8 career tips from Angela Merkel: That's how success works for women

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Angela Merkel was elected Federal Chancellor four times, making her the first woman in Germany to serve as head of government. The US magazine Forbes repeatedly voted her as the most powerful woman in the world. 8 tips from her on women and career.

8 career tips from Angela Merkel: That's how success works for women

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Consider election campaign activities critically

You can see from the campaign activities of Angela Merkel quite critical, even the fact that you as incumbent chancellor due to their prominence a pole position in the media was coming - I think because, for example, that you highlighted before elections on the Google homepage has been.

An interview talk by Brigitte magazine is another such feature: Hard political issues are barely touched on, while the Chancellor has 90 minutes to present herself. However, it was also quite interesting to see the most powerful woman in the world, according to Forbes, so approachable and private.

The most powerful woman in the world quite nearby

For Chancellor Angela Merkel, for example, gives an example of how successful people deal with criticism, get up again after setbacks or change their opinion on certain topics. And there is another important aspect to keep in mind, despite all the criticism: Angela Merkel's appearances are an important contribution to reach even politically rather uninterested people and to encourage them to even vote.

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Last but not least: Who wants to become Chancellor for the fourth time, has undoubtedly something to say about success and also takes on a role model. But what does Angela Merkel's recipe for success look like?

The biography of Angela Merkel

Merkel grew up in the GDR and worked there as a physicist at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry. In the Bundestag election on December 2, 1990, she won a Bundestag mandate for the first time; in all of the following seven federal elections she was directly elected in her constituency in Western Pomerania. From 1991 to 1994 Merkel was Federal Minister for Women and Youth in the Kohl cabinet and from 1994 to 1998 Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, also under Helmut Kohl.

In 2005, Merkel replaced Gerhard Schröder as Federal Chancellor and led a grand coalition with the SPD until 2009; after the federal election in 2009, she entered into a black-yellow coalition with the FDP, which was followed by another grand coalition in 2013, which was continued after the federal election in 2017 .

Angela Merkel gives 8 tips on career and success of women

And that's exactly what it's about: In Cosmopolitan magazine, Merkel gave women advice from their very own personal point of view. 8 tips from the Chancellor at a glance:

  1. Equal rights in the job: "It cannot be the case that a woman with children who does not work or works only part-time for a certain period of time is considered to be no longer fit for a career."
  2. diversity: “Every now and then a male manager must have the courage to take a woman into a managerial position. It always says so quickly that there is no suitable applicant. This is nonsense."
  3. Mixed leadership as an advantage for Company : “For example, the banking world is still too one-sidedly dominated by men. When women are in top positions, everything is certainly not different - but it is sometimes thought from a different perspective, especially very pragmatically. From this perspective, the economy can certainly benefit from more women in management positions. ”
  4. Fathers months: "Employers have to rethink because men also want to take parental leave."
  5. Banking crisis: “Of course you are also angry about what irresponsible people have done in international markets. But I still can't charge myself with such emotions all the time, I have to do things carefully. ”
  6. Regain strength: “(I recharge my batteries) when cooking, in the garden, when hiking in the Uckermark and when talking to family or friends about anything other than politics.”
  7. Positive aspects of their office: “I tell myself: you can meet so many interesting people. The people you meet look forward to you, they have often prepared for our meeting for weeks. When they come and I'm in a bad mood and annoyed, it's sad. Because I know that, I'm in a better mood again. ”
  8. Global politics: "It will be even more natural (in the future) to think globally and to know that without China or India, for example, you cannot solve a global problem."

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    Hi Mary,
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    No matter what political opinion you have, I agree with Mrs. Merkel, although not everything will get better, just because a woman sits at the wheel, but a different perspective can still move! Decisions, who are promoted to the top position, should be based on experience, career and qualification and not on gender!


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