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97Maike Dietz is a career coach and HR consultant and worked for Daimler for more than 7 years. After studying business administration, she worked for Daimler-Benz AG in Stuttgart for seven years, and in 1995 she switched to a large international HR consultancy. Maike Dietz has been a freelance personnel consultant for 17 years. As a management coach, she looks after companies and private clients and also works as a career coach.

Career planning and strategy for executives: 3 practice tips against operational blindness

The longer employees in the Company are, the more blind they may become. Even experienced executives do not escape this fate. 3 tips.

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Career planning is often done wrong

Even experienced executives lose sight of their opportunities and opportunities for advancement in everyday stress, they are too busy with their daily challenges and the view is often too limited.

As a result, career planning is either completely neglected or focused on reaching the next hierarchical level, alternatives are simply overlooked. They too should realize that the employment contract is no longer an alliance for life.

Practical tip 1: Regular retreat is required!

As for young executives, the following is also true: To withdraw regularly from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to consider what you really want to achieve, where the path can still go and to set it down in writing!

One way for older executives to feel right in their work environment is to look for other interesting companies and vacancies and, if necessary, to approach them directly.

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In case of dissatisfaction with the current activity, however, it is advisable to consider which talents do not currently apply.

  • In which activity does time go by quickly?
  • Where exactly can this talent be lived and possibly developed further?
  • What other competences or experiences do the management need?
  • How can they be obtained?

Praxistipp 2: Be open to new things!

Those who had been working exclusively in a company for many years should not exclude external opportunities and go completely new ways. One possibility for older managers is to expand the external network and participate, for example, in specialist, industry congresses and trade fairs.

Or log on to social networks like Xing or LinkedIn and search for contacts in industries or companies that might be interesting. It is also very promising to search the job advertisements on the Internet.

There is also the possibility to deposit his / her CV and to be automatically informed about new suitable job advertisements. Of course senior executives should not neglect the internal alternatives.

Practical tip 3: Proactively looking for new ways!

Anyone who has held a position in a company for a long time is believed to be happy and satisfied there. It is therefore essential, especially for experienced executives, to proactively approach supervisors, present their own goals and discuss together how they can be achieved.

If this exchange has not taken place in the past, top people are well advised to catch up with it as quickly and well prepared as possible. It is also promising to address topics that are of interest to the company in order to attract attention.

  • Where are problems right now?
  • Which solutions did the management develop?
  • What can you do?

But always remember to act with the necessary tact, so as not to snub anyone out of the company.

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