburg in 1968, Wulf-Mathies was initially assistant at the Federal Ministry of Economics, then at the Federal Chancellery, among other things, head of the social and social policy department. In 1976 she was elected to the board of the trade union ÖTV, in 1982 she became chairwoman. From 1994-1999 she was a member of the European Commission, after which she was a European policy advisor to Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder until 2000. She has been with Deutsche Post DHL since 2001, initially as head of the central department "Politics and sustainability ”, since 2009 as an advisor to the Board of Management. How did you manage to be so successful as a woman and a humanities scholar?

Mrs. Dr. Wulf Mathies, you have an impressive CV behind you - despite or because of your studies in humanities?

I don't think you can say that because I'm a humanities scholar, I was successful. But in principle, every degree course conveys key and basic skills that enable you to structure facts, systematically work on new topics and apply your knowledge in different areas. Humanities scholars also develop important skills, from language to culture, society and life in general, to good writing and a sensitivity to soft skills that are useful for many jobs.

Scientists are often told that they are alien to the world and can not be used for the labor market. What qualifications have helped you?

In addition to the abovementioned skills, you need additional qualities such as commitment and diligence, motivation, pleasure in work, determination and perseverance, willingness to take risks, a healthy self-confidence, assertiveness and decision-making, and, last but not least, luck!

You're successful as a woman and a humanist - was not that actually a double handicap for your career?

Yes and no. Of course, there are still many prejudices against women in leadership positions. But if you are good and have the guts to do it, you are more visible than a man - and that can help important people become aware of you. Women often have too much self-doubt if they want to make a career, although they are mostly more qualified than male applicants. A healthy self-confidence is therefore absolutely necessary for the career.

How do you feel about the reproach that anyone who is studying something for joy only, does not have to wonder afterwards if he does not find a job?

Without enjoying what you're doing and what you're studying, you won't succeed at all. Of course, it is easier as a lawyer or business economist to study for a later career, but even these studies are not a guarantee of lasting success. Here, too, you have to be ready to learn a lot. In Great Britain there was once the advice to study The Greeks "qualifies you for the highest government offices. In other words: the main thing is that you study what you are studying with passion and learn to be open to everything else, then you will find a job that you enjoy.

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They have also studied economics, so they are not a pure spiritual scientist. Did this study help you with your career?

Not necessarily or only in the sense that I have started my study from the beginning, and thus proved that I am not solely based on German studies and history.

What do you think is the most important career factors?

Of course, happiness, chance, self-initiative, networks are equally important. But it remains that in the end your own commitment and the will to prevail or to bite, decides.

It is a good idea to suggest that careers can be planned: what is your attitude to it and what does it depend on your experience?

The experience has taught me that there is little planning, but courage and risk are important because, in the course of their professional life, they are always struggling to make the right decisions: for a rather comfortable and irresistible path or for a challenge Consequences can not necessarily be estimated down to the smallest detail. Of course, every risk carries the risk of failure, but you achieve a lot if you only want it and do not get discouraged.

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  1. Professional new beginning & reorientation in Germany: Get off the dead horse! | PROFESSIONAL PICTURES says:

    [...] there are many examples of successful career changers. For example, the former ÖTV chairman and later chancellor advisor Monika Wulf-Mathies began her career as a historian and came as a lateral entrant in politics and business. [...]

  2. YOUNECT GmbH says:

    Dr. Monika Wulf-Mathies "You can achieve a lot if you just want to and don't let yourself be discouraged" | Simone Janson

  3. Simone Janson says:

    Good morning Mrs. Weichert, unfortunately I can not help you, but will forward the question!

  4. Wiebke Weichert says:

    Good day!
    I am looking for a specialist (professor), who is well versed in subliminal discrimination. We need this specialist for a diversity panel discussion.
    Thank you.
    Wiebke Weichert

  5. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Aydurmus,
    if you have such an opinion, then, of course, your background would interfere with me: Were you personally present at the appropriate negotiations? Do you have background information on financial inconsistencies?
    I can not see anything in the interview because of a very different aspect from the one you are talking about, namely the topic of personal career planning.
    I am happy about your opinion: Please, however, something more detailed and detailed.
    Thank you
    S. Janson

  6. O.Aydurmus says:

    Dr.Monika WM. his ÖTV vorsitsender has betrayed us against tariff partners, accepted by us rejected offer.
    Only not in ÖTV also in EU parliament certain financial irregular. Now washed with Persil?
    Or are we talking about someone else?

  7. Klaus Ebensberger says:

    Nothing heard or read for a long time - here's an interesting interview with Dr. M. Wulf-Mathies #Career #Job

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