Career planning for career entry and transition: Career advice helps

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High salaries, top careers in management, challenges for one's own ego - these goals are regularly met by career magazines and counselors. But what do you want? Career planning or coaching can help here. We give tips on how to find good consultants and coaches. Career counseling is more than a job agency.

Career Planning for Career Start and Change: How Career Advice Continues Career planning for career entry and transition: Career counseling helps

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What do you really want?


Knowing what you want is not that easy. Because what exactly success is is rather an individual thing: one safe job or above average earnings, the realization of his dream job or self-employment - everyone has very different ideas.

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The fact is, what we want to do ourselves is what often gets left behind during the whole career planning process. But that is essential for success!

Do you fulfill all requirements?


In addition, different requirements are made in different occupations. In one you need skill, in the other technical understanding, in the third creativity, in the fourth a robust health, in the fifth a very high degree of responsibility.

In most professions, you need a combination of many skills and talents of varying degrees to be successful. Who plans his career, must see whether he meets the necessary skills at all - and possibly try to appropriate these still.

See the forest in front of the trees


As a result, standard information on career planning, such as we find in magazines, on the internet, or in books, can often only give us first ideas about how we successfully implemented our ideas. Everything else we have to find ourselves.

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But the choice of possibilities is unmanageable and sometimes we can not see the forest in front of the trees:

  • Are my interests relevant to the industry?
  • Can I meet the requirements made in the job?
  • Should I accept the new, interesting job offer or still stay with my old, safe job?
  • What further training helps me to develop my professional career?
  • Does a (second) degree study improve my chances in the job market?
  • How do I find my Traumberuf? What are the risks of self-employment?

Where does career and career counseling help?


Career counseling helps with the following questions:

  • What can I? - Discover talents and skills
  • What I want? - consider wishes and expectations in the profession
  • What training and further education opportunities are there?

How do consultants help?


Such and similar questions can only be optimally answered if you have previously received comprehensive information and can also assess yourself very well. Career and career counselors can be an optimal help in both respects:

  • They give you an objective view of yourself from the outside, thus helping to identify things that you may not have realized yourself.
  • And with their extensive expertise, they can provide you with a lot of background information to help you make your decision.

At least if they are good advisers. But it is not always easy for you to separate the wheat from the chaff in the numerous consulting services. In addition, private career and career counseling is often not cheap. So who tells you that you are investing your money here really well? How do career and career counselors work? And what should you pay attention to when choosing?

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What does the Employment Agency do?


There is, for example, the Federal Employment Agency. Most of us know the way to vocational guidance of employment agency still from school. Dusty professional manuals, strange aptitude test and a counselor who felt completely overwhelmed with the question of my dream job "freelance journalist" are at least the memories that come to mind.

In the meantime, it has now worked with my Traumberuf, but also at the employment agency has done a lot:



The professional folders have given way to the BERUFENET. Here, all users will find free information about 3.100 current occupations, from training content on tasks and activities, entry requirements, earning and employment opportunities and legal regulations to prospects, alternatives and references to more extensive sources of information.

The BERUFENET is supplemented by the database KURS, the database for vocational education and training with almost 600.000 training and further education offers. It provides free information on vocational training opportunities - from the overview of the education market to detailed information of the individual event. In addition to the diverse Internet offer, people seeking advice also have access to extensive information material in the vocational information centers on site.

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Consultation also for older semesters


But the Federal Agency for Employment has even more to offer: Although the vocational advice is intended mainly for young people, who want to work professionally and start a study or a training and therefore does not usually consult advice on 26.

Employment agencies in university cities, which have specially trained teams for academic professions, also advise academics who have already crossed this age limit. Interested parties can also participate in workshops and information events free of charge.

Career choice tests


Students can also make a free professional choice test, which is carried out free of charge by the Psychological Service of the Agency for Employment: In the ability tests, different questions and tasks are examined in which areas their own strengths and weaknesses lie.

In addition, professional interests are also being asked. The evaluation shows which areas of work are most suitable for you.

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In this way, you can support the professional advice of the employment agency in your career planning:


  • Conduct self-profile analysis: previous educational path and goal, school and practical experience, interests, strengths, values ​​and expectations for the profession
  • Developing professional goals: Which professional paths / activities fit the profile?
  • Occupations / Programs / Study Programs / Research Labor Markets: Requirements / Job Features / Criteria / Access Opportunities, etc.
  • To make a decision
  • Successfully applying

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